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  1. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Has anyone had the Beltline Procedure?

    I am looking into this as well as my second plastic surgery, but more of a finish since I had a fleur de lis tummy tuck already. Love the results of that, but where it stops on my hips I have sagging hips and we won’t talk about the backside..😅 I am thinking of combining with a thigh lift as well. Let me know if you end up doing this surgery, because I’m interested!
  2. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    No medical support

    I am sorry with the doctors…incredibly frustrating. Some doctors don’t agree with this kind of surgery and get a complex over it. For trying to keep up with hydration I recommend trying a variety of beverages. I found water on its own difficult but warmer beverages were easier at first. Tea, steamed milk, etc. I also found I had to basically take a sip, burp, take a sip, burp. It gets better, I promise!
  3. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Kitchen tools

    My most used item was a small handheld strainer. I strained soups for weeks for every dinner. I think it cost me like $2.
  4. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    how did you create a goal weight?

    Yeah I picked a weight that I had been once-briefly- and was within a healthy weight range for me. I figured a stretch goal was fine. I ended up reaching the goal and am actually hovering about 8 lbs below it right now. All the calculators said there was basically no chance of me seeing a weight below 200 as well, and I am in the 150s. Forget the calculators and pick the weight you want to see.
  5. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Experience with transfer addiction

    I also have family members with alcohol dependence, so I keep a very close eye on my alcohol intake. That being said, I have had to keep an eye on other offshoots like shopping. It will try to sneak up on you, I swear! No great advice other than it’s great that you are aware and being proactive.
  6. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Exercise - Who even am I???

    I run and do my spin classes in the middle of the day, before lunch. So I go home from work, (live super close), get changed and run for 20 minutes then do a spin class for 20 minutes. I have a latte and coffee prior to my workout, have my protein shake and cheese afterwards. For me I am always hungry in the evenings, the morning and afternoon are kind of a non event for me. I usually take one rest day from exercise a week, I don’t normally Notice a change in hunger levels that day.
  7. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Exercise - Who even am I???

    I run and do my spin classes in the middle of the day, before lunch. So I go home from work, (live super close), get changed and run for 20 minutes then do a spin class for 20 minutes. I have a latte and coffee prior to my workout, have my protein shake and cheese afterwards. For me I am always hungry in the evenings, the morning and afternoon are kind of a non event for me. I usually take one rest day from exercise a week, I don’t normally Notice a change in hunger levels that day.
  8. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    August 24!

    I learned my lesson- my program told me to take before pictures and measurements prior to sleeve surgery and I didn’t. But this time I will, so I’ll be able to see if I lost inches from this. Well, I’ll take the measurements, as I was filling out my preop paperwork I realized the center uploaded my pics into the system. 😱. I spent most of the weekend being like do I really look like that? Holy heck. I’m used to seeing myself from better angles in kinder lighting. 😓
  9. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Insight/thoughts for someone considering sleeve surgery

    I think skin removal is possible with insurance but very unlikely. I had insurance cover my surgery but my plan specifically states that no skin removal, regardless of stated medical necessity, will be covered. That’s not an uncommon provision. Regardless, I’d focus on the weight loss and related surgery at this point. Many people lose the weight and never have skin removed. If I didn’t have the funds for it I wouldn’t stress over it, and I’ve lost almost 180 lbs so I def have extra skin. I’ve posted a pic of me in a swimsuit, however, and even then it’s not that overt.
  10. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    One more try before surgery again

    There is a logical fallacy that action is inherently more dangerous than inaction. Being morbidly obese is a risk every day, and in the end life expectancy is better for those who get surgery than those without. Your friends and family don’t live your life for you, they don’t know what being your current weight is like. For me I knew that if I shared my decision I would get people trying to talk me out of it. So I went ahead with it, lost 175 lbs, and I am still maintaining.
  11. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    PNW Recommendations?

    So they are really on par with each other, since second one doesn’t include a breast lift. Btw this doesn’t include implants, I’m not interested in that and the surgeon actually said she recommends against it in cases like mine because they tend to shift, etc. Both recommended the same procedures. Both also said recovery would be a bit rough, but could return to a desk job in 2 weeks. Both also said I don’t have really any more fat to lose. Second surgeon showed me how he measured the arm skin and said it was basically just skin on skin at this point. Feels weird to have doctors saying that I’m done with weight loss, but I have to trust they know what they are saying. I’m still 165 and 23 bmi. So might have a reasonable amount of skin at the end of the day…. At this point leaning toward Dr Streu. She has a lot of experience and could do an additional procedure. I was fine not addressing a breast lift until I knew it was a possibility. She’s booking out until fall so would be a ways off but I’m strongly thinking about booking!
  12. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    PNW Recommendations?

