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@Frustr8 You sure have been given more than your share of challenges. Praying they get some solutions for you soon.

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3 minutes ago, Frustr8 said:

My pet peeve- I don't if it is resolvable-!! Well here it goes. My body is giving me the sensation that it is SUPER HUNGRY. May be true hunger, head hunger, the mostly evil 5 new ulcers, the ones developed after*surgery while on Omeprazole therapy. I told NP, dieticians et all, that drug IS NOT GASTROPROTECTIVE in my case. Did they listen? Nope like a spoiled 5 year old they sat there ignoring ME. They may have the degrees , I just have the body, now with a fresh not yet bleeding, not yet perforating. 5 evil ulcers. TOLD YOU SO ! Their answer: double up on what didn't already work! And I have a stricture, oh they poo-pooed me on THAT also, told them at 2 weeks I don't think SOMETHING is working , their answer You're Swollen and still healing! Well maybe so but I sure healed into a STRICTURE.
So here I am , my body and emotions saying Danger Will,Robinson-- You are starving, heading for a sorrowful malabsorption And Hospitalization🏣on IVs- NPO- TPN or a Feeding Tube.
And also in that ring is Precious Pouch, the spoiled- brat gastric pouch. She feels there is no soft food, no puree, worth her trouble. So_ repulse_ them_ all. 💦
liquids are fine & liquids are sweet whenever I've got them***
Everything else comes up before it hardly hits bottom***.
The one blessings twisted as it is-- nothing really stays down long enough to develop a partially digested odor. Slime-foam- Fluid and what she is repelling. Another mini-question , since she is so proficent at upchucking will she remain Bulemic/anorexic after the Stricture is released? I really though I bought the" Healthier and Thinner for the Rest of Your Life" model not the "Delicate and Bruised as Easily as A Gardenia Petal "model. Did I get the Shipping # Wrong?
So Bari-People I invite you help me find the ☀in the ☁💦of my current life!

What's your current weight and BMI? Can you get around easier? Any of your previous medical problems resolved like diabetes? Do you or your team have a plan for resolution in place? Is there anything else about life enjoyable? Anything you are grateful for?

Those are silver linings to look at even on the stormiest days.

Try to remain positive &

Safe Journey!

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My rant? Relatives who think that my weight loss is the second coming. I'm five weeks post GVS and have lost 37 pounds. I'm glad to hear their compliments, but it's like everything else about me (intelligence, kindness, sense of humor) is so much less important.

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Well I guess my relatives, what remains of them, early this decade they were dropping like flies after a RAID spraying, are of 2 opinions. Either I am not losing weight, just a lying rumor that I started to get attention, or I have cancer and won't tell them about it. Well, if I had cancer, which I don't but if I did it would be,my business, not theirs. And I think 64 pounds since Summer is pretty cool. whether You do or Not. And I have a dimple in my left cheek I don't remember back when I was a thinner teenager. And my color is off? Honey we are in Ohio, not much sunlight and cold outside. You maybe were expecting a California or Florida tan?

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And Green Tealael, you asked BMI

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And weight in earlier postings. 272 last Monday,BMI just over 40, I think 40.3 or 40,4, if I only felt better I would do a happy dance, but usually too doggone dizzy, blood sugar,i seem to run out of with these low calorie intakes.

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I have a rant/complaint. This is December 5th, yeah less than 3 weeks until Christmas and I'm not sleeping. Just saw an Aldi commercial on TV for the eleventeenth time. Now Aldi' s is a nice enough place, have shopped there and saved money. And this advert is saying Food=Love. How many of us found ourselves heading to Bariatric Surgery for this reason? It is difficult to recover from alcohol addiction, rougher yet to recover from drugs, but when you are a "foodaholic: it is a life-long trial to become fast-food, high calorie SOBER. And it could have gone back to the 3 bags of Aldi chocolate chips YOU THOUGHT would make you a BETTER personmvNews Flash, They didn't!😧😪😧

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    • GreenTealael

      I accidentally watched my old boss give a very presidential speech in his State of the State address and I almost voted for him... 😂😂😂
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    • Mrs. Rob

      I am so HAPPY TODAY.... I am just 4 pounds away from my all time GOAL.  I reached my goal within 8 MONTHS!!!!!  GOING FROM 245 TO 135... YES!!!!!
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      1. GreenTealael

        CONGRATS 💜

    • KimTriesRNY

      This is completely unreal but two days in a row now I have seen less than 200 pounds on the scale for the first time in over 15 years. I am a pound away from my first goal of 199 at 13.5 months post op. Time to set a new goal for the New Year!

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      1. GradyCat

        That's wonderful! I can't wait to get back in the 100's again!

      2. abefroman329

        Way to go!

      3. GreenTealael

        CONGRATS 💜

      4. Mrs. Rob

        congratulations on reaching your first goal. :1299_raised_hands_tone5:

      5. FluffyChix

        Wooohoooo! Fantastic girlie!!!! So happy for you.

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    • GreenTealael  »  elcee

      Soon? CONGRATS 💜
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    • cell

      hello all i have a question i have cigna and i called them personally to ask if they cover the weight loss surgery and they told me off the bat that they do not cover weight loss surgery. my question is should i have my dr submit something in writing? 
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      1. Sophie7713

        Yes, continue to fight this with Cigna! Ask what process they require for a possible review of your case? Ask your surgeon and his team to help you clarify and challenge.

        Since weight loss surgery has gained more popularity and momentum - Cigna from our experience is playing games with their patients who wish to get healthier. It is egregious that Cigna would rather pay for someone's weight related heart attack, hernia, diabetes, sleep apnea and/or other costly conditions then being pro-active! As for ourselves, we tired of jumping thru they're hoops putting off my surgery until April or May 2019 with continued ridiculous, redundant requests. Yet, we know of a colleague where Cigna was cooperative and approved without a hitch.

        Because I needed weight relief off my injured left knee when exercise and dieting were no longer effective... We made the decision to self pay and get on the road to self restoration sooner than later. I wanted to start my new year with a hope and future. For us, the Cigna mill was becoming just to stressful. And, we hold a premium policy with a reputable international corporation. They refuse to pay for vitamin regime now, too.

        Your Cigna story may be better. Not to discourage you - you may or may not have a fight. It is your health and worth fighting for. Do let me know what transpires, will you? Many best wishes for a very positive outcome.

      2. GradyCat

        I don't know anything specifically about Cigna, but maybe they were thinking about the cosmetic kind. Maybe you should have said "bariatric surgery" or asked specifically about their benefits for medically necessary bariatric surgery? I got lucky and my insurance had very good coverage and benefits for WLS and I was approved on the first request. Out of $50,000 billed for the surgery I only had to pay $600.00.

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