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    What would disqualify me in a Psych exam?

    Mine was really unhelpful in the sense that it was mostly just answering questions about stress on a scale system, etc. She didn’t really impress me as someone who had a lot to offer me so far as counseling and advice. I’m gonna be honest, it was clear that she was just trying to make sure that I had a home environment that wouldn’t undermine my success, that I wasn’t mentally ill to the point that I would be a surgical risk, and that I understood the surgery/had reasonable goals and expectations so I tailored my answers to that. I had my psych exam in the middle of covid however during one of the most stressful times personally and professionally and no way in heck was I going to start discussing that with someone who I didn’t even know when my end goal was just to check off this requirement for my insurance. At some point I want to potentially meet with someone to discuss my issues with food, family, etc but I’ll do that with someone of my own choosing at a time of my choosing. My goal was to get cleared for surgery so that is what I did.
  2. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Weighing the risks vs success

    I actually put off surgery at first because I was so afraid of complications. I ended up going ahead this time because I was insured for bariatric coverage and I knew at least that protected me financially. I remember looking at myself in the mirror after I had my surgery date scheduled and being like “what the heck are you doing”. But I went forward and I’m glad every day I did. For me it was reminding myself that risks aren’t only present with action, but also inaction. Sometimes we assume that we are safe if we stick with the status quo but there are medical risks with staying overweight as well. They may not be as obvious as surgical risks but they exist nonetheless.
  3. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Weirdest None-Scale-Victory - I'll go first

    It’s odd how bodies change- when I got engaged 13 years ago I was about 30 lbs less than I am now and I remember my engagement ring being on the verge of being tight. Now it is the exact right size. Maybe my fingers are getting bonier as I age. I’m hoping they just stay the same size though because I also have a multiple tone wedding ring that can’t be resized and I love it Also, leave the fat on my fingers alone body, you have a veritable buffet of fat left on the stomach. Or the hips. Or thighs. I have a laundry list and the last place I’m interested in is hands at this point.
  4. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Insurance Pre-authorization

    It took my doctors office like 10 days to send it in and then my insurance responded in less than 24 hours. I work in healthcare so I understand that I’m not the only patient but still I was restraining myself from calling and being like SUBMIT IT!!
  5. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Potential Gastric Sleeve Poll

    My final straw was realizing that I just kept gaining and gaining and I was too fat to enjoy my life. I couldn’t play with my kids, I was afraid to meet new people and see that look of judgement. I was exhausted and felt like I was moving a mountain every move I made. I was always worried about not fitting in chairs, I wouldn’t be able to fly in a plane, walk a mile, forget it. I felt trapped in a prison that i had made myself. If you’re happy where you are, this surgery might not be for you. I wasn’t happy and I was getting more miserable every year.
  6. blackcatsandbaddecisions


    Very much agree- I did weight watchers about 15 years ago and they were huge on “NOTHING is forbidden, if you ever forbid yourself something then that causes binging!” Trying to tell myself that I should be able to deal with sugar and snack food in moderation and keeping it in the house led me to weighing 340 lbs. If it’s there I eat it!
  7. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Lying about not getting surgery is awful

    Well dang I don’t remember signing on to become a lifelong bariatric surgery counselor when I got surgery. I’m a private person and I don’t discuss my medical issues with people I’m not very close with. There’s a huge difference between me just living my life and not sharing my personal medical information and someone positioning themselves as a weight loss expert/influencer and not disclosing it. I’ve had some comments on how great my skin looks at my age as well, and for some people I offer a thanks, and for others I offer information on my Botox provider. It’s almost like I’m an adult who doesn’t owe every human I meet my life story. Do you think I should put a sign on my door that outlines my various surgeries and medical procedures on the off chance it influences someone? Oh maybe I should also list any marital/child rearing difficulties I’ve ever had and information on my bowel habits too. Or do I maybe have the right to decide who I share what information with? Let people live their lives and worry about yourself and your own decisions.
  8. blackcatsandbaddecisions


    My stomach has been pretty happy with everything I’ve thrown at it, but I’ve categorized some things as “not for me anymore”. I know this isn’t popular and everything in moderation seems more sustainable but i also recognize that there are a few foods I can’t control myself with once I start. For me that’s candy and chips/popcorn. I know from past experience I can’t have it in the house and if I start with it I will eat too much. I also recognize that I’m the daughter of alcoholics and that I have addictive tendencies. Try to think about if you are able to eat well in moderation or if you have some trigger foods that might not be able to be incorporated into your long term diet. Fast food and cookies might be something that won’t work for you.
  9. blackcatsandbaddecisions


    I’ve taken the pro care- no nausea, no problems, labs came back great. I’m currently taking the BariatricPal brand one a day capsule (got them on a sale) and they work fine too.
  10. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Potential Gastric Sleeve Poll

