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    What was your tipping point?

    I have so many tipping points! as I know many of us probably have, its hard to chose like one particular thing bc just being obese is a reason bc it is linked to so many issues, not just physically but mentally. being obese messes with your state of mind, I think just being obese stops you from being who you trully are meant to be. its stops you from many things that an otherwise healthy or not obese person would do, bc they would not have the same issues that me with my experience with being obese does. I dont like to make obesity into a negative thing, bc there are plenty of obese people that are comfortable in their bodies, but I was not one of them. it really did hinder me from enjoying or doing things and I knew it was only a matter of time that I got a more serious condition that would only further my inability to enjoy life. I wanted a more healthier quality of living. so atleast I can live and be more normal and be a part of society and be comfortable in my own body.
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    My journey and NSVs

    I am 11 months post op gastric sleeve. My highest weight ever was reached in June of 2019 and I was horrified to weigh in at 502 lbs! I didn't believe it and requested the doctor to re-weigh me. That was my first wake-up call. I was suffering from very high blood pressure, debilitating back pain/spasms, knee pain and damage, sciatica, and sleep apnea. I started doing keto and got down to 415lbs. During COVID quarantine, I gained back up to about 459lbs. In July of 2020, I finally decided to take back my life and financed a vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery (out of pocket, since insurance would not cover it). As of yesterday, I'm down to 275 lbs. I have gone from a 6xl shirt to a 2xl. From size 62 pants, to a size 44. I still struggle to see myself as anything but fat from time to time, but it's the Non-Scale Victories (NSVs) that keep me going! My only regret is not doing this sooner. Sometimes I wish I could go back and re-do certain life experiences without the extreme morbid obesity. Here's my running list: - I’m off of all medications (including 2 BP meds). - No more seat belt extension on airplanes - Seats with arm rests are no problem. - Restaurant booths are now no problem - I can fit in an MRI machine (if needed). - I can now walk ANYWHERE without debilitating back pain. - The car steering wheel no longer rubs my stomach. - I can shop in most “regular” stores for clothes. - I no longer worry about a seat being able to hold me (those plastic white ones at weddings are even ok now). - I can use my own step ladder to do things around the house like change a light bulb. - I can sit with my legs crossed. - I can now get down on the floor. - My “love life” has drastically changed/Improved. - too many to list! Notice there is a lot of use of the word “CAN” here? All in less than a year. The little black battery operated box on the floor cannot control me any longer! Yea, it’s still important. But weight is no longer the defining characteristic of my life. Sleeved 7/23/20. HW 502, SW 459, CW 275, GW healthy
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    I am pre-op but got these to start getting into the habit of taking them and I absolutely can't stand them. I tried for several weeks and it got so bad I started gagging every time I took one. I just ordered a bag of the Bariatric Fusion soft chews to try, and I requested a free sample pack from ProCare. Hopefully, I'll find one I can stomach, but I don't blame you one dang bit for wanting to pitch the the BF chewable ones, they are awful! Other folks have also had success with the patches, but the research on absorbency is a little sketchy. Its hard to know how well they actually work, but definitely worth a shot!
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    Was this a mistake?

    As some others have said, if you're still having surgical pain, you should probably contact your doctor. We're all different, but for most, the surgical pain goes away pretty quickly (I never had to take a pain pill after leaving the hospital). With regards to eating and drinking - Yeah, the liquid phase seems like it's MONTHS and at first you feel like you'll never be able to eat/drink normally again. Part of that is true...you'll never be able to eat the portions you once could. We're all different, but after a few months, there are very few things that I couldn't eat or drink. After about a month, I was able to swallow fairly large gulps and can finish a bottle of water in <5 minutes if I'm really thirsty without any pain or discomfort. A few words of advice - When you do start eating purees and then solids - Go slowly - If you eat too fast, it can be miserable. You're probably going to do it.... seems like we all do... If you eat something that doesn't settle well with you, hang in there and try it again in a few weeks.
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    Was this a mistake?

