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    DONYEIL got a reaction from stept04 in Chinese Food   
    I don't but eat slowly and eat maybe 1/4 cup and see how well you tolerate it. Good Luck and Happy Eating
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    DONYEIL got a reaction from MzChar in Cajun Chicken with Pepper Jack   
    I love this idea thank you
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    DONYEIL reacted to Jim1967 in Hi! I'm New to this Forum   
    Hi Kathy and welcome to LBT. My weight loss started off very slow as well and I went weeks at a time without any scale movement. It was very frustrating in the beginning because I feel I just had major surgery so why isn't the weight falling off? My weight loss actually picked up speed as time went on as I was getting my fills. I lost a great deal of weight off and on with time but not like I expected. It took me 9 months and 9.5cc in my band to finally hit the green zone. I have lost 31lbs alone since my final fill on Jan 29th. Now that is the scale movement I've been waiting for.
    Everyone is different on their fill needs but I wanted to give you a different perspective. It is true as you get closer to goal it may slow down but the best yet to come. Find that green zone where ever it may be for you and enjoy the journey while it's happening.
    You're at 31lbs in 3 months and it sounds like you are doing wonderful. Stick with it and keep up your appointments for adjustments and things should pick up. Good luck.
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    DONYEIL reacted to Fight4Light in For those of you missing PIZZA, you've GOT to check this out!   
    That's a full size dinner plate for size reference. each slice is about 2"x4"

    It just looked so delicious I had to get an up close shot of it with the toppings