    I started out with a 49 BMI, and I got the sleeve. I’m six months out and I just hit a BMI of 29. No complications whatsoever, but I also was very healthy prior to surgery. My only comorbidity was being super obese. I love that I feel the “same” for lack of a better description. I still have the cast iron stomach I used to have (just a lot less of it) and basically the only change has been my hunger doesn’t control my life anymore. Part of my reason for picking the sleeve was that I wanted the surgery with fewer long term complications- if something was going to happen I wanted it to happen right away so I wouldn’t worry about it. With that said, complications in either surgery are very low. I don’t think either one is the wrong choice. If I had it to do over again I wouldn’t change a thing.
  11. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    MyFitnessPal vs. Baritastic

    Totally agree on the front end looking better- I love seeing the little ring moving toward completion. I feel it’s very “goal focused”. MFP and the “feed” is pretty much just ads for me. Maybe it’s different if you have friends. 😬
  12. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Discuss: childhood dieting & related trauma

    It’s kind of wild, to be honest. Some things are actually kind of funny. He was telling a story about a dentist they used back in their hometown. He was talking about how expensive he was, then he was talking about how he was having an affair with his hygienist, then he decides to announce how the whole town knew he was a “coke head” and he came in on the weekend once to fix my moms broken tooth “high as a kite on cocaine”. I was just sitting there like...why did you lead this story with the expensive part??
  13. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Discuss: childhood dieting & related trauma

    I’ve really been thinking about this recently. I love my parents and I think they did they best job they knew how to, and in many ways they gave my siblings and I an amazing upbringing. But there was always an undercurrent of weight shaming from my dad toward my sister and I. He has always brought up how we need to lose weight, and how concerned he is for our health. I’ve always been a bit resentful because growing up there was kind of a free for all on food- many nights we were left to figure out meals for ourselves. There was always plenty of food, but I didn’t know how to cook so I would eat graham crackers and saltines with a can of coke. But still there were endless comments about our weight. I frequently rebelled- I didn’t care about losing weight, I cut my hair short because my dad had forbidden us to get haircuts because girls should have long hair, I made sure to get a B so I wasn’t a valedictorian, etc. I lost weight years ago and got to a healthy weight. My parents were thrilled, but I couldn’t maintain it and the weight piled back on. My dad was vocal in his disappointment. I’ve been moderately successful in other areas of my life- I have a masters degree and a good career, a husband and two children, a house, etc, but I know my weight has always been the forefront of his mind. Both of my parents have moderate dementia now- they know who I am but the cognitive decline is apparent. I visit weekly to meet with their caregivers and fill pill cases. My dad has routinely made negative comments about my weight, and then when I started losing weight it was always “keep it up, don’t stop!” It bothered me that he could forget so much and still remember everything related to my weight. The other week we stopped wearing masks because we were all fully vaccinated. My dad commented my face looked different, and that it looked good now. I joked with him that you’re not supposed to say that, you’re supposed to say that I looked good then and I look good now. He looked shocked and said “you didn’t look good then!” I know part of it is because the dementia is causing him to just say whatever he is thinking, but it still kind of hurt. I know I look better now, but I kind of wish he thought I still had value and looked good when I was 130 lbs heavier. I’ve had to come to terms with knowing that losing weight has to be for me, now. I need to stop having a pleasing my parents/rebelling against my parents mindset. It isn’t “giving in” to be a healthy weight (or to have long hair for that matter) it’s me living my life as an adult.
  14. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Insurance Through Postop

    Six months down! I’m weighing in today at 209.2, so I lost 8.6 lbs last month. Slowing down a bit, but that’s to be expected. Overall I’m 129.8 lbs down. I’m halfway through a couch to 5k app. It feels great and kind of weird to be running. Like it seems almost impossible that someone of my size can run- then I remember I’m only 9 lbs from being overweight. It’s hard to remember my actual size a lot of the time. I love how I’m starting to look, and I can’t get over how amazing it feels to run up a staircase that before I had to slowly walk up feeling my knees ache with every step. I’m happy every single day that I had this surgery. Some of my “new” clothes are starting to be too big. Yes, I knew I shouldn’t buy so much but oh well, that’s what Poshmark is for. This month I want to finish the C25K app and run for 30 minutes straight...the thought is crazy but I’m excited by the possibility. I want to lose 9.4 lbs....which would put me in onederland! It would also move me into being overweight...luckily everyone here understands how exciting being overweight would be. Crazy to think that six months ago today I was being dropped off at the hospital by my husband. I was so nervous and excited but also certain I was making the right choice. And I was!
  15. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    MyFitnessPal vs. Baritastic

    I use Baritastic and MFP, but I’m only still using MFP because I have a decades worth of weight tracking on there Baritastic is nice because it tracks protein first, as well as carbs. It also doesn’t give you endless warnings about how you’re eating so few calories. I also like Baritastic for the weight tracking- it breaks the goal up into little chunks so I always feel like I’m making progress, even though I started out almost 200 lbs above my end goal. Basically I’d use both for a while and see which one works better for you.
  16. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Surgery Scheduled and Telling No One

    I think the most telling thing about this is that with some people getting this surgery it truly is a matter of life and death, and for a lot of other people it’s a matter of them being miserable and suffering without the surgery...and their friends and family are still against it. The one singular person I told has been generally positive about it but has for sure told me that she doesn’t want to get the surgery (wasn’t implying she should, but ok) and has made random comments about people she knows who got surgery and regained/didn’t lose. Helpful!
  17. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Surgery Scheduled and Telling No One

    So true- I was joking with my husband last night that everyone wants a fat person to lose weight until they actually do it, then they’re angry because we upset the status quo. I’ve noticed that when I’d lost 75 lbs the comments were all generally positive, but as I am now 130+ down some of those same people are still commenting but the comments are clearing becoming more defensive and less cheerful. I know, it’s terrible that I can’t fill the place in your life of “fat person I can judge and compare myself favorably to”. This is a main reason I’m keeping the surgery quiet, because trust me as people become more defensive of your weight loss they would love to have “ammunition” to judge and ridicule you in order to bolster their own ego.
  18. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    One glass of wine....

