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  1. 14.6 kg is fantastic for one month! I had a 7 day stall as well a couple of weeks after surgery. Then I lost 5 lbs within a couple of days. Just keep at it and you'll be fine. Has your body continued to show changes? While my weight was stalled, I still was noticing physical changes to my body (had to swap out for a smaller belt). As for portion sizes, what did your dietitian advise? I usually eat about 60g of protein per meal with an additional 30g of a side food if I have room.
  2. "Bariatric Surgery is probably one of the most effective interventions in health care." - Laurie K. Twells, clinical epidemiologist at Memorial University of Newfoundland [2] Are you lurking on these forums debating whether or not you should have surgery? Unsure about making a permanent change to your lifestyle and body, or thinking that since you lost x number of lbs before, you can do it again? Heard about all the horror stories of complications and regain? This was me, one year ago. I want to tell you about the study that changed my mind. This study[1] looked at three groups: 418 patients who sought and underwent Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (surgery group), 417 patients who sought but did not undergo surgery (primarily for insurance reasons) (nonsurgery group 1), and 321 patients who did not seek surgery (nonsurgery group 2). They performed clinical examinations at baseline and at 2 years, 6 years, and 12 years to ascertain the presence of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia. Let me highlight a couple images from their study. These charts graph the amount patients lost as a percentage of total weight (NOT excess weight) at 2, 6, and 12 years relative to their baseline. First, this graph is the individuals who did not seek surgery. This group lost only 0.9% of their total weight 12 years after the study began. Those empty triangles? Those are people who ended up getting bariatric surgery anyways. Lets look at the second group, people tho sought out surgery but couldn't get it. So at least we are aware that this group is invested in losing weight. This group fared slightly better, as patients lost a mean of 2% of their body weight at 12 years out. This excludes patients who got surgery (they lost an average of 10%). Lets look at patients who did get the surgery. Patients lost an average of 26% of their total body weight even after 12 years. I found this difference absolutely remarkable. To reach that average 26% body weight loss without surgery, you would need to be in the top 5-10% of losers. Think about that. I used to see getting the surgery as an admission of my own personal failure at willpower and dieting. But this study makes it clear that the probability of success for non-surgical options is astoundingly low relative to bariatric surgery. Studies [3], [4], [5] reinforce the positive impact on health that bariatric surgery has on patients who choose to go through with it. Reading these helped put my mind at ease. Bariatric surgery is one of the best decisions I could make for my health. I encourage you to skim through the studies to see other benefits I didn't outline here. The NYT[2] article is also a great read for seeing why bariatric surgery is so effective. It distills a lot of the studies into facts that you can use to arm yourself when speaking with family and friends who aren't supportive. Sources: [1] https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1700459 [2] https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/13/well/why-weight-loss-surgery-works-when-diets-dont.html [3] https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11695-012-0718-9 [4] https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/oby.21322 [5] https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamasurgery/fullarticle/2546331#Introduction
  3. Lots of people like to make claims about how effective or ineffective surgery is with anecdotes about success or failure stories they’ve experienced in their lives. So it’s great to have some studies with concrete, long term results 😁
  4. Double_Me

    Scale Torture

    Thanks all. I think scale "torture" may have been overkill- I’m not obsessed with it and don’t let it get in the way of my life or my program. I just find it surprising that such big swings can be seen overnight... The fact that 5 lbs is gone just from using whatever waters leftover in your system & burning reserves while you sleep is fascinating to me. I do like to track my weight as I photograph myself every 10 lbs lost. I usually take photos at night, and this is part of why I track my end-of-day weight even if it may be less consistent than my morning weight.
  5. Double_Me

    Scale Torture

    I went to sleep last night at 195 lbs. This morning, I wake up, I drink a protein shake, and the scale is at 190!! Same spot on the floor, it's a digital scale so I make sure to zero it every time. But still... this scale!! This evening I'll probably come in at 200! I've been trying to weigh myself less and enjoy the NSVs but... damn. Anyone else see HUGE fluctuations in weight overnight?
  6. Double_Me

    How long off work

    I took a week but ended up needing an extra couple of days before returning to my desk job. As others have said, it wasn't pain preventing me from returning, it was fatigue.
  7. Double_Me

    Thankful Thread for 9/14 to 9/20

    Thankful that the only nausea I've experienced since surgery was the evening of my first day. Thankful that I was able to slip into a size 12 skirt that once belonged to my grandmother. Thankful that I don't mind moving to a 3rd floor office since I'm not afraid of walking up 2 flights of stairs anymore.
  8. I got my hands on a loaf of the zero carb bread the other day and tried making a sandwich with light mayo and deli turkey, but I don't think my stomach agrees with it yet... darn! The same thing happened with low-carb tortillas. I'll try again in a month or so... I got the variety pack of Magic Spoon cereals last week, and I've tried a couple of bowls since then. One 1 oz serving plus 4 oz milk comes to about 15g of protein. The texture is pretty good and crisp, and it holds up pretty well sitting in the milk if you eat slow like I do. Flavor is good but I'm not sure if I'll buy them again as they are a touch too sweet for me. I also can't shake the fact that seems like a 'fake' food, but I think that criticism is a little unfair.. the protein shakes I drink every day aren't any more 'real' 🤷‍♀️ Anyways, here's a picture of the frosted variety!
  9. Double_Me

