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Kayak Trip on Diet 3

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Hey All - I am heading out on a 4 day kayaking trip. We will sleep in a cottage every night and have Breakfast and possibly supper there before/after each day trip. I am planning meals for the cottage and while out on the Water or parked on the shore. The cottage has electricity, stove, oven, microwave and fridge and I will have a cooler with me in my kayak.

I am on diet 3, soft foods. I was wondering if anyone had and any ideas to share for food and Snacks. I am used to being on the go with school and work. I have mostly been doing good but have skipped some meals and snacks in the past week in favor of convenience when busy. I am looking for things that are easier to set up, store and eat. For my health and good habits, and so I don’t get weak on the trip, I want to really stop and focus on making sure I can fit high Protein, nutritive food into my day. I am fairly active, so I was told to have 3 meals and 3 snacks.

An example of what I have been doing when I allow myself the time to prepare and eat properly:

Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg, 1 tbs cottage cheese

Snack: 6 oz 2% Fairlife milk

Lunch: 4 shrimp (about 2 ounces), 2 ounces puréed spinach

Snack: 2 ounces yogurt

Supper: 2 ounces red lentil purée, 1 ounce puréed quinoa, hemp, cottage cheese blend (yes, it really puréed!)

Snack: 0.5 ounce grav lox, 1 oz cottage cheese, 0.5 ounce avocado

I plan to have a very stern conversation with myself and make every effort not to skip meals or snacks. Rather than sacrifice quality (I don’t love prepared foods), I have been sacrificing quantity (not eating) due to being so busy. And I always say we’re never too busy to get it right at work, so I need to implement that in every day life, too. In a pinch, I’ve eaten part of a little packet of almond butter or half an Epic or DMX bar. I guess I could do that but I was trying to think of more options. Does anyone have any other on-the-go and travel meal and snack ideas?

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Nuts, cheese, Premier Protein shakes, and hummus in a lunch box carried me through a recent outing

HW: 360
SW: 343
CW: 325
GW: 180

RNY 4/16/18

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