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    To your point about people asking inappropriate questions, I would probably be a smart ass, which I know, I know, is terribly out of character: "How much have you lost?" "Looks like I might lose another friend that doesn't seem to understand not to ask inappropriate questions." But, to the question you want us to answer: While dealing with things that are better, like back, hip, knee, ankle, foot pain from carrying around an extra 1/4 ton of weight. Reduced Fatty Liver disease. Blood Pressure. Sleep Apnea, Reflux. But more other worldly were all the things I gained that I didn't realize I was missing, like DisneyWorld, walking, running, marathons, kayaking, horseback riding. Tek
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    Hey there! Coming back with a new Thankful Thread for this week after taking last week off. What are the things you are thankful for this week? I am thankful for so many kind, compassionate, and uplifting voices on this site and the knowledge that they possess and share. I'm thankful for finding some amazing 1-Carb low-cal tortillas and being able to share them with others here. I think I am going to pick up a rotisserie chicken from the store tonight and a jar of enchilada sauce just so I can keep using them. I'm thankful that I'll be taking a small vacation next week and visiting one of my favorite places again. There's some stress about COVID, but I've got a game plan to keep the risk to myself minimal. I'm thankful that I have lost enough weight that I can go hike in the woods for 2 hours and not feel completely sore and exhausted afterwards. How about you?
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    The Greater Fool

    Does hunger come back?

    I must be an aberration because while my portion size has increased from where it was 17 years ago past the 2 month mark, not by much. The video doc above claims that folks will be back up to a plate of food at 5 years, but I have found that is not the case with me. I take his point that pre-op, we were able to eat 2 plates. I could probably have done more, what with being a binge eater. I can't eat a normal plate of food, even now. If it's a 5" plate, I won't leave as much, but there is still usually left over food. I don't think this is necessarily attributable to anything I did, at least purposely. I also don't have much of an appetite either. I can't see how anything I did could have had an impact all these years later. I'm just wierd. Tek
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    I am currently in therapy. I continued with my therapist who completed my psych evaluation. And the plus with this counselor is that he is a certified bariatric counselor. He is able to address my current weight loss journey that my previous counselor sorta did not have a clue. I am a stress eater, so we mainly talk about life issues that stress me. And this strategy helps because I feel like I can decompress every week.
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    I was looking forward to this thread! So thankful for teenage children (no seriously) I can't imagine schooling under these current circumstances Thankful that it's Autumn, I can finally have some reprieve from Air Conditioning everywhere (I'll be singing a different tune come Winter 🤣)
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    Super safe place! Congratulations on the upcoming Surgery ♥️
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    The Greater Fool

    Metabolism post WLS

    You've apparently done reading on this subject so I doubt there is much I can contribute on "damaging metabolism" and "set point" theory. With or without WLS we need a minimum number of calories to support a healthy body. 800-1000, or even 1200 calories as a daily norm seems low, except the most extraordinarily sedentary life styles. Health.gov puts average healthy calorie intake generally [age/lifestyle breakdown at site] for women (5'4", 124lbs) to be 1600-2400 calories and for men (5'10", 154lbs) 2000-3000 calories. An RNY or DS patient, who absorbs fewer calories than we eat would need some amount higher than the averages above. Of course, the calories not absorbed would at best be a WAG (Wild Arse Guess). Now, honestly the Health.gov calorie requirements seem high to me, but who am I to argue with Health.gov. Good luck Tek
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    Welcome to the forums. Congratulations on your progress toward getting your WLS. Many, dare I say most WLS folks had health issues as part of their consideration for having surgery. It is not at all unusual. Surgeries have complications. Living has complications. As with all things, you need to do the math to determine which is the riskier option: WLS or no WLS, that is the question. Nearly the last thing my Doc said to me before wheeling me into surgery was "You know you can die from this surgery? Do you want to continue?" I had already done the math. I was gonna be immobile and a burden to everyone around me within 5 years. Even death on the table was preferable. I spoke with my spouse and parents about it and we were all on the same page. I don't want to spoil the ending of the story, but I didn't die. Since the surgery many of my health issues self-resolved. I'm on fewer meds now than I was pre-op. I've done things I never imagined I would do. Since you're well into satisfying your requirement it seems like you did the math. Good luck Tek
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    Any October 2020 Surgeries??¹

    🙋🏻‍♀️ October 14, 2020
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    I'm so sorry I'm hoping they did check you for a leak? I'm not sure how far out you are but a friend of mine had vaginal bleeding and pain and she had a hysterectomy years ago...turns out her pain and bleeding was a leak. My thoughts are with you! Please keep trying to find answers!

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