    Scale Torture

    I tend not to record my weight until I'm sure I'm below it in the evening... my thinking is that it's more similar to how it'll be at the doctor's office post-op. I weigh myself occasionally in the morning just to see the change throughout the day. I do realize it's less consistent... but this is the first time I've seen a 5 lb swing overnight!
  10. Right now I'm taking calcium x3 during the day, then multivitamin, iron, and b12 at night. Stool softener if I haven't had a movement within the past couple days. I also take biotin, but after a discussion with my surgeon he mentioned that there isn't any evidence that it aids in preventing hair loss. Apparently the shock of surgery simply causes a lot of your hair to shed at once, not break... It isn't related to the strength of your hair itself, where biotin/collagen may help. My plan is to finish off the bottle and not continue to take any.
  11. Double_Me

    Before and After Pics

    Noticed a test picture I took during pre-op... decided to take another one. Bye bye double chin!
  12. Double_Me

    Before and After Pics

    Damn girl!! You look incredible. Your after pic gives me hope for my waist coming back too 😝
  13. Double_Me

    Before and After Pics

    Fantastic progress! Love your shoes in the last picture too!!
  14. Double_Me

    Necessities Post Op

    Agreed on not getting anything in bulk. I had a very kind friend who gifted me a care package of herbal teas and 3 kinds of broth before my operation. I ended up disliking all of the broth and surviving off of a quart of homemade chicken stock I had in the freezer. If I were to go through it again, I would make 1 pot of chicken stock, buy 1 six-pack of sugar free jello, and make sure I had protein shakes on hand. No need to make it complex. I'll also say this. Immediately post-op I was spending a lot of time fussing about what I'd eat in the puree phase and making recipes, which was fun... until I realized my puree phase was only a week long before soft foods. I ended up having to throw lots of my meals away as I just couldn't finish them before they began to go off. So just keep that in mind, plan your purchases for however long you will be in a given diet phase, and for however long it takes for you to get sick of eating the same thing over and over again. Good luck on your surgery!
  15. Double_Me

    Calories Week 6, 7, etc.

    I average 500-600 calories/day at almost 7 weeks out largely following my surgeon's diet plan- I tend to avoid grain-based carbs where the diet plan includes toast/crackers, and allow myself to cook with low amounts of healthy fats rather than pam only. I'm losing at a little below average pace (15 lbs first month, on track for 10 lbs 2nd month), but that could be due to a number of factors... relatively low starting weight as I'm only 4'11", some struggles with exercise which I'm working to remedy.
  16. Double_Me

    Food Before and After Photos

    Ooh soy paper is a good idea. I've never had it before- is it kind of like tofu skin? I've made this recipe in the past for wontons, and they come to about 30 calories each... most of which is in the wrapper. I'll have to check out the soy paper! https://soupeduprecipes.com/wontons-in-chili-oil/
  17. Double_Me

    New week! What are you thankful for? - 9/7/20 to 9/13/20

    I'm grateful that my snoring has subsided so much that my fiance and I can sleep comfortably in the same bed again. And I'm sure he's grateful too!
  18. Double_Me

    Food Before and After Photos

    Wontons are one of those foods I still have cravings for, this looks delicious 🤩
  19. Double_Me

    Any bike suggestions?

    Thanks to all for the suggestions. Today I went riding with a new pair of bike shorts with plenty of padding. They helped, but I think what made the biggest difference was going riding in the afternoon instead of first thing in the morning- It was like night and day! I was able to complete the track I normally take without breaking a sweat, whereas before I was struggling to pedal up my driveway. I'm going to go for another ride in the morning and see if I experience the same fatigue. Has this happened to anyone else, where exercise 1st thing in the morning wears you out quickly?
  20. This is all very useful information... I'm on my last few bottles of premier protein, and I've been having some issues finding them palatable and looking for alternatives. Just ordered the unjury sample pack!
  21. Double_Me

    Any bike suggestions?

    @summerset no hand pain, fortunately. I have a pair of padded bike shorts arriving in the mail tomorrow with thicker padding, but their quality is not amazing... I didn't want to splurge on them as I'm still losing weight and unsure how long they'll fit. I did get the saddle adjusted when I purchased the bike. I'm short, so they had to move it forward and cut the seatpost down. I'll see how I do with the new shorts, hopefully that'll be all I need... If not, I'll go back to the shop and see if they have any suggestions. Crossing my fingers that the shorts will be enough! I think part of why I get tired is that it's uncomfortable to pedal while sitting, so I end up standing up to pedal and wearing myself out. That, and I just need to keep getting out there and continue training 😅.
  22. Double_Me

    Any bike suggestions?

    Resurrecting this thread, I recently purchased a gravel bike and have been struggling cycling for extended periods of time. The seat is a killer on my bum and I become exhausted very quickly, sometimes after only a couple of minutes of riding up a slight incline. I'm aware I'm out of shape, but I didn't think it would be this hard! I've been getting out there 1-2 times/day trying to improve, does anyone have any tips that helped them?
  23. Double_Me


    All of you look fabulous... This is one my favorite threads to come to when I'm feeling down, everybody is enjoying life 😊
  24. I've been doing well, like @613cnn I've been losing a little slowly. My high weight was 245 lbs, surgery weight on 7/27 was 215 lbs, and I'm currently hovering around 198 lbs. I weigh often and found I tend to alternate between losing for 3-4 days and stalling for 3-4 days. It might be a result of me measuring at night with clothes on, instead of in the morning... but part of me likes the idea that my 'real' weight is a couple lbs under what I see on the scale 😏. I also started out at a lower weight so I imagine that factors in. My weight for the past month... I've been mercifully able to tolerate most foods I've tried. Ground pork shaped into a meatball has been the worst so far. Turkey, cheese, cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced steak, ground beef, fish, potato... all have been fine. I average 45-70g protein and 500-700 cals per day. I have yet to attempt any desserts or fried foods, but the cravings are starting to come back. Focusing now on not snacking in the evening!
  25. Double_Me

    One Year Out!

    Congratulations!! 100 lbs down is absolutely fantastic!