    Sugar free popsicles, teas, and swansons sipping bone broth were lifesavers for me during the liquid stage. Take your pain and nausea meds (or a Tylenol if allowed by your Dr). I went thru the same thoughts. I missed eating with my family. I was so desperate, I chewed a piece of popcorn and spat it out. It was good but then I laughed at myself and said I was stronger than that. My body never liked whey proteins preop and post op I throw it up or get major bloat when I drink it (I’ve tried several). Now that I’m in the soft food stage, I’m eating my proteins instead of drinking them. I’m able to eat about 60g right now and will work up to 80-100g. It gets better. You can do 2 weeks of liquid! You got this! if you can handle protein shakes, premier has a cafe late that’s delicious. You can mix it with the salted caramel from fairlife, add ice, and it’s a Starbucks! 😉
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    July Surgeries??

    July 1st! 10 days post op
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    May Surgeries - check in!

    No calorie goals were outlined for me in my program until I got to the regular food stage. Then my binder info says to keep my calories UNDER 1,000 a day UNTIL I reach my goal weight. I told the dietician last week that I get around 600-800 a day depending on what I'm eating. She said that was fine and as time goes on I will reach closer to the 1,000 limit. So based on what she told me, sounds like you're plan is similar to mine and you're doing the right thing. Everyone's plan is different.
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    What was your tipping point?

    My tipping point was when my weight reached 100 lbs more than when I was 18, and a BMI of 40. Years of constant dieting only caused me to continually gain weight. I was ready to give up and try to be happy with the way I was, it didn’t work, and when I had trouble bending over and getting out of breath going upstairs I knew I needed to do something that was permanent. I had my surgery on 6/28 and am doing great. I wish I hadn’t waited so long.
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    What was your tipping point?

    One of my tipping points was seeing on my medical charts. Morbid Obesity, what a horrible diagnosis to see. The second was finding out I was going to be a grandma for the first time that we thought would never happen. So happy. Post op 9 weeks now and doing great. So grateful
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    What was your tipping point?

    I had multiple food allergies as an infant and toddler and became a chubby kid with a mom that restricted my eating. At age 7 my mother committed suicide and I began stealing candy from the local drug store. I hated vegetables, loved carbs, cheese and fried foods. I was alternatively rewarded and cajoled for my eating. I managed my weight in early adulthood by doing 500 calorie a day diets and staying active. I gained 80lbs with each of my pregnancies, and stopped nursing my second child early so I could do a calorie restrictive diet. I got down to almost normal weight, then started gaining, weighing 280 lbs in my mid thirties. I divorced my husband, lost some weight, started working out. Decided I'd just get comfortable being 50-60lbs overweight and was for fifteen years. By the time I hit my 50's I was steadily gaining, then losing (no carb diets, doctor supervised diets, calorie restricted diets, personal growth programs - because certainly there was something wrong about me that I could fix!) I was depressed, borderline diabetic and took meds for blood pressure, thyroid disease, fibromyalgia, PPI for reflux and used a CPAP. I gained an additional 40lbs during the pandemic because I literally decided I would eat anything I wanted - and I did. Shortly after the first of this year, I realized I was constantly thinking about dying. The only future I saw was of my continual decline. I could see no way to interrupt the path of my life. Then, I saw a post of an acquaintance on Facebook who had VSG four years ago. She looked fabulous and seemed so happy. I contacted her and we met for lunch. I began to consider surgery and started doing my homework on it. When my insurance turned me down, I again reached out to my friend who had gone to Mexico to have hers. She offered to accompany me if I decided to do it. I discussed it with my kids. I met with my doctors and told them what I was thinking. They all supported the surgery, although one was concerned about me traveling for it. I researched the surgeon, found Bariatricpal.com and read some of your stories. I journaled and wrote about my big why, and I began to have hope for my future. I started to imagine my life without the shame and fear around eating and food. I called everyone I knew who'd had bariatric surgery and asked them about their experiences. Finally, I called my Facebook friend back and told her I was committed. I paid my deposit, scheduled the surgery and I haven't looked back once.

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