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My understanding is that the pre op diet should be low carb, low calorie ad high Protein. Why not just let us eat real food that meets those requirements? I’m on day 14 of my 3 week semi liquid diet and I’m sick of shakes. I’d rather just eat some shrimp or other protein. Knowing that I’m going to have to do liquids after surgery why do them so much now when my stomach is regular size and real food doesn’t hurt.

Just wondering and struggling. I feel bad for those on total liquids before surgery. I guess starting before surgery should make it less rough after surgery to just do liquids for a while.

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liquid diets suck, no two ways about it. The pre-op diet is to shrink your liver so they can lift it and easily get to the stomach to do surgery - not to make you suffer needlessly. You can do this, you will survive it fine.

Try some Bone Broth or vegetable broth, or a clear Protein Drink. Sweet shakes do get tiresome.

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I am about to start my three week liquid only diet. I have tried to ease myself into it the last few days. Eating the liquid diet most of the day, until NUT approved dinner. It's so hard to wrap my head around.

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Liquid diets suck, no two ways about it. The pre-op diet is to shrink your liver so they can lift it and easily get to the stomach to do surgery - not to make you suffer needlessly. You can do this, you will survive it fine.
Try some Bone Broth or vegetable broth, or a clear Protein drink. Sweet shakes do get tiresome.

I guess I’m trying to understand why an equally low carb low calorie meal can’t be used instead of liquids. Why are some pre op plans all liquid? I’d rather get my protein from real food.

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@Sosewsue61 is right: The liquid diet is to shrink your liver. Don't discount the importance of this.

Second, consuming liquids before surgery gets you used to it. You're going to need to be used to it right after surgery.

The good news for you is that you're part of a community that has gone through the same thing! You are not alone. Good luck!

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So what I was getting at or thinking is that the liquid is not a liver shrinking requirement it’s a “getting use to it” requirement.

Shrinking your liver requires low calorie and low carb. A non-wls diet to shrink a fatty liver is not a liquid diet. For those having wls making the liver diet a liquid diet is to prepare them for the liquid phase after surgery.

Before I decided on wls I was told I had a fatty liver. The suggested diet was not liquid. So I was wondering why liquid for wls.

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@charismatic I questioned this too. Especially because a 2 week diet isn’t required for everyone. From what I can tell, most doctors basically want a high Protein low carb Keto diet. Keto shrinks your liver so why force liquid only version with artificial products when I can also achieve the result with real food?

The only conclusion I came up with is that liquid only is a good blanket solution for everyone and has less a chance of people slipping up by eating too much, eating the wrong foods or having real food trigger a binge.

With that in mind, I mixed in a small amount of real food (eggs, grilled chicken, cottage cheese) the 1st week and have been all liquid the 2nd week.

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    • SabrinaGoddess

      I am OFFICIALLY SLEEVED! (surgery was Dec 9th, 2019)
      It was an easy procedure for me and I am not having complications. If you want to see part one of my journey go here: https://sabrinagoddess.com/life-on-the-other-side-post-op-wls
      I will be making new posts during this whole process!

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      1. GreenTealael


      2. Billy Bob

        Glad you survived . lol

      3. SabrinaGoddess

        @billybob I am thriving and breathing! That's a blessing!

      4. BayougirlMrsS

        yeahhhhhh we are only 3 months apart on the sleeve journey. I found it has been way easier to lose with the sleeve than it was with the band...... although i loved my band. Sleeve was the easiest SX i ever had too.....

    • SabrinaGoddess

      TOMORROW IS MY DAY! (note this did not post properly so I am still  posting it after the fact)
      I am so very excited! My sister is here with me and my son. I am so excited. My anesthesiologist called me tonight to discuss our plans for tomorrow. I am not feeling nervous at all. Just excited for the future!
      I did buy a few bottles of CFpreop which is really suppose to help you stay hydrated. It's pricey but I feel it's worth it. I tried the Watermelon tonight. I have to stop all liquids after midnight and I go into the hospital at 5:30am for check in. My surgery is at 8am.
      SO HAPPY for this journey!
      You can get the CFpreop on Amazon if anyone is interested. It comes in Watermelon and White Grape.
      Read my night before thoughts on: www.SabrinaGoddess.com

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    • Arabesque

      Today I said I’m an XS or size 8 (Aust) at a clothing store. I never thought I’d say those words and say them with confidence. And when I commented a dress was too big on me I was told it was the smallest size. As was the belt I wanted. 
      I tried on a slim fitting singlet dress yesterday & was shocked to realise the lumpy bits on the dress were my hip bones. I have an hour glass shape so I always had hips but never ones that stuck out on the front of my body! 

