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Females over 40, how "fast' did you lose with RNY?

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Can I just say, what accomplishments all around ladies! I am happy for & proud of you all! Very inspirational!!! 🏆

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May 24th surgery....highest 216, day of survey 202....simply my rule is the highest number of all 3 has to be Protein or I don't eat it. Keep sugars under 2 keep fat under 5 So then Protein has to be 6 or more..... So at present I am 5 months 1 week out and my height is 149 today. I have to be honest I am poor at the exercise because I am exhausted all the time between kids their activities and working. Good luck and your body will do the work you just have to follow your plan no cheating. Not to say it isn't tough. One day I put the kids Doritos on their plates just so I could lick my fingers. A pathetic moment but sooooo good

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On 10/6/2019 at 10:38 AM, Panda333 said:

Hiiiii! Just post op from October 1st. I know this is a marathon, not a sprint but would like to hear any stories of women over 40 and their experience with the rate of loss following bypass/RNY.n I feel it will help motivate me. Thank you very much

I had my surgery October 29 of last year. I’ve lost about 135 pounds, but it will definitely vary. My surgeon told me it would slow down some after about 6-7 months, as far as the rate of weight per week, and he was right. I lost about 80 pounds very quickly in the first 6 months, and my rate has slowed down a bit, but there really are many factors that can influence rate of loss. I have done a lot of weight bearing exercise, so I’m building muscle, so I can tel in certain weeks that I am losing more inches than perhaps pounds. Hang in there!

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Panda333 I like that you just wanted to hear from women. We have such a different struggle than men. Well I'm 58 and had RNY surgery on 7/25/19. My start weight was 235 I'm at currently at 189.8. At first the weight came off quickly but has slowed down. I'm trying to get more calories in and I'm walking 4-5 times a week. Did my first 5k walkathon yesterday. I'm thinking about joining a zumba class so I'm getting closer everyday. I'm sending encouragement to you, Good Luck.

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