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  1. JessIsTiredOfBeingFat

    First support group meeting...

    So I've teetered these last few weeks trying to hop up on that wagon and struggled severely with self motivation, time management and preparation. I let that damn food speak to me...I gotta get this straight in my head..."To loose weight, to improve my health, I CAN'T I WON'T EAT YOU!!!!!" BUT Thursday, I had my fill FINALLY!!! Then tonight i went to my first support group meeting. It was pretty great. I haven't openly shared my weight loss surgery with friends, family, and co workers...and never thought much of it because I figured I didn't need anyone and I could do it myself...but then tonight, being surrounded by people like myself where I heard multiple things that I, myself, have said or done that no one but a weight loss surgery patient could understand...I realized 'wow! These people don't sympathize; they empathize!!!!" Support just got a whole new meaning tonight... Off to bed I go with an optimistic attitude that tomorrow WILL be a great day, I will MAKE it a great day!!! 6 am...you'll be here soon and I'm gonna meet you with my tennis shoes and ready to head to the gym. Oh PLEASE let me wake up and get myself out of bed PLEASE!!!!! Jess
  2. JessIsTiredOfBeingFat

    Coming out of the Lap Band Closet.......

    Good for you!!!!! You deserve this and way to go for standing up for what you believe in and for yourself and your future family!!!!!!
  3. JessIsTiredOfBeingFat

    Why do we sabotage our selves?

    WOW! I love this post!! You've nailed it on the head!!! I play this detrimental games with myself as well!!! And I'm still searching for why I 'sabotage' myself...I know mine is due to my self esteem. It's like I don't think I'm worth it or something. I've let others make my decisions for me in regards to what I put in my mouth for far too long!!! I have a terrible TERRIBLE food addiction and I've been trying all my life to conquer it. It's not just the TASTE of the food, it's the feeling. I dunno how to explain what I'm feeling. Thanks for this blog...these are the kind of posts that I'm hoping give me the empowerment to continue on!!!! Happy new life!!!!
  4. JessIsTiredOfBeingFat

    Day 3: teetered but trying not to beat myself up!!!

    Oh lol...no I have no restriction right now!!! I've been banded since Aug 2008
  5. JessIsTiredOfBeingFat

    One Year ago!!!!

    Amazing! Great job!!!
  6. JessIsTiredOfBeingFat

    Day 3: teetered but trying not to beat myself up!!!

  7. JessIsTiredOfBeingFat

    Day 3: teetered but trying not to beat myself up!!!

    I agree. I do keep fruits and such but the bad stuff is sooooooooooooo appealing. You may say, throw it out. Nope, can't...I have a house full of peeps that aren't eating as healthy as me. But you're right, pay day is Friday and I plan to stock up with some healthy alternatives to grab if I have the urge late at night!!! Thanks!!!
  8. JessIsTiredOfBeingFat

    Vancouver, Mississauga, driving or flying.... oh my!

    AWESOME!!!! That's the first step! You got this! When you're happy and healthy it will spill into the other aspects of your life!!! Get that support system in place, it's VERY important and start that exercise and healthy eating now!!! Keep us updated!
  9. Hello all!!! I really appreciate the words of encouragement. They're amazingly helpful. So I started off yesterday on the right foot. Writing in my food journal, ate my breakfast, packed a quick lunch. It was my 2nd day of my nursing clinicals...the clinical was good. I passed my physical assessment on my assigned patient ...buuuuuut not time to eat!!!! So as soon as I was done, I ate my 2 slices of deli turkey and a couple carrots! I had lots studying to do so I came home and spent 30 minutes of 'catch up' time with my fiance and fixed up a quick snack 6 strawberries and 2 tbsp cool whip then hit the books. We had a party to go to which I had been dreading for 2 reasons...1) I have soooooo much studying to do and feel guilty for not and 2) it's a PARTY with drinking and food and I'm only day 2 in!!!! ugh!!! Ok so we were running late and no time for dinner, my fiance (his name is Paul...so now I can stop saying fiance which sounds so corny lol) said we'd stop for something quick (remember from the last blog that he stated he wouldn't ask for Taco Bell) but I didn't want to be tempted so I popped one of those broccoli and cheese steamer bags in the microwave and emptied it into a cup and chowed on it on the way (only 145 calories for the whole bag!!! but...no protein though)...so we get to the party, I was happy that my friend's husband was secluded on the back patio AWAY from the yummy appetizers galore! I brought a can of Coke Zero and sipped on that while they enjoyed their beverages of the alcoholic sort I was doing pretty well until about 930. I hadn't planned to be there so late and the pesky hunger pangs snuck up on me Luckily, they had Coke Zero and some veggies. I had a itty bitty spoonful of ranch with some broccoli, 2 slices of strawberries, 3 small slices of provolone cheese AND 3 mini quiche....eeeeeeeeek but seriously, this wasn't that bad...not my 'on the wagon' diet but I avoided the chip, dip, taquitos, chicken and cheesy rice, cake, pizza, etc!!! So, we stay awhile longer...then head home and Paul plays video games and I study. And, again, around midnight those hunger pangs rear their ugly heads!!!! I make some coffee and drink some water in an attempt to rid them. No help. I'm hungry!!!!! And...a terrible thing happened...I'm so upset...only day 2 and I already have a weak moment...this is usually a thing I would hide but the new me is holding myself accountable for the things I eat and do....Paul made blueberry muffins for his snack I had one with honey and a glass of milk....annnnd if that wasn't bad enough, I binged!!!!!!! Left over pizza and Velveeta pasta leftovers readily available...ah!!!!! I eat half a piece of cold pizza standing in the kitchen...realize what I'm doing and throw it away...BUT then that pasta was talking to me (I'm such a fat girl) and I snatched it up, popped off the lid and took 3 ginormous bites!!!!! I automatically felt guilty and wished in that moment that I could take it back but I couldn't so all I can do is own it. Usually, I would just continue to eat like Oreos or the rest of the left overs since I'd already cheated but I didn't. I went back in the living room, logged onto my laptop and finished my studies then to bed. So, today is a new day. And, I haven't given up even though the urge to quit is whispering 'you'll always be a fat girl'...I'm owning it. I'm writing it in my journal and need to calculate the calories so I can see the damage...BTW any suggestions for an easy website to do that? I've had my cup of coffee and 1/2C of oatmeal and about to hit the shower then hit the books. So...what did I do well yesterday? I increased my water intake and almost had my 64 oz!! I made smart snack choices before midnight( I know we aren't suppose to snack but I have no restriction right now) . I recognized the opportunity to eat out would rear it's head so I ate the broccoli. While binging, I recognized it and restricted myself a little. What I learned? That if I go out, I need to pack a bag for 'just in case' to eliminate the dilemma of eating what's available. Midnight is a bad time for me...and I need a better coping strategy for late night hunger pangs. I can't just go to sleep because I must study late in order to stay on track...I need to brainstorm! Thanks for reading and helpful suggestions are most appreciated!!!! Have a great, healthy day!!!!
  10. JessIsTiredOfBeingFat

