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19 hours ago, MIZ60 said:

My actual plan is just to stay where I am at for the remainder of the holiday season....we only have a few more events and then life will get back to normal. Right after NY, I plan to do at least 2 weeks Atkins induction and then go from there. I do not eat a lot of carbs now but I think for me it is better to keep them pretty low, mostly just good veggies. Lots of Water, no alcohol. I have many great recipes that I know we like and it was really pretty easy for me previously. I also need to eliminate snack foods, even healthy ones like nuts because I do not have Portion Control with stuff like that. And, I just have to learn how to go to some of our musician friends' gigs AND JUST DRINK Water since they always happen in bars. But, not going is not an option so I need to figure it out.

I have no excuse not to exercise since I have everything I need here or within a 1/2 block....Jim just got me to go for a walk and it was nice. I have Tae Bo, Winsor PIlates and the Firm programs all in my closet. It is stupid really because once I do it I am always glad.

We have the same closet!!😊

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I am gone for a few hours and all hell breaks loose! I can't keep up. Whiplash...I love this group!

Let me see...

Deviated from what I knew lead to successful outcomes when the Fluid was removed from my band in February...gained significant weight (25#). Sleeved in October and found the mind that I had lost over those months. Back on track though...


  • Concussion recovery!!:1358_pray_tone4:
  • Get over the stall and really start losing again. Nothing fast (like I have a choice), but consistent.
  • Get back into my awesome clothes...and wear the hell out of them...LBD at the movie theater, Louboutins at the grocery store, Church hats to work on Wednesdays...you get the point!😆😂 And doing it all with my head held high and my boobs/skin hanging low!

Never had tea laxatives, though I am chronically constipated...well not constipated per se, but regular every 4-5 days. Been like this my whole life...the one change is that since I have been taking BP Vitamins, my stool is oddly dark green. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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