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First day back on the wagon complete!!!



So today was my first day back on. I haven't had an adjustment and have no restriction right now but I'm trying my best til I do. Got up, had a cup of coffee and 1/2 C oatmeal. Tummy started growling at 1030 so I drank 10 oz of water at once. Went away. Then lunch came and I had 2 oz sliced turkey meat, 1/4 C baby carrots and 5 strawberries. Was starving when I got home. I REALLY wanted the Cheez-its that were sitting on the counter, but I resisted. My best friend (who is staying with my fiance and I with her 2 little ones) was making Velveeta dinner (a spin on hamburger helper--not the healthiest)...had about 1/2 C of that with a cup of tossed salad! I only got in about 50 oz of fluid today but it's a start. Went for a walk after dinner with my fiance, bf, 2 girls, and our 5 dogs!!! That was interesting to say the least...30 minutes. It was nice and didn't feel like exercise at all.


While talking to my bf today, she made it apparent that I need to share what I'm going through with my fiance. I was absolutely against it but when I got home and wanted to share about my day...it all just came out. I told him about my struggle with this weight and my emotional eating behind closed doors and how discouraged I am. I told him it was hard for me to admit to him because when I talk to him about me being self-conscious, he just tells me I'm beautiful and that it'll be ok. That's great to hear but I need to talk about these things!!! He said he'd be as supportive as possible...told me 'I'll stop pressuring you to eat Taco Bell' and talked to me about how we could set up a treadmill and such.


Oh and today Betty, the support lady for my doctor, called and left me a message. She said that she took a look at my chart and thinks that I'm an individual that hasn't found my right fit and that we need to get it right. And, in no way, does she think that I've reached the capacity of my band. She told me to keep the journal, get my fluids, get my proteins....AND 'don't beat yourself up. I won't say don't be discouraged because that'd be impossible but don't beat yourself up.' I teared up.


Now, to study a bit and get a good night's rest because tomorrow is my 2nd clinical of nursing school!!!




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Jess, it is awesome how honest you are in your blog, I am enjoying your truths! One day at a time is the only option anyone has! So take a deep breath each day, remember staying honest with yourself will keep you moving and on track. I understand with being placated by a loved one, and although they mean well sometimes you just want a kick in the pants! Chin up, chest out and all you can do is try to make the better days outweigh the not so good ones.<BR><BR>Cheers!

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Sounds like you have a really good support system around you - that will spell success for you. Keep up the great work - one day at a time!:D

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