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    10 days to surgery

    Hey yall the countdown has started. I have 10 days til surgery. I am so excited! I got everything I need biotene spray, vitamins, tylenol,shakes and everything else. I take my covid test on sunday.
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    100 lbs!

    101 to be exact. Just unbelievable that I've lost that much in less than six months. Went from 44 jeans to 34. BMI started at 44 and I'm down to 30. I'm so thankful that this was available to me.
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    Immediately !! I coughed that whole first night after surgery and kept my roommate up it was so bad. I ended up having a revision 11 months ago because of esophagitis D and a hiatal hernia. I was afraid of getting the bypass too but as far as weight loss and maintaining it has been much easier. I honestly liked the sleeve better because of the restriction and being able to eat all foods, but the flip side of that was I constantly had to watch my weight and struggled just to stay around 170. I was 180 the day of my revision and this morning I weighed in at 150.8. This is the lowest I have ever been and usually maintain 155 to 159 with no stress. I had a temporary crown put on 2 weeks ago and dropped 8 lbs because I am not getting the food I usually eat because of pain. I go in on Monday for the permanent crown and am sure my weight will bounce back up. lol Good luck to you and whatever surgery you choose.
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    I've been reading a bit about non-surgical and minimally invasive skin-tightening options and I am coming across a procedure called Renuvion—which I guess is often done in conjunction with liposuction. Apparently, it stimulates skin from beneath to promote production of collagen. I'm wondering if any of you have heard of it or had it? I am basically to my goal and have been for about a year, but have some loose skin in my upper and lower abdomen and upper thighs. I'm not sure if it is worth going the entire LBL or TT route for... so was interested in all the options. I'd love to hear if any of you have heard of this.
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    Six weeks out. So far so good.
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    100 lbs!

    You are killing it!
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    Breakup Because I Had WLS

    I’m in the midst of a divorce. Although he didn’t cite my WLS as a reason, I think that combined with my recent plastic surgery led to him being incredibly insecure despite all of my reassurances.
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    100 lbs!

    Congrats!!!! That’s awesome!!
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    Why no caffeine

    I drank coffee before surgery, drank it starting immediately after. It had sugar in it then just like it does now. No problems
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    Want to get excited but I cant!

    My insurance company did a great job pre-approving me....but then my hospital mixed my information up with a different woman with the same name. This very grim looking account administrator came into my room the day after my surgery and said she needed to discuss payment arrangements because "apparently my insurance rejected the claim, and we don't know how this happened, you were supposed to be preapproved" By some stroke of luck, I happened to have my approval letter in my purse and got it out and showed it to her. She came back in half an hour and apologized profusely. Myself and the other woman with my name....our social security numbers were two digits off...8's, 3's and 0's (lookalike digits). It was a legitimate mistake....but man, did it have my heart racing for a minute!