      I’ve been a size 10 before - for about 5 minutes. While I am now confident about saying I’m an 8, clothes shopping is all still a bit freaky for me. It’s not that I’m focussed on the size on the label. I’m well aware the cut/line of the clothes and the designer’s style will dictate what size I need or if it will suit my body shape. The size is the starting point & it’s starting at an 8/XS/38 which is a big mind set change. It’s thinking a pair of pants will be too small & discovering they are almost too big. 

      While I’m still coming to terms with my actual new body shape and size, I’m very happy to be in this new reality. 
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      1. ms.sss


      2. ms.sss

        ...ah! I see you are from Brisbane! We lived there for a year when Mr. got a work contract there.

        I have fond (and not-so-fond, lol) memories of the weather there this time of year. It it crazy hot yet?

      3. Arabesque

        Hit 42degress last weekend but this week has been in the rather pleasant low 30s (relatively of course😜). Could still wear jeans but thank goodness for air conditioning. Worse is the drought. Everything is dying or dead. Very sad & depressing.

      4. ms.sss

        I feel ya.

    • Krestel

      Meal replacement shakes are soooooo good when you have a sore throat and don't feel good enough to cook. Plus, I always have lots of them at home. So I'm not tempted to grab crap from McDonalds (which has the best cold "medication"). 
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    • Arabesque

      This morning I had an abdominal ultra sound because apparently my cholesterol keeps rising.
      I don’t get it. My cholesterol was always fine & now when I eat less of everything & have lost weight it starts to go up.

      My intake of fats & oils has decreased (not that I was a big fried food person before anyway) & not just because I eat way less. Always cut the fat of meats, still don’t eat bacon, use spray olive oil instead of regular oil. Even the tub of butter in my fridge has been there since before May. Lol.
      I just don’t get it? Is it because I don’t eat anywhere near the amount of vegetables I ate before? It surely can’t be because I eat a piece of cheese every day which I didn’t before? Are all my hormones screwed up? 
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      1. Krestel

        Cholesterol seems to be odd that way. I've got a suuuuper skinny brother-in-law who has sky high cholesterol. So don't let the whole "overweight" thing fool you. They seem to find it in people who have the genetic predispositions for it nowadays it seems. Our bodies are really still a mystery of how they react to certain changes. Just keep at it and keep talking to your doctor. Who knows, you could be a medical mystery?!? Embrace the challenge.


        Think of it this way, you now have an excuse to try ostrich meat! http://safariostrich.co.za/2016/06/ostrich-meat-benefits/

        PS. Gah hormones!

      2. Arabesque

        My dietician thinks it may be the regulatory hormones too & that my liver & gall could be having a freak out from the weight loss. It may be causing my low BP too. Hopefully the abdominal ultra sound will show something when I get the results.
        My maternal grandmother had issues which developed in her 70s but she’s the only one. No heart probs, no cholesterol worries in any one else (incl 13 aunts & uncles & my parents) - cancer seems to be our worry - sad face. And they still live into the 80s & 90s.
        Just strange that for 53 yrs my levels have been normal & 6months of weight loss & it’s now high.
        Don’t know about eating ostrich though that could just be burying my head in the sand - tee hee hee.

      3. Arabesque

        PS - My menopausal symptoms are still MRI. Even with a 42.5 degree day (108F) last Friday not a twinge of a hot flush. Best non scale victory ever. Guess you win some hormonal battles but lose others.

        PPS - Wrapping Christmas presents with air con cranked up today even though it’s only 33C. Ho ho ho

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