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    Im so thirsty

    These ideas are not really hot but might help room temp. I Had sleeve sep 8. Had 2 week setback bc abandoned Persian snuck in & hid. Was so ill my eyes swelled shut. Saw surgeon Tues. He said it’s important to get lots of plain H2O each day. If you like idea In pics U Can get disposable shot glasses at liquor store/amazon. Its motivating knowing I can do in 2 sips. I add Lots of H2O to crystal light, SF hot cocoa watered down w/skim milk, SF jello. it’s runny but not near as sweet, low salt broth helps. But my saving grace is popsicles. U could put in blender with ice. I take H2O when I go out. Hope this is Helpful. He said Water also helps loose skin. Great motivation! Glad u have no pain. Sorry for typos & no caps Am Exhausted dealing with flood damage from TS Beta.
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    terrified [emoji21][emoji21]

    Set small goals for yourself. We all decide what our ultimate goal is in terms of weight loss, but it is very important to also set smaller goals along that road for yourself. Kind of like taking a long road trip somewhere. You break up the trip with stops along the way to do something fun. In this case, the something fun is celebrating your accomplishment for reaching those little goals so that you're not just staring at a finish line that is far away. Revel in the successes you achieve along the way. Also, as you lose weight, challenge yourself to do something that you weren't able to do before. At nearly 350 pounds, I was not going to try running a 5k at any point in time. Now that I am where I am, I am in the process of improving my stamina and getting more comfortable with jogging and running so that I might actually do a 5k race once this pandemic is under control.
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    The Greater Fool


    What does your Doc's plan say? Compliance is not just a river in Egypt. Fruit and fruit juice are very high in sugar, and if I'm gonna dump on something, it's going to be fruit juice. So, if you don't listen to me about compliance, listen to me about this. I've previously said that about 50% of RNY Post-ops dump, but it's actually my Doc's odds for me. It actually depends on how much is bypassed, slight procedure differences, and personal differences, so it can be as low as 20% or as high as 50%. [I did a google]. If you dump and get constipated, as I sometimes do, I do just enough fruit juice to cause things to loosen up, which is a symptom of dumping. If you don't listen to the first two parts, don't listen to this because it's not smart to try to dump as it can always go worse than you hope. So, in summary, Plan, dumping, constipation. Go out and kill it. Tek
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    I got a big pill thing and every sunday night i refill it. Then each day i pop out that days pill container. Seems to help get them all in
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    Hi Rachel I can relate with anxiety and depresiion as a Functional individual. One thing that I can exprezs which i always remind myself each and everyday is that no matter what you do, what you say never have regrets. For the most time through the WLS journey i never regretted anything despite of any challenges. Missy
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    I am home

    Hey everyone I made it home  today. I’m in a lot of pain but just tying to not think about it. Hopefully I will start feeling better in a few days. I’ll keep posting my updates as the come. 
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    There is a lot going on right now, and many, many people have gained weight during the pandemic, so for you to lose even a little weight and not gain any is a victory! If you're looking for someone who has been there, I have! Check out this post I made 7 months ago at the beginning of my journey: My surgeon wanted me to lose 20 pounds before surgery and I had NO IDEA where to begin! My PCP was no help at all. Guess what? I've lost over 100 pounds since then, 70 before surgery. When I went in for my last pre-op appointment 2 weeks before surgery, the nurse questioned whether my initial weight was recorded correctly. I did two things to lose weight before surgery. The first thing is what you are already doing: logging everything I ate. So you have already made a good start. The second thing I did was intermittent fasting. This can be a little controversial, and some doctors don't like it, but it worked for me. I did a 16-hour fast every day with an 8-hour eating period. That meant I ate lunch and dinner (and I allowed myself to eat snacks in between), and then fasted until lunch the next day. It was hard at first but got easier. This helped me because in addition to cutting out breakfast, I cut out all the snacks I would have had during that time period, and when I got used to going 16 hours without eating, I ended up cutting down on snacks between lunch and dinner, even during the time I was allowed to eat. I also think it made me feel less deprived. Let's say I wanted pancakes at breakfast time. I would just tell myself I can have pancakes, but I would just have to wait until my fast was over. And splitting my calories between two meals instead of three meant I could eat bigger, more satisfying meals. If I really wanted to eat 4 slices of pizza, I could, as long as I didn't have a big lunch. Speaking of calories, MyFitnessPal gave me a calorie goal of 2190 calories per day. The first week, it was a challenge just to stay under that, but I gradually reduced it down to an average of 1500 calories per day. I would suggest you challenge yourself to reduce your calories a little bit, let's say just by 100 calories per day for a week. Try some lower-calories substitutions, like light salad dressing. Measure out slightly smaller portions. By recording everything I ate and staying within a calorie limit, I had to be strategic about what I ate. I wasn't ready to give up all the foods I loved, so I looked at what I was eating and found the healthiest things that I already liked. I used those to fill me up so I could also afford to indulge sometimes. A big thing for me was eating salad for lunch every day. I discovered I could make a generous salad with lots of grilled chicken for about 300 calories. Then I found a light salad dressing I like and that put it under 250 calories. Popcorn was one of my favorite snacks because, while not the healthiest choice, it really filled me up for not a huge number of calories (BTW, I still ate the blast-o-butter kind, but a whole mini bag is just 210 calories). A big side of green beans sauteed with 1/2 tsp of butter is less than 100 calories. I discovered Built Bars, which are these amazing protein bars that taste like candy bars -- honestly, I think some are even better than candy bars -- and they became my daily treat. Maybe I didn't HAVE to lose 70 pounds before surgery, but I think it was good to start changing my habits for a while before surgery so that surgery wouldn't be such a shock to the system. Only time will tell whether or not this will all lead to long-term success, but I am glad to be down over 100 pounds from my highest weight, just two months after surgery. You can do this!
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    Day 1 post opp

    Thank you for sharing this! I am Day 2 of post op and am MISERABLE. So much pain it’s hard to get comfortable. Been walking a lot which helps to move gas but I find breathing deeply very painful. Really looking forward to getting through this week.
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    Better to share to help someone else avoid the mistake I made. That was something else.
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    Oh no. I've done that before too! Not paying attention to how much I was eating... it takes a minute to get to your stomach and by that time - it is too late. I am so glad it wasn't something major. Just take it easy and keep us updated.