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    Pain from time to time

    I'm 54yrs old I was sleeve march 4th I still have pain everyday off and on I might have got up and doing to much right after my surgery. I know I have over done but by now I shouldn't still be in pain my Dr said it's part of the healing process when will it get better. I can not drink any thing cold I love cold water I live in Tx and we drink every thing cold in the summer any one doing the same thing.Thanks!!
  2. sastexan4u@yahoo.com

    starting bad habits

    Cheri, you are so right sugar monster has kick my butt also bad carb trying to get back on track again.I know what to do but my head is over taking me I'm going to start a new day wish me luck thanks for y'all post this what I need today!
  3. sastexan4u@yahoo.com

    Food Journal

  4. sastexan4u@yahoo.com

    How many carbs per day?

  5. sastexan4u@yahoo.com

    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    At 5 mos.. loss 40 lbs 4 inch sleeve 3/5/13 a little slow but happy . Weight 200 lbs now 162 lbs . Size 16-w -18 now size 12..
  6. sastexan4u@yahoo.com

    Where Is Everyone From?

    East Tx Jacksonville
  7. sastexan4u@yahoo.com

    My Texas Sleevers

    Jacksonville -East Tx
  8. sastexan4u@yahoo.com

    My Texas Sleevers

    Jacksonville -East Tx
  9. sastexan4u@yahoo.com

    March 2013 Sleevers... What are you eating?

    I'm eating the same way good clean diet eat a lot of diabetic recipes... I haven't try salad yet but have try some red meat ground very lean beef and good lean pork I live in Texas we eat a lot of red meat a long with fish and Deer,wild hog,I drink a lot of v8 juice and summer vegs out of my garden...I have try some real sugar foods very little and it's ok...Sleeve march 4th I was at 200lbs and at 165 lbs been on a stall for 3 weeks just when down today about 1.5lbs to day I have up my water and more protein 85g a day by eating or drinking it also up my cals ..and lower my carbs..I haven't been to the gym much my right hand now in a brace for 6 weeks I did go for a walk today ....I use myfitnesspal everyday to track my food ....
  10. sastexan4u@yahoo.com

    3 mos out!

    3 MOS. out today was at 200lbs now 165lbs 16-w now size 12 whooo!! I had my ups and down also long stalls but I'm so glad I did this wish I could have done this sooner in my life I'm 54yrs old and now less meds today blood work good.I feel great and I don't stuff my self any more I also cut 7 inch off my hair have a new sassy do it was like the hold word just drop my back...every one said I look younger I will take it ...
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  12. sastexan4u@yahoo.com

    $25000 Surgery Cost, what did you pay?

    So far 40,000 here in east Tx..100% pay by my Ins... was very happy..
  13. Yes on the Dannon Greek yogurt love the Blue Berry ....
  14. sastexan4u@yahoo.com

    A new beginning....it's about time!

    I can relate to your life,wish you the best in your new life!!!
  15. sastexan4u@yahoo.com

    Buyer's remorse? 6 days post op

    It will get better just hang in there...just keep sip,sip very slow,and walking for the gas get protein in you ....be good to your self If you are still getting sick call your DR and ask for something (RX)..
  16. 3 mos out and have stall then lost 3lbs and now up 4lbs so I'm pushing the water more..
  17. Oh May yummm...and yes you are right don't eat it..:)

  18. sastexan4u@yahoo.com

    New sleeve patient, post op (5 dsys)

    Welcome ...I'm 3mos out there is a group on here for 30's something hope this helps I'm also on myfitnesspal app on my phone and online this app has been great good luck with your new life have a great summer..
  19. sastexan4u@yahoo.com

    Will i ever like Crystal Light again?

    Weight-in I'm the same 3mos post op now I drink Wyler's light sugar free and caffeine free or Hawaiian punch sugar free singles on the go or Walmart great value raspberry ice sugar free low calories you can add to your water ..My taste buds have change a lot can you take back the CL to the store ..
  20. sastexan4u@yahoo.com

    Curry Avacado and Egg Salad

    Going to try that sounds good...that's for the post
  21. sastexan4u@yahoo.com


    I total understand need to up your Water and Protein watch your carb .. But yay on your weight loss!!