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    Sugar substitute

    I’ve used monk fruit for years love it sometimes you can find it at Costco and it’s a great price if you can!
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    December Surgery Buddies

    Hello Bari-Friends! I'm looking for some friends to get through December. I start the liquid diet Dec. 1 for surgery on the 15th. I also have to quarantine, so I'm terrified about adherence to the diet. I'd love to find some like-minded people (no matter when your surgery is) to "meet" with online to share tips, strategies, fun, and progress. My surgery has been delayed repeatedly, most recently because of Covid--twice. Ugh! Now, cold weather and quarantine mean almost nowhere to go and nothing to do. It's unnerving. I'd love to hear from you--drop a line and let's find ways to manage this cold weather, quarantined, Covid, no-food extravaganza and make it fun and exciting! Best to you, LadyVan
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    cheryl o

    Hair Loss

    I had my RYN on Nov 1st, recovered well, and just washed my hair and noticed bunch of hair came out, and i was in disbelief, brushed my hair and a string of hair came out! I cannot believe that i am in hair loss? At 18 days? I am supposed to be on the puree stage, but i like only light and fit greek yogurts by Dannon and chicken broth with carrots. But i do struggle to get in the 80g of protein and water because of the chest pain when drinking/eating as jt passes down. I have to go very slow. Is this "normal" to have hair loss before 3 weeks? Sent from my SM-G973U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Lifestyle Changer

    Rectus Sheath Hematoma

    Hello All! I wanted to let you all know that I was hospitalized Friday 11/12 until late afternoon Saturday 11/13. I ended up in the ER early morning on Friday 11/12 with severe pain. All kinds of tests and a CT scan were done. The test results confirmed I’m diagnosed with Rectus Sheath Hematoma. (Rectus sheath hematomas result from bleeding inside the vascular rectus muscle layer of the abdominal wall.) My doctors say I will be in this pain anywhere from 2 to possibly 4 weeks. Tylenol and Tramadol are the medications to manage pain. I have to wear a binder and use a heating pad to help soothe the pain. Bed rest is all I can do right now. I can’t even stand for know more the 5 minutes at a time. My doctor said it’s a very tough setback and recovery to have rectus sheath hematoma cause of severity of the pain.
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    Tony B - NJ

    Results are in…. APPROVED

    I used Tricare as well. They paid all but 158 dollars! Good luck to you. I am down 64 pounds in just less than 3 months and at my lowest weight in 18 years!
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    December Surgery Buddies

    Scheduled for the sleeve on Dec 22 was put in liquid diet today by Drs MA but the paperwork she sent me says 28 days before surgery which is way out from today. Also I’m to loose 5 pounds a week or 20 pounds loss by surgery date. I’m 216 and 5’7” that seems to me like a lot of weigh to loose in that time but I’m gonna try!
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    Rectus Sheath Hematoma

    I'm so sorry you're going through this! Prayers for a quick and complete recovery.
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    I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea when I had my sleep study required for surgery. The neurologist never called me so I asked by bariatric surgeon about it. She said that it most likely will go away by 6 months post op. She said it wasn't worth going through all the hassle of getting a CPAP machine and the various sleep studies required to have it calibrated for me for such a short time. If it does not go away by 6 mos post op, then she said I should look into CPAP.
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    So... what happens when you stop checking out the forums every day and quit tracking? Well, for me it means weight gain. Hit my low of about 165 and then... well... then, essentially have been on a bender since then. It's been about a month. I know what I have to do, I just have to actually DO IT. I'm up 4lbs and can't seem to shake it. I'm NOT going over 170 again, but I have to find that happy medium between starving myself and gorging myself. My solution: start holding myself accountable. I'm starting over today. Tracking, posting, and weighing daily. For others out there in the same boat, don't give up or give in. Take it one day at a time and don't let setbacks get you down.
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    Anyone with a traveling job?

    I don't travel AT ALL for my job - I'm jelly BTW - but my hubby does. Is there a way that your company can book you into one of those extended stays or something with a kitchenette?

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