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    Bariatric Weight Loss Major Turning Point Decision

    I had RNY (first and only weight loss surgery) in April of 2018. Most days I am happy with my decision. Other days, I'm honestly very unhappy. I lost pretty much all of my hair. Dumping syndrome was absolutely awful for several months. Since surgery, I have multiple bowel movements every day, and all are the most wretched foul smelling BMs in history. And they all feel very urgent. So, now I'm quite limited in what I do and for how long. A four hour boat trip...scary as hell because I'm afraid I will literally poop my pants. A one hour trip in the car, I'm mapping out bathroom breaks in my head. I also have had awful rib,/upper abdominal pain/cramping that is not related to eating. I had an EGD, ultrasound, CT, etc. Everything looked fine. But for months it was debilitating. I am convinced that this is related to my surgery and possibly some ducts being inflamed or irritated. It felt like gallbladder pain, and had my gallbladder removed when I had RNY. Sounds like you know this will not be easy. It's not. Good luck with your decision.
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    Before and after gastric bypass
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    3 months post RNY

    From the album: Erin

    3 month face to face

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    Let's hear some normal poop stories

    I’m a couple months out. I haven’t had diarrhea since the surgery, and have BMs every day to every other day. Once I was able to add more fiber in my diet, it was great. I carry poo-pouri with me, and I’m sure my family and coworkers appreciate it. I did suffer from awful diarrhea when I was on my two week pre-op liquid diet. Thank goodness that part is over. I will say that now my gas smells absolutely awful. I get a warning rumble and have always had time to walk away. But that has definitely been a big change. I’m counting on that improving as my diet is allowed to be changed.
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    Pity Party - WAAAAAAAH!

    No please don’t apologize. If you don’t mind I will share your info and see if I can help?
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    Pity Party - WAAAAAAAH!

    If you don’t mind me asking, could you tell me his official diagnosis or send me a message? I would really love to speak to one of my speech therapists and relay their thoughts if you’re up for it. I know there is help!
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    Sit down jobs. Oh no!!! HELP

    I park far away from work. I walk on my lunch break for at least 30 minutes. My Fitbit reminds me to get steps in every hour, and I never make an excuse. I also volunteer to do just about anything that gets me away from my office.
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    Pity Party - WAAAAAAAH!

    In addition to everyone’s great suggestion of seeing GI asap, maybe your PCP or surgeon could refer you to outpatient Speech Therapy for esophageal dysmotility or dysphagia which sounds like what you have. Speech Therapists have exercises and tools that can teach your esophagus how to properly function. I’ve seen it done for over 10 years.
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    Need to GAIN weight

    Have you considered speaking with a counselor to help with the stress of the divorce? My counselor helped me tremendously during mine. Or maybe consider talking to your nutritionist or dietician? I’m sorry I don’t have any quick fix answers for you, and I hate to hear that you’re going through this.
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    5 Weeks Post Op Upper Back Pain

    I know you said all of your tests have come back fine, but what about an ultrasound of the gallbladder? Gallstones can cause upper back pain. Hopefully it’s as simple as buying a new bra (great suggestion).
  11. Walk walk walk and the pain will subside.
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    Possible problem after GBS?

    I’m right where you are 6 weeks out and 50 pounds gone. High five! I’ve vomited about every other night for the past couple of weeks. This is new. I truly feel like mine is related to not chewing enough and eating too quickly in the evening or trying to eat while still very hot from an outside workout. I dunno. It never happens during the day. Glad you’re getting everything checked out. Keep us updated.
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    Post surgery depression?

    You're not alone. Many of us have had overwhelming emotions in the weeks after surgery. I know I did. I was irritable, angry, tired, moody, tearful. Your body is going through something tremendous. You've made huge changes in your life this year in addition to WLS. I found that after surgery I couldn't turn to food to celebrate, ease my boredom, ease anxiety, etc. and that did create some additional anxiety for me. I also felt a little overwhelmed. What I've done is walk. I literally walk off my anxiety. Do I enjoy walking? No, it's hard carrying around this weight and it's HOT. But, it truly has helped me. I saw a therapist a couple of years ago who truly did help me change my life. Medications are your choice of course, but talking to a professional is a good idea in my opinion. And remember, you're not alone! I've seen from posts on here, I even made one myself, that many many of us feel similar to how you're feeling.
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    To tell coworkers or not?

