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    Food Before and After Photos

    Y’all DO NOT add kelp noodles into just boiled water with baking soda or you’ll end up with peanut noodle soup. 🤦‍♀️ Lesson learned. At least they were soft…. 🤷‍♀️ Maybe next time I’ll just use really hot tap water. Also, ate 3 bites and was grossed out so had cereal with a protein shake instead.
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    My surgery date is December 5th. I am excited and nervous but so ready for this new way of life. I would love to connect with someone going through surgery the same day or close to it for support 🙂
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    Weight gain

    Thank you. RNY(Gastric bypass Dec.2019. 2 more back surgeries since bypass, limiting me from my normal activities (walking,exercising,daily chores...). Starting at.:265. Lowest wt: 170. Presently hovering between 194/ 198. Had second spinal cord stimulator implanted 8 weeks ago, just received clearance for exercise,.... Very happy and motivated now to get back to more healthy living,habits! Sent from my LM-T600 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Protein Intake

    We have had our tummies made into a small tube. After surgery the tube will be very swollen. It's very difficult to drink for most of us. The sooner you can hit your liquid goals the better you will feel. Just keep drinking and try for more every day. It seems like a day's work to keep on top of it in the beginning but it's worth the effort. Try hot cold and frozen drinks.
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    Dianne Bradshaw

    Protein Intake

    I'm 11 days post op and I'm struggling to get more than 250 calories a day of that I'm getting about 15 grams of protein. At 9 days post op, I was allowed to start a full liquid diet and I finally tried today a teaspoon of mushroom bisque, stayed down but now I'm trying to do a shake and my stomach is just gurgling. My nutrition gave me a recipe for protein Popsicles, so making them now. Has anyone had any problems with liquid intake after surgery.
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    Chronic pain and transfer addiction

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I appreciate it. Money is an issue so options are a bit limited. I've tried physical therapy at 3 different providers but it made things dramatically worse. I've not done the pain management option yet, as I worry about my natural addictive personality taking over, food addiction is part of the reason I was/am overweight. I'm currently looking for a counselor. I'm big on talking though things. Without getting on a soap box, I'm amazed at the expense, how many of the want to bring religion into it (I'm not overly religious) or even politics (their views not mine). I'm going to checkout some of the virtual counselors this week. Basically, I feel like everything that I did and spent on getting thinner and healthier was for nought. Almost like the universe said "Yeah, that's cute, nice try!" and then changed the rules on my. I feel robbed of things. I get it life happens but (as im.sure lots of you can understand) when you spend a lifetime being heavy and working through the ramifications of that, being picked on, not getting jobs, feeling unloved, trying desperately to not call unneeded attention to yourself and you finally find a way to "fit in" it sucks to have a setback. Sent from my SM-G970U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    What am I doing wrong?

    Great. I lost 33# the first month then a stall for 2 weeks now. I now am getting enough energy with soft foods so set up my treadmill. I will rejoin my gymn membership in January. Plan to do some mall browsing to get steps in. Just got my fitbit out. For 5 days the 4th week, no scale movement and then bam 3#. I guess patience, hydrate and protein while getting to enjoy life is key. Scale 2x a week.
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    What am I doing wrong?

    That's how I am. Sometimes we have to remember that slow and steady wins the race. I lost 30 pounds in the first 2 weeks after surgery. Now I am 7 months out, and I lose MAYBE 2 pounds a week. Sometimes 3. And my stalls went from 2 weeks to 3 to 4. Every 6 weeks or so, I hit another one. When It breaks, I drop like 5 or 6 pounds. Then it goes back to inching along until my next stall. It's really frustrating, but what you want to do is focus on your NSV (Non Scale Victories). Does your face look smaller? Are your clothes getting looser? Do your rinds feel bigger? Can you move around better? When the scale isn't doing what we want it to, we have to look to see what our bodies are doing. THAT's where you'll get a more complete picture of what's happening.
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    Regain 4 Years out

    Regain happens! It's good you are addressing it now, and have relatively little weight to lose. I suggest looking into some of the new drugs that are being used off label for weight loss, like Mounjaro and Ozempic Good luck!
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    Pouch Reset and Mounjaro?

    Hormones are the worst. My weight issues began with puberty. I bounced between 60 & 75kgs most of my adult life. When I began peri menopause, I gained weight & hit 75 more quickly then ever before When I began menopause I put on another 16kg even more quickly - felt like overnight - & suddenly I weighed 91kg. Couldn’t shift a gram of it. It’s why I turned to surgery. Interestingly, the 49kg I settled at for a good year after surgery was about what I weighed when I was 12 & puberty hit. Then, in late November last year, my GP upped my HRT dose & yep, weight gain: 2kgs in that first month. I modified my diet as soon as I realised & while I I haven’t gained any more, I haven’t been able to lose those kgs either. I wonder if starting with your hormones & maybe trying to sort those out maybe a better place to start.

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