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    Surgery done June 8

    Hi everyone! Made it to the other side of this interesting journey! Just want to share a couple things for others waiting on surgeries! I have had an easier time so far then most which I am so thankful for. I’m basically pain free other then discomfort internally, but can’t even really call it pain. Walk as soon as you can in the hospital. It really helps. Drink super slow out of little 15ml medicine cups. Listen to your body and what it needs ( liquids, rest, walking etc.) In the hospital I felt bad because I could hear others struggling really bad! I was worried that it was just a matter of time before I had their issues, but luckily I didn’t. I’m still very early post op and I except issues will come up. I keep asking myself “what the heck did I just do” kinda like a shock that I did this, but I always come back to the realization that I just saved my own life! The surgery is well worth it and necessary, but do not underestimate it because the struggle is real! Please reach out if any one has an questions! Good luck to everyone waiting for surgery and those that have already had it!
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    Breaking the stall

    As of last Tuesday, I was in a 2 week stall. Even knowing it was normal and inevitable, it felt terrible. I let myself feel down for a day and then I increased my protein intake and started resistance band training (I was exactly 8 weeks out). I also incorporated more potassium rich food to combat sodium bloat. Today I went in for my 2 month follow up and I’m down 12 pounds from last Tuesday, 32 since surgery, and 45 from my starting weight. I’m sure the stall would’ve broken on it’s own but I feel good about the adjustments and I’m enjoying short resistance workouts. Hoping anyone else in a stall right now feels hopeful after reading this!
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    I asked a lot of stuff that was pretty much answered in the videos I had to watch (and take tests on) afterwards and in the binder that was sent to me. But these are some of the things I asked (some may seem silly but it was all new to me lol)............. Various types of surgery? Which is best for me? How long does it take? How many days in hospital? How many holes in stomach? Medication after surgery? How many have you performed? Mortality rate? What tests need to be done prior? What makes the surgery work when dieting and exercise never has? Will it fix my PCOS and Insulin Resistance? Does insurance cover all the pre-testing as well as the surgery? Time line of stuff to be done until we get to surgery? What does my Insurance require? Recovery questions: How worried do I need to be about the insides coming undone? Do the staples inside the stomach stay forever or does the stomach sort of mend itself together? OK to get future MRI w/staples (if they remain in the stomach)? How often do I need to worry about getting up and walking as to avoid blood clots? How long after surgery before you can exercise w/bike, swimming, weights, etc.? Hair loss? Will I continue taking my medication as usual? What pain meds, tylenol, etc can I take afterwards? How long after until you can have sex? Post Op What would be my goal weight? I am personally comfortable with ..... (I gave 180). How long will digestion take/how long does it take food to empty from stomach afterwards? What will my stomach capacity be short and long term? Supplements for life? Alcohol use after? Fears Fear of death. Fear of losing too much/looking older. Fear of problems down the road. Right now carbs and sugar stop me from losing weight and whenever I try lose I always know to avoid those foods. Once I have the surgery, will I be able to eat foods that I currently stay away from such as whole wheat, oatmeal, fruits, certain rice, beans, etc. Things that are normally a part of any other persons normal, healthy diet?
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    Should I feel different

    I didn’t feel any different and didn’t really even feel restriction until I got to soft foods. It’s not uncommon to sorta feel like now what. According to the nurse practitioner Some people even have a sort of post partum depression after doing all we go through before the surgery and you wake up afterwards and feel pretty much the same.
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    Congratulations 🍾
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    My binder says........... "Caffeinated drinks are gastric irritants and are dehydrating. Caffeine should not be consumed unless and until you are achieving your fluid goals. Limit postoperative caffeine intake to 8oz a day."
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    I am having Dr Thompson do my surgery! I have talked with him and he is a very nice guy. I also talked with Dr Bennett in Monday. Such a well Knowledged staff. Dr. Thompson was one of the doctors that helped with the designing of the new stapler that they’re going to use for gastric sleeve.It will be coming out this fall. He told me that I will be one of the first few patients to have it used on them. As my paper work was just Submitted yesterday. After talking with him I feel completely confident in UC health and their staff.
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    Extremely strict post op diet

    Mine is exactly the same as yours, I'll be 4 weeks post-op this coming Friday...I can't wait for purees [emoji23] Sent from my SM-N986U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    8 year Post-Op Success Pics

    In the first pic, I’m the one on the right side of the photo. I was already a mother of 4 wonderful kids, but I was miserable & very unhappy with my weight. I was insecure and embarrassed at how far I had met myself go. So, I started doing 5k runs to help myself lose weight. Being active was never a problem. I was disciplined enough to get out on a track, do step aerobics, or walk/run some bleachers. However, it was my relationship with food that was the problem. When I started my journey to get the sleeve, my surgeon said something that stayed with me: “The sleeve will guarantee weight loss in your first year out, but YOU have to utilize that time to CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE in order to maintain that weight loss.” Folks...that is EXACTLY what I did. I changed my eating habits. The sleeve forced my hand with QUANTITY, but I learned about QUALITY nutrition for my body. I completely changed my dietary habits! I got rid of all my trigger foods (and believe me that most of them are sliders!) and filled my fridge & pantry with lean meats, veggies, fresh fruits, complex carbs. And as the weight came off, I started lifting weights (heavy weights) to totally recomp my figure. And as the years went by and my stomach stretched and the quantity of food I was able to consume increased, I learned to time my meals and seek out fulfilling recipes that were also satisfying. Foods like: zucchini noodles with chicken & Alfredo sauce; zucchini noodles with spaghetti sauce & turkey meat; turkey patties topped with gravy & mushrooms and a side of green beans; turkey chili topped with cheese and a small bag of Fritos; pancakes/waffles made from oats, banana, eggs, olive oil, cinnamon(add I add protein powder as an option, and a sugar free seasoning call Honey Butter & Cinnamon by Icon); I use sugar free syrups (like Walden Farms) and marinades (like G. Hughes); seasonings that are low in sodium & sugar free (Icon). Folks! Life changing!!! I’m so much happier! I feel strong, confident, and in control! I’m in a better place mentally, and because of that, I’m a much better parent to my kids!
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    Unsupportive Boyfriend

    His comments make me very, very concerned that you are in an emotionally abusive relationship. You have been reasonable and talked things through. He has had a chance to "get it" and he's not taking it. Please, for the sake of your own healthy future (both physically and mentally), be careful. If you don't feel like you can leave, at least get into counseling with someone who can help you sort through your feelings and support the positive decisions you can make. I recently ended a 25 year marriage that included (mild) physical, verbal, emotional, and financial abuse. Life is sooo much better. Even the hard parts like the basement flooding are easier without having to work around him and be criticized the whole time. If you decide to leave, I promise, there will continue to be life, joy, and happiness afterwards. Good luck! Sent from my SM-G950U1 using BariatricPal mobile app

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