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    Dreaded hair loss - question

    We are surgery buddies!! Same here Im 53 Ive had some but I also have thyroid disease so i “shed” a few times a year lol. I take a vitamin 2 x a day just for hair, skin and nails. Im down 51-52 pounds my Surgeons goal was to loose 70. My goal is 80-100 so im close to his expectations. I find that taking that extra vitamin as soon as you can tolerate them is a game changer. My sister had bypass 25 years ago she refuses to take any vitamins. She is nearly bald. I did the sleeve, I took vitamins before surgery so it isnt a nee habit for me just what I take changed. So get a good hair nail and skin vitamin youll be happy you did!!
  2. Oh I am so sorry you are going through this. I did liquid for a month before surgery it isnt easy but it was so worth it. Remember you are going through withdrawals from sugars etc so its going to make you emotional and yes angry. Also you are loosing your coping mechanism. Just know that it is also a good time to start learning self discipline- i know for me my husband enjoyed taking me to dinner and ive inly been out with him 2 times since my surgery in December 1021. Wven though I make the healthiest choice on the menu and only eat a small portion- i usually have enough for 2-3 more meals - i always up gaining or not loosing for a week - probably due to salt. Im going to give some advice I wish I had on the liquid stage - get Nutrition 310 protein powder mix it with unsweeted plant milk - I like Silk Almond milk - it comes in so many flavors that it helps with the cravings and it is so so good. I love the peppermint swirl. But they have a vanilla birthday cake thats so yummy as well. I seriously can live in just this stuff now and when you crave that treat youve got a healthy alternative- its full of vitamins and I feel so good post op since I found it. Like I said, I wish I had found it during my month long liquid hell phase and the 2-3 weeks liquid post op. AMAZING!!!
  3. I had type 2 diabetes on 3 meds off meds since 2 days prior to surgery my fasting blood sugars are around 104 now close to perfect also off cholesterol meds. I was sleeved 12/22/21 down 39 pounds only 40 more pounds to go to reach my surgeons goal I would like to loose another 60 but no meds for this Girl!
  4. huskymama

    My experience… sleeved on 1/22/22

    Dont focus on the stalls. Being almost 7 weeks out I can tell you ill go 3-10 days no weight loss then bam 3-4 days of loss then stall again. My Dr and Nutritionist bot have me weigh and measure once a week. It helps to not weigh daily - advice I also got from many seasoned people here. Focus on eating what you should, drinking fluids, and exercise. It does come off. Mine is slow but ive lost 33 pounds so far and im a month to the day put monger than you.
  5. I had a hard time until i was out of the liquid stage. It was so hard for me because i was in liquid a month before surgery so i missed thanksgiving and had my surgery 12/22/21 I had to stay too because i was also throwing up. I got out Christmas Eve but they didnt want to release me even then until i told the Dr my 2 teenagers where home alone and I didnt want to have them alone on Christmas. But now, 6 + weeks out I am actually really in great spirits and have been since about day 10. I think everyone here are correct that its normal.
  6. huskymama

    Final Choice

    It isnt the surgery that causes her anemia its the malabsorption that you get from the bypass itself. But yes she said she had her tummy opened where i just have the laparoscopic scars. Im so glad they have improved them. But i did get the sleeve i wouldnt have dine the bypass and my GERD is gone since surgery so far.
  7. I read a women was in her early 80s and got it so id try a new dr
  8. huskymama

    My experience… sleeved on 1/22/22

    I was told eat 6 small meals a day. But everyones different The stalls happen more frequently than Id like. Super vixen 116 said it best Protect the pouch!
  9. I was told not to eat any red meat until 6 months out. I miss vegis too I made myself a green smoothie today with baby spinach, baby kale, baby chard, apple, carrot, wild frozen blueberries, and so sugar free body armor tropical coconut - just 1/2 a bottle. Of course protein powder. I made enough i put some away for tomorrow. I feel like my brain doesnt work right since the surgery the past week im hoping this will help
  10. Ok doesn’t look like anyones been here for a bit except me lol. I have a question - I’m down 30 pounds and 29.75 inches. Last week I finally broke a stall and went down 3 pounds. Weird thing is I actually should be down 37 inches but gained inches in my biceps and one thigh - weird I know I think it’s lump fluid because I had the lump nodes removed from that groin as a teenager. I’m 4 weeks one day out. Has anyone else had similar changes in inches? Loosing and regaining? I’m thinking my arms may be muscle because I have been doing some arm weight exercises just 2 pounds. TIA
  11. huskymama

    Post Op Rants!!

