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    I miss Nevada. I lived in Vegas for six years and while I hated the city I loved all the outdoors stuff outside of it. Hiked almost daily in red rock canyon (and lost a lot of weight). On of my favorite things to do was get old Topo maps to look for and explore the old abandoned mines in the desert. We were cautious (as cautious as one could be when doing that sort of thing), like having enough water and light for days and telling someone exactly where we were going and to call for help if we didn’t check in by a certain time... but it was crazy how deep some of them went into the mountains and the spider webs of tunnels, likely dug by hand. I really miss the desert and the mountains. Houston is just flat and sticky...
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    Before and After Pics

    Mini gastric bypass May 2020 (5m post-op) SW 231 CW 187 GW 140
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    Yes! Would love to be a part of this. RNY 9/8, SW 230, CW 197, 5’5”
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    It's time.

    Today's Dilemma!

    As a parent, I would be extremely hurt if my child didn't tell me they were having surgery. Any surgery. A parent may not like some of your choices but I would think they would want to be there for you. And a reasonable discussion of the pros and cons would educate them. Parents aren't just people, no one will love you like a parent. I didn't tell people, but I told the ones I love and love me, but I also made it very clear that this was happening and it wasn't their decision to make.
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    The Greater Fool

    Today's Dilemma!

    It's been a minute since 1974. Times change. Science advances. First, you don't HAVE to tell Dad anything. You're an adult, more or less, so it's your choice who you tell what. You know your Dad. You know if telling him is a good idea or not. *IF* you choose to tell your Dad, you even know how you should do it. You have more experience in this that we do. Trust yourself. Trust Dad if it makes sense to do so. Good luck,
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    What was/is your greatest fear?

    Nothing wrong with caring about your appearance, nor wanting to feel comfortable with what you see in the mirror. We all know that its not helpful to worry about something that may or not happen in the future, but we do it anyway. Maybe the goal is not to stop worrying, but to deal with the worry a little bit better. There are a myriad of things you can do, and something in there is bound to ease the anxiety (even if just a little)...just need to find it. Since you didn't ask, I won't list them out, but Google is your friend. To the question you did ask: My greatest fear was dying on the table. When I woke up from surgery my first thought was "Yes! I'm alive!" My current greatest fear is still also dying. After over 15+ years of being MO, I am so grateful to be in a body that allows me to enjoy so many aspects of life that I want lots and lots and lots of more years to do it.
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    Hello. New Here.

    Welcome! I'm relatively new myself. I'm almost 3 months post op Loop DS. There is a ton of good info and support here! Sent from my Nokia 7.2 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    January 2020 Surgery Folks

    Congrats! That's awesome! I finally broke into the 170s. Those last few pounds in the low 180's took forever, but I am confident about moving forward. I am quite a bit shorter than you, so I think I still have a ways to go to hit that weight victory. Won't give up though!
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    Before Surgery

    Side View. Weight 274 lbs

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