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    To tell or not to tell

    I am newly retired and was a single dad. My kids have graduated from college and the last one moved out in March. I then realized that my weight is preventing me from enjoying the empty nest. I have not told a soul about the surgery, family or friends. I am not sure if I want to share with them yet. I was wondering how y'all approached that decision. Did anyone do the same as me so far. I kind of think I want to keep this mine and my own achievement.
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    To tell or not to tell

    I think if asked initially, I will say hernia. I have been alone since getting custody of my kids. Haven’t seen my family in years so when I do, I will just say diet. Now when I visit my kids, then I might have to talk about it. Keep smiling.
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    June Sleevers Post Op

    I wanted to start this thread for all the June Sleevers to share updates on their progress. When did you have your surgery? How many days are you post-op? How has your recovery been? Have anything you're struggling with? What does your post-op diet look like? I'll go first! I had my surgery on 6/8. Surgery went really well, had an outpatient surgery so I was home same day. Recovery was really good, pain the first few days, now I'm pretty much back to my regular grind. I am struggling with my post-op diet a bit, but more so because I'm wishing I could have some real creamy soups. I pretty much have 21 days of a sugar free clear liquid diet with the exceptions of two protein shakes. This is just phase 1. Phase 2 I move onto soft foods for 3 weeks, then solid foods. I haven't quite seen the weightloss I was hoping (3lbs), but you have to trust the process.
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    Does anyone know what the desired size of the liver is? Mine is 21 cm.
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    June 2020 surgeries

    Hey congrats on your surgery, your experience seems very similar to mine. That gas pain was unimaginable, I heard people post about the gas pain but never knew it would feel that badly. And 3 days post opp, I had pretty bad acid reflux. I called my surgeon's office and they filled two prescriptions. That was a blessing. I couldn't get water down without it burning. My surgery was 6/23/20 and 13.4 lbs down.
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    Thank you for your input catwoman7! I’ve now requested a virtual consult with a surgeon in Portland, and one with a surgeon in Miami that has been mentioned by a couple members here. Since I have plenty of time prior to when I plan to have surgery, I have the luxury of time to get as many consults that I need to get it right!
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    Your getting close to the end of the puree diet. Right now, check if these are OK: soft scrambled eggs, non-fat yogurt, banana, applesauce, string cheese, low-fat ricotta cheese, peanut butter, mashed potatoes. You'll be able to eat soft foods soon such as meatballs and chili. These can be prepared with turkey. I am on the soft food diet now. I'll admit I had a couple of small slices of homemade from scratch pizza. Crust was prepared with whole wheat flour. It was a special occasion (Father's Day) but I don't plan to have pizza more than once every three months. We're making fish, chicken noodle soup, beef barley soup, and stir fry beef and broccoli. This is a good time to reevaluate meal planning for your weight loss journey.
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    I love scallops all the time and have been fantasizing about having some post-op. They seem like the perfect texture! Day 5 liquid pre-op diet 🙄 ps. When I go out to eat, my family always knows I will order scallops if they are on the menu😊
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    When my sleeve was new, I lived on scallops. So soft and easy to digest. My nutritionist was not happy. She kept repeating, " But there's nothing in them!" No, there's no Omega -3s like in fish, but there is no fat and there's a lot of protein packed into the deliciousness. I kept eating them and did just fine. Enjoy! Oh, and I had good luck eating shrimp, too. Just don't overcook them.
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    June 2020 surgeries

    I’m doing the Fast Track program with Blossom. So, I didn’t need to do the 6 months before stuff