    I lost 10 pounds well one then only one pound since and I’ll be 4 weeks out this coming Tuesday. I’ve lost 29 pounds total from liquid to now. My Nutritionist told me I need to push my calories to 1200 a day to start loosing again. I’m walking 3 miles a day now so I’m super frustrated l. I was vegan preop and I was loosing way more than this and I’ve questioned if this was smart or not
  12. Yes I had no idea when I was full until the past two days - I hit 3 weeks yesterday- and to my surprise I start kinda hiccuping but not like normal ones and today I now feel the dreaded pain of I am full that I’ve heard so many others talked about. I am thinking maybe the nerves are finally waking back up? Idk!
  13. I lost really good until week two then nothing for days I’ve only lost just under 2 pounds the past week - was 3 weeks yesterday- but I measure weekly and I lost 8.5 inches so I’m thinking maybe I lost more just not seeing it right now? And I’m week 3 which is the dreaded stall week for most anyway. I see my Nutritionist tomorrow I’m hoping she can give me tips.
  14. huskymama

    How to Break a Stall (Step by Step instructions)

    I stalled week 2 for 5 days finally off it yesterday so these are great and I needed it today! You guys are awesome
  15. If you are having trouble getting back on track I would see a nutritionist they are great help and maybe therapy that can help too
  16. You look amazing!!! I can’t wait to be cleared to work out!!! I’m walking 2 miles a day and just over 2 weeks post op. This was so inspiring thank you for sharing it!!!
  17. I’m so sorry - I’ve heard this is not uncommon. I would seek therapy ASAP to try to work out why your an addict at all. I know we all have childhood trauma and I’ve been work through mine. It isn’t easy but every day is a bit better. The first step is admitting you have an issue - you have already done that so that’s great! I wish you only the best life has to offer you.
  18. 14 days post op today I just can’t believe it has already been 14 days! I finally started loosing again. I did a 4 day stall. My sister had bypass 25 years ago and her daughter did too 5 years ago thank god because even though I had the sleeve I don’t know what I would do without my sisters help and wisdom! I am down 11 pounds since surgery which my sister said is really good especially since I only had 80 to loose preop. I guess I am more impatient than I had ever realized lol I hope everyone’s doing good - feeling way better today but my port site above the belly button still hurts a lot for some reason. - I am going to only weigh in and do measurements on Weds from now on. Btw - I was 41 inches in my waist preop and today I was 35 inches in my waist! I think I’m pretty sure where I lost most the weight from! Have a great week everyone!
  19. I was sleeved 12/22 I’m on purée I drink a protein shake for breakfast and that helps make it to my protein goal. I bought a 64 oz water bottle and fill it every morning I just pour from it into a smaller glass. I’ve been getting in my water most days. Just sip sip sip all day set an alarm if you need to. I was a big water drinker before surgery so maybe it’s easier for me because of this Idk
  20. I just got hives on my side today I ate eggs for the first time since the sleeve. I had an issue with them all my life and milk but never hives so I assume it’s the eggs
  21. Sleeved on the 22nd and I can easily take in 64 ounces and have been a few days now. I was given the green to start puréed today and enjoyed some tomato soup. I tried some blended peas - ok - I think I’ll just stick to what’s working for a day or so. I did get some vitamin water and it made me feel way way better. I still start my morning off with a protein shake and end it with one but wow it is nice to have something yummy!
  22. huskymama

    Average calories

    If you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited there are a bunch of bariatric cookbooks you can read for free! My program says by week 3 I am to shoot for 1200 calories a day, 60 grams protein
  23. Post op day 5 and today was a better day so far than all the days before! I am on clears still but can hold 3 ounces at a time sipping sipping. I hit my 64 ounce goal easily today and I can’t tell you how much better I feel adding salt free low fat chicken broth in today. Hope everyone is doing great!
  24. Heading to the hospital at 5 AM tomorrow for my Sleeve - a bit nervous the preop nurse said since I am allergic to all pain meds they aren’t sure what they will give me. Bringing liquid Tylenol just to be safe! Here we go December surgery family!
  25. huskymama

    Smoking pot post-rny

    Oh I love that! Same with me I was raw vegan the past year and loosing a feeling great I even became a cherries vegan nutritionist then my mother had a bunch of health problems and starting in June of this year I was back and forth to Missouri to help her. I got Covid late July - even though I was vaccinated and ended in pneumonia. My goal in January was loose my weight by the end of the year or get the sleeve. Life happened and kicked my butt this year so 3 months ago I called a bariatric surgeon and I got in this Weds for the sleeve. But I get the focusing on the mind I feel being a raw vegan put me vibrationally and spiritually in a different vibration and I have been working with a therapist to work through my eating disorders and issues with my mother. I feel this step is the next step but you are so right it is so important to focus on getting your mind in the right place. Sounds to me like you are really heading in the right direction! Next year is going to be such an amazing year! I can’t wait and am really looking forward to the next phase in my journey!!!

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