    And here is a picture of the crust, it looks and tastes just like regular crust, except its truly HEALTHY.
    Hey guys! So I made pizza from scratch today and I was so excited I just had to share it with you. I used cheese sticks" to pizza, I did add more cheese and I added turkey pepperoni for an extra bit of Protein.< /p>
    You literally cannot tell the difference between this and another thin crust and It's sooooooooo good. And extremely filling.
    my changes:
    -- Added cheese to make it 1 full cup of cheese (still mixed the same amount of cheese the recipe calls for in the crust), all the extra cheese went on top of the pizza.
    -- Added 32 slices of hormel turkey pepperoni
    2 slices of pizza with 1/4 cup of marinara
    176 calories
    15 grams of protein
    9.9 grams of fat
    9.2 grams of carbs
    PS Check out my lap-band pinterest board here
    EDIT: of course your exact nutritional break down will depend on your toppings, cheese, and marinara so adjust accordingly. I used Clasico cabernet marinara, stater bros part skim finely shredded mozzarella, and hormel turkey pepperoni.
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    DONYEIL reacted to MountainMan in Lap band risks seem like 100% failure in my research   
    I'm not sure where you're getting your information, but studies show that gastric banding is the safest of weight loss surgeries. Of course there is always a statistical risk of complications, including death, but it is minimal. I was very careful about researching this option and determined that for me it was a calculated risk. For most of us, compared to the numerous medical problems we had/faced (hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, infertility, etc., etc.) getting banded was a no-brainer. I encourage you to read the success stories and listen to medical professionals to balance out all the naysayers. For most of us, our only regret is that we waited so long!
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    DONYEIL reacted to DELETE THIS ACCOUNT! in Lap band risks seem like 100% failure in my research   
    I don't know where you're researching but you've obviously not been reading facts. The fact is, only 5% of Lap Band patients end up with serious complications by no fault of their own. Here are actual studies that prove it:
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    DONYEIL reacted to laurigee in Lap band risks seem like 100% failure in my research   
    I think that it depends on where you get your information from. I could find negative on anything if I looked.
    With any surgery there are risks and complications. It is up to you whether the potential risks are worth the rewards.
    If you look through the many postings on this sight you will see the difference the band has made in many people's lives. To all of us that have received the band, we have decided that it was worth the risk. If I were to have a problem tomorrow(knock on wood)I would still not regret the decision I made. It was right for me at the time.
    It's up to you! Is it worth it?!!
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    DONYEIL reacted to this sucks in Lap band risks seem like 100% failure in my research   
    Not sure where you are getting your statistic of 99%, but I'm sure that your estimation is VERY high. Be careful where you are getting information from. Ask your doctor for his complication rate, and don't make a generalization like you just did. We bandsters tend to be quite protective of our band and you are setting yourself up for some major response.
    Yes, there are risks of complications , but there are also risks associated with morbid obesity. I know what I choose.
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    DONYEIL got a reaction from 2muchfun in When can I get a fill?   
    Your doing fine! It take time but with every pound I lose I still wonder is it enough being banded in January myself I still have questions and wonders but I guess its normal my doctor waited four weeks before my first fill, and I cannot wait to get another on April 1 I feel like i am waiting on a xmas gift lol
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    DONYEIL got a reaction from 2muchfun in When can I get a fill?   
    Your doing fine! It take time but with every pound I lose I still wonder is it enough being banded in January myself I still have questions and wonders but I guess its normal my doctor waited four weeks before my first fill, and I cannot wait to get another on April 1 I feel like i am waiting on a xmas gift lol
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    DONYEIL reacted to Maddysgram in Lapband Flipped   
    Ah, I love drugged txting!lol
    Your story sounds like mine. My port flipped at my 2nd filling and I'm a little over 2wks from revision surgery.
    My Dr made the incision right over my old port incision and it wasn't bad at all. My port is right under my left lower rib and the swelling is aggravating, but no longer painful. The first couple days it was sore, but pain meds worked really good,lol.
    Hardest part is trying not to do something stupid and mess it up again. I think Dr probably has sewn it down with extra stitches.
    He said, I was only his 2nd patient that this had happen to, out of 100's.
    Just keep up with your meds and take care!
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    DONYEIL reacted to msbam in Welcome!   
    Hi I got banded on Jan 7, 2013 am now five days post op.... btw i had lap band over a previous gastric bypass surgery...am doing ok just dont feel much restriction but trying to stick to the liquid diet and do right..
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    DONYEIL reacted to Nfran76 in Surgery day   
    Hi everyone, my name is Nadine and I am 36 years old. I just had my lap band put in on Jan 9, 2013. My highest weight was 269 and I am looking to get to 170. I hope we can share ideas with everyone to help us through this and our new life bday as I call it....
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    DONYEIL reacted to chantelleb816 in January 2013 Bandsters Unite   
    Good afternoon all today is day 5 of my pre op diet and I'm doing much better. Headaches are gone and I've gotten a bit more energy. I also feel satisfied when I eat which I never thought would happen. It's amazing.
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    DONYEIL reacted to Soon2Bsmall03 in January 2013 Bandsters Unite   
    I am also on the high Protein, low Carb dieT... Fish,turkey,chikcen, no fruits...I need to find the time to prepare food in advance since I'm in the car driving long distance everyday...doesn't help that my co-workers stop for fast food very often!! I'm hanging on as hard as I can
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    DONYEIL reacted to ladybabie3 in January 2013 Bandsters Unite   
    good morning all day 8 pre-opt and counting. got a call today from the doc and they had to move my surgery time so i go in at 3 p.m. it kind of works out so im not mad.
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    DONYEIL got a reaction from JhonnieB in January 2013 Bandsters Unite   
    Hello everyone best of luck! I was banded January 2, 3013 and so far so good! Just learning how to eat again at this point. mild pain but able to get up move shop and eat so Im happy as of yet
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    DONYEIL reacted to NoBuNaGa209 in January 2013 Bandsters Unite   
    My surgery is scheduled for 1/17 and I start my preop diet this weekend; I'm blessed to have a supportive family and an extended family online...I look forward to sharing my story as it unfolds.
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    DONYEIL got a reaction from prairiedog in Welcome!   
    Thanks a lot today I am 2 days post op feeling really good mild too moderate pain a little tired no real issues with the band yet currently working on trying to eat at least 3 to four times a day only been really tasting things like broth yogurt and apple sauce not that I cant eat just haven't been hungry at all working on drinking Water not thirsty at all already lost about three to four pounds surgery went really well almost no bleeding I was up and walking and eating right after I got up to the recovery room had my first fart today lol haven't been gassy or anything I hope my good streak continues!
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    DONYEIL reacted to merika0821 in January 2013 Bandsters Unite   
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    DONYEIL reacted to ladybabie3 in January 2013 Bandsters Unite   
    Hello all, I coming to the end of my day two of liquids, I did better today than I did yesterday. Yesterday I had the headach from hell. But I'm doing a lot better today no headach. 12 days to go
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    DONYEIL reacted to MzKitty in Welcome!   
    Hi Donyeil,
    My experience has been a lot like yours. I was banded on the same day, Jan. 2nd. I've had a pretty good recovery and no hunger . . . until this morning. I felt hunger for the 1st time since getting the band this morning. I'm guessing it's a sign that the swelling is going down? How are you doing . . . any hunger yet??
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    DONYEIL reacted to Kelila50 in Welcome!   
    Donyeil thanks for sharing. I am getting banded on the 25th and any positive stories are helping me stay calm pre-op. I've never had any kind of surgery before and I'm ready to get that part over with soon.
    Best wishes on your journey. I can't wait to meet milestones together! :-)
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    DONYEIL reacted to Maddysgram in 2 days post op - kinda freaking out   
    You have a lot of swelling right now and that is probably what you're feeling.
    If NP said it was ok, that must be the reason. This will not last too long.
    Hang in there!
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    DONYEIL reacted to Betsy16049 in January 2013 Bandsters Unite   
    My date is 1/28 and the only prep diet I have is liquids only 3 days prior. What does. Everyone else have to do and why do we have to do this, does anyone know?? Also has anyone found a Protein Shake they like, I've tried so many and they all make me gag and or puke... The only thing I can manage is sugar free carnation instant Breakfast any suggestions?

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