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Why can’t I stop itching?

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Okay so I’m asking to see if anybody else is/has experienced what I’m going through.

As of today I’m 17 weeks post op and I’ve done wonderfully so far. Didn’t have any adverse reactions and it’s been fairly smooth sailing.
Then about 3-4 weeks ago, my skin has become SUPER DUPER itchy and small bumps keep breaking out all over my arms, legs, and torso.

Just had my 3 month labs done and everything seems to be just fine.
I haven’t tried any new foods and all my meds are the same. Normally I would think maybe the new bariatric supplements are to blame, but I’ve been taking those since the week of surgery and they didn’t bother me before.

I’m practically bathing in fragrance free lotion that I’ve always used and the itching is driving me nuts!

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