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  1. I'M DOWN TO 253!!!!! I started at 294. I'm so freaking geeked. I'm telling you right now I hit 205 and clothing will be optional. I hit my goal weight and I'm changing my name to Nekkid lol
  2. I take a couple of medications that are not weight related, one being adhd medication. Does anyone know about the absorption difference after gastric sleeve. I am in school to get my law degree and I cannot afford to have my medication to stop working.
  3. I am afro latina (PR wepaaaaaa) so you know my spice cabinet is stocked with adobo, sazon, my fridge has sofrito, you all know the drill. So I'm wondering about a few things. During the pureed stage is mashed maduros okay? I know I can't have my favorite arroz con gandules but can I have the gandules by themselves just mashed up? I'm not one for spicy foods (only PR person I know who don't like spicy food lol) so I don't have to worry about that but I just wanna see what's good and what's not. I'm gonna miss relleno de papa, alcapurria, templeque lol.
  4. I had my first doctor's appointment. I AM IN THE 260'S!!!! I haven't been this small in over 6 years. I'm down 13 lbs since surgery 2.5 weeks ago and 28 lbs since January. She said she fully expects me to reach my goal of 180 within the year I'm so freaking happy
  5. I wanna fight EVERYBODY!!!!! LOL I'm kidding but I'm sick of liquids. I did a week before surgery and now 4 days after surgery that's 11 days. I want solid food. *has adult size tantrum Okay I feel better now lol
  6. I hate liquids lol I want solid food
  7. Tamika James

    On the other side

    I made it to the other side. I had surgery yesterday. It was not easy. My pressure sky rocketed in the recovery room but I'm much better now. But this burping is killing me.
  8. Tamika James

    Attack of the gas bubbles

    My doctor hasn't put me on a PPI but I did get a bunch of herbal teas today
  9. So I had surgery Thursday and I'm trying to get my liquids in but every time I take a sip of anything I get attacked by the gas bubbles and it hurts like hell. I've been walking and taking my gas-x and stuff and the gas bubbles are laughing at me. Please help
  10. Tamika James

    Attack of the gas bubbles

    I had the sleeve. I'm passing gas, just burping more than passing gas, the passing gas feels much much better than the burping
  11. Tamika James

    Attack of the gas bubbles

    No not at all
  12. Yours is the day before mine. I will check back to see how you are doing
  13. Checking in to see how you feeling now?
  14. Checking in on you. How you feeling?
  15. You're the day before me. Our time is coming up. How are you feeling?
  16. How did your surgery go?
  17. Hey all, my surgery is this upcoming Thursday 3/14
  18. Tamika James

    Improved back pain

    Oh this gives me hope because this lower back pain is killing me. Between the surgery and my new matters mattress I'm hopeful again lol
  19. Tamika James

    Improved back pain

    Did you guys have improved back pain after you had surgery. That's one of the main reasons that I wanted to lose the weight cause my back pain is excruciating
  20. Tamika James

    No scale

    Does anybody else not own a scale lol. If you don't own one how did you keep track of weight loss? By clothes?
  21. My insurance approved me in 1 day. I have pre-op 3/7 and surgery 3/14. First follow up is 4/1.
  22. Tamika James

    Guess who got their surgery date

    thank you so much
  23. Tamika James

    Latinx sleevers I have a question

    I just got my date today for surgery. 3/14
  24. Tamika James

    Facial difference

    How much weight did you guys lose before you started to notice a difference in your face.

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