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    What version of the truth you choose to tell is up to you IMO. If you refer to the gall bladder thing as a stomach surgery and you said your “stomach surgery” is why your losing- frankly that’s not a lie because the WLS was a stomach surgery too. In terms of claiming it’s due to all the changes you are making that’s absolutely true. I made the changes three years ago and guess what. I changed back to old eating habits and I have gained it all back. I still have a sleeve but I am obese again. So that surgery did not do the work to lose the weight. I did. And the second I stopped doing my part I started gaining and ended up right back where I started. My point is it is what you are doing that is making all the difference in your weight. The surgery is just a tool. No one tells a carpenter he is taking shortcuts if he uses a drill instead of a screwdriver. So why does society assume we shouldn’t take advantage of the best tools money can buy to set us up to succeed. I am willing to bet that they all buy the latest and greatest gadgets they can afford to make things easier on themselves. And realistically it’s not even like it makes it that much easier. It just makes it possible instead of impossible!! IMO taking the lazy or easy way out would be to never try anything. We have tried everything. To include facing some pretty scary complications not everyone would face to achieve their goals. Nothing about this is easy and people who think it is are just ignorant. You just have to decide what your comfortable sharing. It’s no one’s business unless you want them to know. Honestly if someone was really going to think I was doing drugs I would just think to myself that they never really knew me anyways so what reason do I have to care what they think about me. You are facing enough with your upcoming surgery. I say Focus on yourself and your health.
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    April Operation Buddies

    Hello! I have surgery April 8th! Does anyone else around that time want to be buddies? Ekk so exciting but also scary! Haha Have a great day! Sent from my Pixel 6 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Collagen after surgery

    For the first 3 months after surgery, I used Nature's Bounty Hair, skin, and nails gummies w/ collagen & biotin. It's somewhere between $9-$11 at Walmart. I took 2 in the morning and 2 at night. After the 3 month mark, when I was making homemade smoothies, greens drinks and sometimes protein shakes, I started using Codeage multi collagen peptides platinum powder that I would mix into my drinks. It has collagen, biotin, hyaluronic acid, keratin, vitamin c, niacin, and vitamin B6. It's $35 and you get it online at Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc... This one is my absolute FAVORITE. It's completely flavorless, very fine and not grainy at all. I also use the digestive enzymes w/ pre and pro biotics supplements from Codeage, as well.
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    Band revision?

    He said after "You're a big fella" which translates to me he had a little trouble with scaring after 10 yrs and the port needed to be cut out which is the only pain I have. Huge scare on belly. Came out of anesthesia better then ever, I believe not asking for pain meds helped with recovery. I did take them to rest at home after. May start a new thread about pain level after sleeve as in do you feel the stable pain of just incisions.
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    Navigating Eating Out

    I've eaten out a lot recently, just circumstantial, but it's been working out okay? I got chick fil a grilled nuggets which was perfect, 4 piece. At a local seafood restaurant I got a sample platter with shrimp, scallops, salmon and spinach in a fantastic ponzu sauce, all grilled/steamed. Yesterday at dinner with friends I had a single crispy brussel sprout, and ordered Jambalaya with chicken, shrimp, and andouille sausage. I ate the shrimp and chicken with the sauce, just left the rice or side each time. It was delicious and I felt like it fit my needs totally. It's weird having so much of the meal left over but when I bring it home someone in the house will always eat it. While on vacation with family I tended to just have some of whatever my spouse was having, that worked out well too. I was so nervous about it but it seems to be ok.
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    April Operation Buddies

    Congrats ❤️ me too
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    Struggling to stop losing

    For me, I stalled often, but lost pretty steady. I didn't have weeks long stalls. I would stall for 4-5 days, then lose about a pound a day for 3-4 days, then stall again. This was my norm from the start. I still averaged about 10lbs a month. I'm not sure how or why I lost like this. I do know I wasn't super restrictive in what I ate, just how much I ate of certain things, like bread, sweets, or favorite eats. Though, for some, completely staying away from temptation foods is a must. Having control over what you eat is the key to making this work. And giving yourself grace for the meal, or day, that wasn't the best eating choices. Use this losing time to learn control over food (in a healthy way), learn a new way of eating, learn to get your body moving in some form or fashion (I walk, clean my house, and do life), and learn to be in tune with your body in every area and nurture what it's asking (food (be reasonable), movement, rest, spiritual ECT). Everything I've mentioned, my nutritionist, surgeon, and therapist are on board with and support. I'm not trying to be weird with sharing my journey, but that's what I did/do.
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    April Operation Buddies

    My surgery date is April 19th... I am pretty nervous, but confident that this is the right move for me.
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    Foods for Hike

    Great suggestions above. I’d suggest taking an electrolyte drink with you or sachets or tabs you can add to your water when you top it up. It will give you extra boosts of energy. Just be warned they can be sweet so dilute them by adding extra water to the mix. Enjoy the hike - how lovely to share in your daughter’s field trip.
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    Foods for Hike

    What about Turkey Jerky? I found some snack packs at Walmart (they are actually called Turkey sausage bites) that have 10g protein for 120 calories. The pack is pretty big too. I’m not super good at macros but it’s 7g fat and 2g carbs??

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