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Dh Is Trying To Convince Me To Get Gastric Balloon...

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Just saw that this post started in 2006.is the original poster still on? What did u get?

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I had my pre-op psych eval Monday & he told me of some research that's come out recently.

Every organ in your body communicates with the brain. If you lose more then 1.5-2 pounds per week for a period of 3-6 months' date=' the organs start sending neuro-peptides to the brain saying that you're starving (even if you have 100s of pounds in body fat that you'd like your body to eat).

So even if you're on a good, nutritious, low-cal diet & your bmi is still obese+ ... even with all of that, if you lose 2+ pounds per week for more then 3 months, your brain is going to go into panic mode & start telling you to eat, eat, eat... until you're back to pre-diet weight + 10 pounds. That's the brain getting back to status quo + a buffer for the next starvation period. (Weight Watchers has known this forever, but now the medical community agrees, lol.)

So a balloon that makes you eat significantly less for 6 months & is then removed? Ouch!

I'm rethinking my goals... I had of course planned on doing more then 2 pounds a week. But now it really seems to make sense to go slowly, and explains why other surgeries / diets don't work long term. We've been fighting our body's survival instinct.

Maybe this time I can work WITH my bod instead of against it. :)

Good luck with your decision![/quote']

That makes so much sense! I am sure that is what has gotten

Me where I am!

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Do what you feel in your heart is right for you. My doctor steered me away from gastric bypass and said the band is best and even though I was not sure of his thoughts, I found he was right. As far as my dh he has gained over 40 pounds since my surgery 4 years ago and I am at goal with the 2 pounds more to lose that I gained last year. I am off all meds, no fills and still trying to re-learn how to eat to stay slim. Do what you feel is best with the opinion of your doctor that you trust. Good luck and keep smiling.

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