    I initially planned to share my WLS plans with close friends and family. Then as I began to tell people, one person took it upon themselves to tell several other people that were only acquaintances. As the surgery date got closer, i dropped weight on the pre-op diet. I stopped going out to lunch with coworkers, I was training someone to take over for me...it was obvious. A few days before surgery it dawned on me that my weight struggles had already been on display my entire life. What was different now? I knew people would wonder why I was off of work and might genuinely be concerned to not see me. I figured I would receive lots of support and maybe an occasional “are you sure you need that?” And that’s what happened. I received overwhelming support and ONE person telling me I didn’t need it. It became such a relief to just tell everyone and feel proud. I’m proud that I’m actively changing my life for a better future. I’m very comfortable discussing it with others now.
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    Surgery type changed

    A bypass will most likely completely eliminate your ulcers. A sleeve would not. Your doc is right. I had gastric bypass 6 weeks ago and am elated with my decision.
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    It’s hard to believe...

    That’s incredible. Way to go!
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    How can I edit my signature? I can’t seem to find the option since the new update.
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    Thanks so much. I've always used the app. I didn't even think of going to the website. I really appreciate it.
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    Coffee after weight loss surgery?

    I’m 6 weeks out and have had it once or twice weekly. I drink about half a cup of coffee mixed with some premiere protein.
  20. I’ve been a registered nurse for 11 years. I round on patients in the hospital for an internal medicine group, and I can safely say I’ve seen quite a few things. Compression stockings and/or pumps can be literal life savers. Some doctors avoid the compression stockings by giving a low dose heparin shot (lovenox) to help prevent blood clots, and this is typically only given in the hospital. The risk for a blood clot is HUGE. Not just for a Bariatric patient, but any patient. It’s called “best-practice.” You will be wearing the compression hose and pumps the entire time you are in surgery. You don’t have to have any other medical problems to be at risk. I have sadly seen several patients who were supposed to be wearing their hoses and pumps and refused who ended up with blood clots. These clots in the leg can travel to the lungs or brain and can be deadly. As a bariatric patient myself and a medical professional, I would respectfully suggest making this investment. This is one of those “better safe than sorry” practices that just really needs to be followed. I’ve seen too many patients suffer when they didn’t comply. I hope this is helpful.
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    I’m almost 5 weeks post op RNY. I have spent my morning researching emotions after WLS, hormonal changes with rapid weight loss, mental illness before and after WLS, etc. I still don’t have the answer. But I can share what I’m feeling with you all. I’m missing an extended family’s birthday meal this afternoon. There will be probably 40 people there, all very thin and athletic people minus about 5. I’m assuming that once they see me (and speak to me) for the first time after the surgery that I will be bombarded with questions. I will be watched. I will hear annoying comments like “I just love food too much to do that,” etc. I’m already SO TIRED of almost all conversations that are initiated with me are based on my WLS, the diet, the pounds lost, the restrictions, etc. I feel like people have forgotten that I’m ERIN. I’m still a person. I’m not a surgery. I still have a life outside of this event. I’m sure I will become more comfortable and confident and find the right responses soon. But today is hard. The past couple of weeks have been hard. I cry often. I cry about good memories and bad. I cry about worries that are in no way related to my WLS. This week I have told my almost perfect husband “shut up” about 10 times and I have NEVER said that to him not once. I faithfully take my antidepressant. So I keep telling myself that my mind and body are going through something tremendous right now and I need to give myself a damn break. If I cry, I cry. At least I’m feeling those emotions instead of eating them. RIGHT? I’m focusing on walking several miles a day and watching it rub off on my overweight daughter. I was warned by an acquaintance before WLS that her emotions were on a rollercoaster for a solid 6 months, then it was wonderful. She emphasized that her emotions were so wild that she regretted the surgery for at least the first 3 months, then gradually felt better. I’m sad to hear that others are experiencing these mood swings and difficulties but glad we can try to help each other. HW: 360 SW: 343 CW: 316 GW: 180 RNY 4/16/18 RNY 4/16/18
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    Down 102 lbs!

    Way to go! HW: 360 SW: 343 CW: 322 GW: 180 RNY 4/16/18
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    Surgery, “it’s the easy way.”

    You are so right. And what a great comparison related to the twin moms! HW: 360 SW: 343 CW: 322 GW: 180 RNY 4/16/18
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    Kayak Trip on Diet 3

    Nuts, cheese, premier protein shakes, and hummus in a lunch box carried me through a recent outing HW: 360 SW: 343 CW: 325 GW: 180 RNY 4/16/18
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    How much?

    This should come from your dietician or nutritionist. HW: 360 SW: 343 CW: 326 GW: 180 RNY 4/16/18