    I had a small glass of wine starting at like 4 months postop. I didn’t really want any before that. My plan calls for not drinking during the weight loss phase, but my weight loss phase is going to last for a while since I have so much to lose so I felt like it was ok to introduce. It went fine, I have one every month or so now. Long term with the surgery I’m not going to be a teetotaler for life, so I’m trying to build reasonable habits.
  19. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Insurance Through Postop

    My weight loss surgery story actually started back in early 2019, but I chickened out before my first appointment because I was worried that I would have postop complications and the cost would go beyond the base rate. I gave up on the idea of weight loss surgery at that time, and decided that I would do it on my own. I think everybody here knows how well that went. At the end of the year I found out my husband‘s job would be ending, and we took that as an opportunity to try to find a job where he would have insurance that I could go on that would cover weight loss surgery. He got a job that covered it, and I joined his insurance plan, and within the month I was set up with my first appointment. my first appointment ended up being converted to telemedicine because of Covid, but that actually worked out great for me because my doctors office is two hours away. We had a six month waiting period, and for the first two months I will be honest I was working from home in quarantine, and I made absolutely no effort to lose weight and I did not make any progress. My third appointment was going to an in person appointment and the Bariatric class, and I was terrified that I would be up in weight and be disqualified. So for 2 weeks prior to that I went on a low carb low calorie diet. And I don’t know if it was me telling myself it was temporary or the realization that the surgery was coming helped, but I just kept extending and extending the date on my low carb diet. I ended up losing 48 lbs before the liquid diet which was greatly needed because I started at 339, and my surgery weight was 282. I’m 5’10 and my goal weight is 165. The liquid diet was no big deal, maybe because my diet was already very low calorie. I think I ended up losing about 8 pounds or so on it. It was a full liquid diet, and I did not vary from the diet at all. I want this to be the part of my life where I’m not constantly having a “little extra” or “just this bite” and I figured it would be a good test of willpower. surgery was a bit rough. I was in a fair amount of pain when I woke up, and I felt very nauseous. I could definitely feel my stomach, and it did not feel good. I wasn’t able to keep any Water down, and the pain meds made me very sick. I ended up throwing up the small amount of water I’d drank snd the pain meds up all over myself the first night. But the next day was a tiny bit better, and it got better every day until day 4 I felt great. I ended up being able to drink water totally fine, no problem with Protein or anything. I think my surgeon is a bit old school because I have a 4 week post op liquid diet too. No mush or purée stage here. I’m currently finishing up week 2 of the post op liquid diet, and like the preop diet I’m not going to cheat or go off plan. It was a long road to get here and I am going to do everything in my power to make this work. So far I am down about 10 lbs post surgery, so I don’t think I’m going to get the dramatic 30 lbs weight loss in the first month or anything but that’s fine. I’m down close to 70 lbs from my high weight, and it feels great. I’ll try to follow up every month or so with progress. HW:339 SW: 282 CW:271 GW: 165
  20. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Weirdest None-Scale-Victory - I'll go first

    The ring size thing is crazy. I’m back in my wedding ring set that I haven’t worn in a decade now. It is an amazing feeling, I always felt so terrible that I had this beautiful and sentimental set of rings that I barely got to wear because I gained weight so quickly and couldn’t fit into them anymore. I’m so glad I was too lazy and stubborn to get them resized because they fit perfectly again. It’s like a little victory every time I look down and see them on my hand.
  21. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Walking shoes recommendations

    I cannot get enough of my Ryka slip on sneakers. I run in them, go hiking in them, and my feet never hurt. Low cost and comfortable.
  22. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Taking Charge! C25K day 1!

    I’m halfway through my C25K app as of this week. I only check like every run session to make sure the app is going and it’s not time to walk yet.
  23. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Music Playlist for Walking/Exercise

    I alternate between rowing and treadmill and I watch HGTV on my discovery plus app on my phone. I find nothing occupies my mind quite like judging home decor.
  24. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    LAZY GIRL vitamin supplement?

    I just take my vitamins in the evening- bariatric multivitamin capsule with iron, b vitamin comped, vitamin d. I throw back the handful of 3 pills and I’m good. My labs have been awesome so far and my doctor is happy with this. I have the sleeve however, and I get a ton of milk products plus I eat fruit and vegetables daily so your mileage may vary.
  25. blackcatsandbaddecisions


    Nonfat latte, and the egg white bites if I’m getting food. Hot latte, iced latte, doesn’t matter. This has been my drink for decades.