    First day back on the wagon complete!!!

    Thanks guys!!! These words of encouragement are amazing!
  11. JessIsTiredOfBeingFat

    2 weeks Post Banding

    That's fantastic!!!! Once you get your fill, that will go away and you'll have the 'full' feeling so practice eating slooooow! Find a great alteration lady; she'll be a must have to prevent spending countless dollars on new clothes that you'll be replacing in another few months!!! Keep up the great work!!!
  12. JessIsTiredOfBeingFat


    That's great news!!! So what were her tips??
  13. JessIsTiredOfBeingFat

    Long Time!!!

    Keep it up girl. It actually sounds like your band might be too tight...you might wanna talk to your doctor about it. Good luck.
  14. JessIsTiredOfBeingFat

    First day back on the wagon complete!!!

    So today was my first day back on. I haven't had an adjustment and have no restriction right now but I'm trying my best til I do. Got up, had a cup of coffee and 1/2 C oatmeal. Tummy started growling at 1030 so I drank 10 oz of water at once. Went away. Then lunch came and I had 2 oz sliced turkey meat, 1/4 C baby carrots and 5 strawberries. Was starving when I got home. I REALLY wanted the Cheez-its that were sitting on the counter, but I resisted. My best friend (who is staying with my fiance and I with her 2 little ones) was making Velveeta dinner (a spin on hamburger helper--not the healthiest)...had about 1/2 C of that with a cup of tossed salad! I only got in about 50 oz of fluid today but it's a start. Went for a walk after dinner with my fiance, bf, 2 girls, and our 5 dogs!!! That was interesting to say the least...30 minutes. It was nice and didn't feel like exercise at all. While talking to my bf today, she made it apparent that I need to share what I'm going through with my fiance. I was absolutely against it but when I got home and wanted to share about my day...it all just came out. I told him about my struggle with this weight and my emotional eating behind closed doors and how discouraged I am. I told him it was hard for me to admit to him because when I talk to him about me being self-conscious, he just tells me I'm beautiful and that it'll be ok. That's great to hear but I need to talk about these things!!! He said he'd be as supportive as possible...told me 'I'll stop pressuring you to eat Taco Bell' and talked to me about how we could set up a treadmill and such. Oh and today Betty, the support lady for my doctor, called and left me a message. She said that she took a look at my chart and thinks that I'm an individual that hasn't found my right fit and that we need to get it right. And, in no way, does she think that I've reached the capacity of my band. She told me to keep the journal, get my fluids, get my proteins....AND 'don't beat yourself up. I won't say don't be discouraged because that'd be impossible but don't beat yourself up.' I teared up. Now, to study a bit and get a good night's rest because tomorrow is my 2nd clinical of nursing school!!! Jess
  15. JessIsTiredOfBeingFat

    It's time!

    Don't be discouraged. You'll get there. You've made such a huge leap to make the decision to change the rest of your life!! It will happen; you will make it happen. Keep us posted!!!

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