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  1. Back with a new NSV: I officially weigh less than my husband. First time in our 25 years of being together. Not only can I wear his shirts, but they are baggy on me.
  2. Back with more NSVs and LOVING reading all of yours. Here we go: I am fitting into the smallest "skinny pants" I bought back in June. When I bought them I couldn't get the zipper even close, but today I am wearing them. My mom is at my house rehabbing and I am giving her a lot of intensive round-the-clock physical care. There is no way I could have done this without the weight loss I've had. I have so much collarbone and a lovely visible jawline. I can't stop looking at them every time I pass a mirror. Space between my toes. I can cross my arms across my waist and still fold forward, in fact it turns out that without a big belly in the way this is a very comfortable position. I can also cross my legs or sit on the floor in a resting position with one leg comfortably crooked up into a bend. my balance, it is so much better.
  3. I'm back with some new NSV. One of these gets me right in the feels. Comfortably sitting with my legs crossed, arms folded across my belly. This does not get old. One of you mentioned being able to see willy, well....female equivalent is being able to see kitty. Sitting up, lying down she is visible! 😸 Last weekend I had an auntie day with my 7-year-old niece. She loves to run and asked me if I would race her. The look on her face when I said sure! She looked completely shocked then so delighted. We ran three races, she won them all (for real - the kid is fast) and her delight in play racing me was priceless. Had to blink back the tears a bit because it meant so much to her that her auntie was running and playing with her in a way I couldn't just a few months ago.
  4. This made me laugh so hard and I totally get it. I've given my DH permission to "flab" me aka: feel the loose skin. I am totally not offended by referring to my getting-looser-by-the-day skin this way and understand wanting to touch it because I want to touch it too - -it feels so weird/cool/different!
  5. so awesome! I remember the dread of packing for business trips, along with the dread of having to ask for a seatbelt extender when I got on the plane. One year I flew so many times I broke down and stole a seatbelt extender so I wouldn't have to ask for it anymore and get "that look". Not a proud moment, but yup I did it. 😬
  6. oh my goodness - yesterday was a big NSV for me - I went on a 10 mile bike ride! I still can't believe I rode that far! My legs were jelly at the end and I am sore today, but it was soooooo fun! Being on my bike makes me feel like a happy kid.
  7. New NSVs! I now fit into all the clothes I stashed away after getting too big for them. I tried on my wedding dress yesterday - and it fit me! Here is the weird one: I can see my thigh "saddle bags" that used to bother me so much. I love them now because they are a symbol of my body taking shape now that they are no longer blending into and being covered by other extra fat.
  8. OMG - kids will for sure tell you the truth! My little niece used to, with awe and unconditional love in her voice, tell me "auntie, you have the biggest belly and bum in the whole family!" TO her bigger is better, so it was a compliment...ROTFL
  9. oh yeah! Loving the feeling of not dreading if my shoe lace is untied or I need to bend over to pick something off the floor.
  10. chiquitatummy

    100Lbs lost

    So cool! Congratulations!
  11. I am loving all the responses in this thread, it's inspiring! Over the last few weeks I've logged a few more NSVs: I can feel my hipbone - hello old friend! My wedding ring is getting loose. My tighter fitting shoes are feeling loose. And my new favorite NSV: I can walk up the hill near my house without dropping into 1st gear or needing to stop for a break! 😍
  12. This got me in the feels, actually made me tear up feeling happy for you. Congratulations on this, you have obviously been doing the internal self love and acceptance part of this journey. That is a solid NSV!
  13. 🙋‍♀️ ditto! Also, um how shall I put this...feeling confident that I can comfortably reach the "in-between" crotch spot to give it a good wash.
  14. I can't wait to experience this NSV!
  15. My program is: 1 day of clear liquids (while in the hospital) 4 weeks of full liquids (with greek yogurt counted as a full liquid - thank god) 3 weeks pureed diet 2 weeks soft foods
  16. chiquitatummy

    Final Count Down......Surgery in 4 days

    Congrats! Sending you good wishes! It looks like you are well stocked.
  17. chiquitatummy

    Why am I hungry?

    Others on this board have mentioned that having high stomach acid can make you feel like you are hungry.
  18. chiquitatummy

    I "snuck" having WLS

    I agree! My healthcare decisions = my business.
  19. chiquitatummy


    Congrats! I'm looking forward to being where you are, staring down that first 50# loss. Thanks for the inspo.
  20. chiquitatummy

    Beautiful Green Beans:)

    Yum! I can't wait to try these when I get to solids.
  21. chiquitatummy


    uggg. Sounds awful. I had a similar experience when I was on my pre-op diet, post-op (knocking on wood) it has been ok, but I dread another round like this.
  22. chiquitatummy

    Chickpea "Pasta"

    thanks for posting! I'll be giving chickpea pasta a try when I get to the solid foods stage.
  23. chiquitatummy

    What is your why?

    To prevent future disease and illness. I was obese and generally healthy but knew I was on the path (like many of my family members) to diabetes and high blood pressure. Watching my mom suffer with her health now is a big motivator for me to do something to prevent being in the place she is in another 15-20 years. Realizing that my weight put me at high risk for Covid was another wake-up call for me. I was also tired of feeling physically uncomfortable in my body (achy back, feet, hips, etc) and having no energy. I missed doing the things I used to do like hiking, rollerblading, and bike riding. I'd stopped doing them when I got heavy enough that it was painful and physically uncomfortable to be active. I'm only two weeks and a couple days out from surgery and already I can walk without discomfort around my neighborhood. My energy may still be low, but my back and feet don't hurt! It feels amazing!!! I'm remembering how much I used to enjoy being physically active.
  24. chiquitatummy

    Update on my post op appointment

    I am so sorry to hear this! Please take care of yourself - what you are experiencing could be very serious and I urge you to seek medical care asap if you are in so much pain that you can't stand upright. Sending healing thoughts your way - please keep us posted to let us know how you are doing.

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