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    Keto/Low Carb

    I don't think it makes a difference, in the end so long as you have a calorie deficit, you will lose weight. Though it *may* take a little longer this far out. In maintenance, I had a couple times when I gained like 5-6 lbs after a period of eating too much or a period of decreased activity. The first time this happened was maybe 11 mnths post op and it took me a week to lose it. The last time it happened, it took me almost 2 months (at almost 2 yrs post op). It was much easier to go low cal before than it is now, probably cuz I'm used to eating more now? Anyhoo, its not impossible, Keto/low carb or not. Good Luck!
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    Painful when I drink 3 days post op

    Yessss , I hope it stops hurting soon , its so depressing
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    Eating But Not Satisfied

    It’s been ongoing for quite a while, getting the full stomach sensation, yet my hunger has not caught up, getting that uncomfortable blotted feeling, it take a while to get the head fixed, after the stomach is fixed, a work in progress, this support group has opened to me that it’s another eating disorder that I have to address……Si
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    Painful when I drink 3 days post op

    Try warm liquids. I found them more soothing then cool or cold. I had a lot of swelling post surgery & consequently had lots of issues swallowing too but it did improve each day & by about day 5/6 I was ok & could even swallow my multivitamins without gagging or experiencing discomfort.
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    Had mine yesterday!

    Congratulations! It exciting to know that it is done now. I'm a few days ahead of you in recovery. I hope you're healing well.
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    PS overwhelm

    Dr. Cardenas is an excellent plastic surgeon and is quite well known in the bariatric community. Lots of bariatric patients have had her do their plastic surgery. That price for the two body surgeries is much lower than what I paid in Chicago. The facelift piece isn't any cheaper than what you'd pay stateside, though (although maybe less than California prices - I'm not sure). I actually went to a someone who specializes in facial plastic surgery for my face, though (for the body ones I went to someone who specializes in body contouring for massive weight loss patients) Dr. Francisco Sauceda in Monterrey also specializes in massive weight loss patients and a lot of us have used him. I don't know how his pricing is now - when I got an email quote from him, it was very reasonable (I think $16K for all the body stuff (I didn't ask about a facelift)) - but that was four or five years ago)
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    3 weeks Post Op and so sick

    I am so sorry you're going through this. I really hope the hospital has consulted with your surgeon and they are working together to find a solution for you. Do you have anyone there who can be an advocate for you? Not only are you likely dealing with discrimination due to your body size, but also medical racism. I really hope your healthcare team is listening to you and doing everything they can.
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    Calories per day?

    Thank u ill be sure to ask because I don't wanna muck anything up Sent from my SM-G998B using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Having a hard day today...

    Hey everyone. Doing so much better these days. Actually had to go onto the pill to help my hormones level out. Only temp though.. really until I lose the majority of my weight. 43lbs down now and feeling good. Hope you all are doing ok too. Hang in there!
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    8 days out and all I want to do is suck on one Doritos😩

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