    Ok! I’m back and I have costs for anyone interested! Dr. Streu, Portland. Super nice, took her time. I liked her and she says she has a lot of experience with things like this (175 plus weight loss). Recommended a fleurdelis, I have a lot of upper stomach skin. Can combine an arm lift, breast lift, and fdl tuck in one procedure. Would do a 23 hr stay at the surgery center. Drains are a must. Boo. Fdl cost: 11,179 Breast lift: 6270 Arms: 3987 Facility fees and anesthesia 2600 and 1541, plus 725 for overnight stay Some discounts for multiple procedures Total cost 24,470
  13. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Dreaded hair loss - question

    Yeah, I hit protein and fluid and still lost a lot of hair. It really is just luck of the draw. Only me and my hairdresser really noticed. I cut my hair above shoulder length to help it not look stringy. Plus is that I couldn’t really pull off short hair when I was heavy- but now that I’m a normal weight i don’t need long hair to hide behind.
  14. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Plastics in Portland oregon

    Hey I know you posted this a bit ago but I’m having two consults at the end of this month in Portland for this. I’ll let you know how that goes with prices. Looking at an arm lift and tummy tuck hopefully. Did you end up going forward with anybody or are you still looking?
  15. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    47 years, Time to Grow Up...

    Hey, fellow Oregonian, nice to see you here! I think one amazing part of losing weight is being able to be more active with my family- I’m in my 40s and before surgery I felt like I had the mobility of a 60 year old. Now we can do things like go on hikes, trips, etc and I don’t feel exhausted and worn out from trying to keep up with them. It’s a tough road but it’s worth it in the end.
  16. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Waiting for a surgery date

    I’d be on the phone with them…my office emailed me within a few hours of the insurance approval. You’re not being the squeaky wheel, they should be calling you before this!
  17. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Initial weight vs current weight

    Starting weight: 339 Current weight: 165 Surgery date: 11/10/20 I’m a 5’10 female, age 40. Yeah, I was told I’d end up still in the 200s. Forget that noise, if you use the surgery as a tool and do your own work you can end up at your goal weight.
  18. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Gastric sleeve

    As others have said, no, you can’t reverse this. What’s done is done, and you’ll have to start looking forward to the future, not what you liked in the past. If you’re in the first few months post op, this is not the rest of your life. In the future you’re most likely going to be able to eat a lot of the foods you loved, go out to eat, have an active social life, etc. I’m almost 1.5 years out and maintaining a 175 lb loss while enjoying a lot of my favorite foods, going out to eat, and yes, having the occasional drink. I balance it all out with small portion sizes, elimination of some trigger foods, and exercise. Look toward a brighter future. You’ll be able to eat the foods you love, without the fear of binging. Having a family is an amazing experience, and I would give up every favorite meal and “normal” eating experience for what I’ve gained with having my kids. You’ve got a lot to look forward to, keep your focus on the future!
  19. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    PNW Recommendations?

    Did you have both surgeries at once, or split up? And I’m not surprised to hear about our being in an expensive region- seems like a shoebox is being sold for half a million most everywhere here, so makes sense surgery would cost more too. I really don’t want to travel but it might end up being my best option. 40k-ouch!!
  20. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    I have mild GERD, should I get VSG or RNY?

    I had reflux before surgery, had a sleeve, and now it’s almost nonexistent. I’d ask your surgeon. I was surprised mine still recommended a sleeve, but he said that since mine was controlled with Tums it was fine. Looks like he was right.
  21. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    I hit goal today!

    Thank you all for your kind words! These forums have been great for keeping me on track before and after surgery. I really appreciate you all. Honestly this is pretty much the only “before” pic, and I’m not even quite sure it’s at my highest. My program said take before pictures right before surgery, take measurements. But of course I didn’t listen. My main goal for photos pre-op was “don’t be in them”. A few more questions I see all the time I here I will answer: yes I lost hair, yes, even though I got my protein and vitamins. It just happens. I cut my hair shorter, and literally the only other person who noticed was my hair dresser. And all the hair is growing back now, which looks kind of funny since it’s a little frizzy halo on my head. But the whole hair thing is kinda funny to be honest, not a huge upset or a tragedy. No, I don’t feel like weight loss made me look dramatically older, nor did I gain wrinkles or jowls. But I’m in my 40s, and I’m a skincare enthusiast and regular Botox user so that may have influenced stuff. 😂 Yes, I can eat “normally” now. If I went out to a restaurant with someone who didn’t know it wouldn’t be obvious outside of what looks like a small appetite. I’m not eating special bariatric diet food. Happy to answer any questions people have! And thank you all again.
  22. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Weirdest None-Scale-Victory - I'll go first

    Yes, I also weigh less than my husband now, which is amazing. He and I are almost the same height but for most of our marriage I was twice his weight. Now I’m ten pounds less. It was fun playing on the teeter totter at the park last weekend and being the light one for once! He weighs almost the exact same amount of weight that I’ve lost, and I can barely pick him up for a second or two. It’s incomprehensible that a year ago I was going about my entire life with that weight on me. How did I even walk? Now I know why I was so exhausted all the time.
  23. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    How do you respond?

    My standard answer is “a lot” and if they persist I say something like “twelve pounds” then when they are like no seriously, I say “ok you got me it’s actually 13 pounds”. I can keep this up all day.
  24. blackcatsandbaddecisions


    Best way to break a stall is time… haha I wish I had a better answer but there it is. I’m now down to 172 and I’m slowing down so much but still slowly making my way to goal. Still feel proud every day to have a weight that starts with a “1” instead of a “3”.
  25. blackcatsandbaddecisions

    Premier Protein bars

    I’ve only found them at Trader Joe’s but the one bar peanut butter pie flavor is amazing. So peanut buttery.

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