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    plans are all different. I'd check with your clinic. 1100 is a lot more than I was eating at two weeks out (I was probably about 10 months out when I was eating that much), but some surgeons like to start their patients out at higher calorie levels - so I'd check with him/her. and honestly, very few programs have you track calories the first few months - they're more concerned about meeting protein and water requirements.
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    UTI and antibiotics

    Ypu said your dr retired but is his practice still active. If so, I’m sure they would answer your question.
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    Regrets ?

    No regrets. Eating and drinking (needing to wait) has posed a few challenges, but so far not to the level of regret. I would do it again in a heart beat.
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    How slow do you guys ACTUALLY eat?

    I eat relatively fast. One exception: If it is dense meat, like steak, and especially if I am in a social atmosphere, I slow down and chew really, really, really well. Nothing is worse than not feeling good in a public event.
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    What do you eat at the movies?

    I can eat popcorn - but I'm several years out. Movies are tough, though, because my husband insists on buying it, and most of the time, I can't keep my hands out of it. You'd be surprised how much of the stuff you can put away (probably because most of it is air, which shrinks way down once it hits your stomach). Anyway, this is one reason why I don't go to very many movies (I'll watch them on Netflix or whatever, though) - it's too tempting to eat popcorn when I go to a theater.
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    How slow do you guys ACTUALLY eat?

    I slowed wayyyy down early out, watching the clock between bites and while I chewed, but I never did have any issues from eating too quickly. I am a year and a half out now and I eat pretty fast. My husband is always joking with me that nobody is going to take my food. Lol I do also measure out my food though and my pouch is on the larger side so I don’t really have a chance to overeat. It is really ideal to eat as slow as you can so that your full cues have a chance to warn you before you overeat.
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    high liver enzymes level do seem to be common the first few months after surgery, though...I see postings on that a lot. Mine were as well - then about a year out, they were back to normal. My PCP was freaked out about it, but I did read online that it wasn't that uncommon, and it was due to the rapid weight loss (which is hard on livers). Interesting your surgeon said that, though. EDITED to add: unless he meant it wasn't anything related to the surgery per se, but just rapid weight loss in general? (as in...even if your rapid weight loss wasn't due to surgery?). Not sure. here's an article about temporary spikes in liver enzymes after weight loss: https://www.mdedge.com/endocrinology/article/53013/obesity/liver-enzyme-spike-after-weight-loss-deemed-transient
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    My liver enzymes have been SUPER high since about a month after surgery. No one knows why, I am seeing a Hepatologist to try to figure it out. He is currently monitoring it with regular blood work and then we will go from there. If they are still high at my next blood work, the next step is a liver biopsy. I have been tested for all liver related diseases too, all negative! My surgeon says there is nothing related to surgery that would INCREASE your liver enzymes, if anything they would get better if they were already high. My doctor doesn't have a clue and was the one who referred me to the Hepatologist. The Hepatologist and my PCP both reviewed my past years of blood work and they have never even been slightly elevated. Now both tests are like triple what they should be. Surgery related or coincidence? Who knows!
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    Carbs yes or no

    (Warning: this is long) tldr; for ME, in MAINTENANCE, carbs consumption makes little difference to my weight. K. My NUT didn’t give me a carb goal/limit per se, but did instruct me to aim for my meals to consist of 25% carbs/starches (with another 25% being protein and the remaining 50% to be low-glycemic veggies). With that said, i did my own thing (and told her so): i ended up doing ultra-low carb, i.e., less than 25g NET carbs per day. Got to goal in 7 months, remained carbophobic, lost a few more pounds and basically still went out of my way to avoid them. I wasn’t ultra-low carb as during weight loss phase, but i was still pretty low. Eventually, i started eating more and nowadays (4 years post), i probably eat as much carbs as a “regular” person. I have remained under goal weight this entire time. These are my takeaways of going low-carb (and this is from MY experience, YMMV) 1) weight loss is rapid. but you need to remain low carb for an extended period. If i carb up on a day, the weight loss slows down or pauses. There is a science to this phenomenon regarding ketosis, the explanation of which is beyond the scope of my post (just google it if ur interested). Also want to say that i was also ultra-low calorie so obvs that contributed! 2) there is a period of a few days that, once passed, my cravings for carbohydrates went away. (Which is why once u start, stick to it because u may have to go thu the “white-knuckle” phase again to alleviate urself of the cravings (see note 1 above) 3) now here is the kicker: during MAINTENANCE (i cant say if this applies to weight loss phase because i didn’t try it)…i discovered that, for ME, it does not matter if my 1800 cals average i eat a day consists of 20g of carbs or 200g. My weight stays the same regardless. What does make a difference is CALORIES. So long as my calories stay at around 1800 (however it is comprised) then im good. 4) carb consumption affects my looks. When i low carb, my body is more defined (which i like) and my face more gaunt (which I don’t like). These days my face is lovely (lol), but my body could be better. Mind u i have also been slacking on the exercise front so that is also a factor, but i digress. In any case, the point is i am still basically the same weight as my low-carb maintenance days. And that concludes my dissertation for this evening lol. P.S. I want to point out also that i am NOT insulin-resitant, nor suffer any other medical conditions that affect my weight, nor take any medications that would either. So this may not be everyone’s experience. P.P.S. Sorry this was so long!
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    The Greater Fool

    Regrets ?

    I have a few regrets, none of which have anything to do with my Gastric Bypass. Good luck, Tek

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