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First support group meeting...



So I've teetered these last few weeks trying to hop up on that wagon and struggled severely with self motivation, time management and preparation. I let that damn food speak to me...I gotta get this straight in my head..."To loose weight, to improve my health, I CAN'T I WON'T EAT YOU!!!!!"


BUT Thursday, I had my fill FINALLY!!! Then tonight i went to my first support group meeting. It was pretty great. I haven't openly shared my weight loss surgery with friends, family, and co workers...and never thought much of it because I figured I didn't need anyone and I could do it myself...but then tonight, being surrounded by people like myself where I heard multiple things that I, myself, have said or done that no one but a weight loss surgery patient could understand...I realized 'wow! These people don't sympathize; they empathize!!!!" Support just got a whole new meaning tonight...


Off to bed I go with an optimistic attitude that tomorrow WILL be a great day, I will MAKE it a great day!!! 6 am...you'll be here soon and I'm gonna meet you with my tennis shoes and ready to head to the gym. Oh PLEASE let me wake up and get myself out of bed PLEASE!!!!!


Jess :)


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Jess I totally agree with u I am almost 3weeks post op I wanna go to the gym and just walk on the tredmill but I never get up and go I want the weight to come off' but I'm not helping my tool enough. I have good restriction because my dr.filled me while i was in surgery. We wanted this surgery so now we have to work hard and help get the weight off. I wiss you all the success as well as mines and get motivated I am

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Glad your getting focused Jess, family and friends can be a great support also. I have been totally honest with everyone about my WLS and journey. I think this has been helpful to me because I have had so many people to hold me accountable. Some of them can empathize but my work friends have held me accountable. People have called me on things when I needed it, yes honesty is hard to take some times but it helped me. Keep going to the support groups they are great and do help.

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