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    Omg my surgery is tomorrow

    Hey guys I'm back with my day 2 post op. Right out of surgery I was out of it I slept the whole day but I did make sure I walked a little and sip on sum water. I haven't had my full liquids yesterday just water but I will start my full liquid diet today at 8 am. There was no pain It was all gas once you let the gas out your good to go. I did experience nausea twice due to the gas pain but nothing too serious. To everyone going for your surgery soon you'll be okay. My birthday is March 26th hopefully I get to have a little bit of fun [emoji4]. Thanks to everyone for the support. Sent from my moto g power (2022) using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Sleeve surgery March 13th 2023

    Anyone else out there having the procedure 3/13/23? Lucky # 13 😊
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    L. Knight

    Pouch Reset and Mounjaro?

    @Tupelo and @vsgchick I’m curious how is your weight loss going with Mounjaro now that it’s been months
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    Daily chronicles

    Wow I didn't think of those having so much ill definitely need to look into it. This is day 2 of miralax so wish me luck lol. I remember metformin days and I wasn't here for that trauma so I'd like to avoid it at all costs. I wrote all this down and will grab some tomorrow when I go shopping again. Thank you.
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    4 months post op

    My first stall hit at 2 weeks post op and lasted about a month. Stalls are a normal part of the process. If the scale is making you crazy, stay off of it. Follow the plan. Trust the process. You'll be fine. The pattern that my body seems to have settled into is, I lose about 3 pounds. Stall for a couple of weeks. Gain back 2 pounds. And then stall for a week. And then it starts all over again. I'm losing on average of about a pound a week. So the scale is going down, but not without going up first. Your body is going to do what your body is going to do. If you're eating in a calorie deficit, you're going to lose weight.
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    Daily chronicles

    For me, miralax every day until I'm going regularly (I totally keep notes ha) and then I take it every 2-3 days. I was diluting my shakes with Fairlife skim milk, it has 13 g of protein in 8 oz! So once I was tolerating cold liquids better, I'd fill a big insulated cup with a protein drink, 8 oz of Fairlife milk, and 8 oz decaf coffee. That was 43 g protein and 30ish oz of fluid 😁 plus the ice adds a bit more. It took me about 2 or 3 hours to drink that, but it is a bit quicker now. Also love Lonolife powdered bone broth! Especially the chicken and beef. Not sure about the Thai curry flavor. Anyhow, I think they are a tasty and that's 10g protein, and 8-10 oz fluid! Good luck 😃
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    Renee K

    Any April Surgery Dates?

    I’m close! April 18th for me!
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    Hey there, congrats on your 56lb weight loss! I don’t have an auto immune disorder, just wanted to let you know I appreciate how determined you are in the face of such setbacks. It really shows how much you want this for yourself. Best of luck with everything!
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    March 23 buddies yet?

    I've had a suspiciously easy recovery so far. I was approved to go home the same day I had my sleeve surgery, and I only had nausea coming off anesthesia. I had no gas pain, and honestly, I'm doing really good still (10 days post-op today, I've been back at work since Monday). All this being said, I'd prep yourself for everything just in case. I recommend extra comfy clothes, a pillow and blanket for the plane, a good neck pillow, eye mask, etc. Pack some single use alcohol wipes (my nurse opened one for me the one time I felt nauseous, and the scent chased away the nausea fast - great in moments where you can't move fast / aren't near a bathroom). Look into getting a couple LiquaCel packs. They travel good, and they tend to give these to you in the hospital, but you can order them online, too. Invest in some powder/liquid Tylenol. And give yourself extra, extra time. You will be moving slow, and you could hurt yourself going too fast. Give yourself enough time to move as slowly as you want/as possible. ❤️ Good luck!
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    What do YOU order at Starbucks?

    Short (8oz) Chai Tea Latte 120 calories 4 grams of Protein

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