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    Still in shock

    Just want yo say i have lost 140lbs. My surgery was September 17 2019. Thats under a year. Im in disbelief. I never thought id be here this fast. I fee amazing. Just needed to get that out🙂
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    Can anyone help, or....

    My cholesterol was oddly high at last check..... Doc said it was genetic/hereditary most likely and suggested whole 30. Ugh. My intake amount for solid foods has always felt abnormally small and I've tried, to no avail, to 'stretch' myself. Talk about pain! Maybe time for another swallow study. 1st go round was solely focused on the horrendous reflux issues..... Scared to death of another surgery at this point but I'm opening up to a bypass for quality of life reasons. Pot helps most everything
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    Hi all! What are some good Facebook pages to join with pseudo accounts? Any good Bypass pages? #secretMeow
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    Need some help or something!

    🥰That’s another negative tape that plays in my mind, too! “You’re losing so much slower than these other people and you’re on your way to wasting this surgery”!!! We’re not wasting a dog gone thing, Rjan!I 😅l love what Cheeseburgh shared with us above—-that around 5 months she really tightened things up, avoided processed foods, kicked up exercise, etc. And we’re not even 3 months in yet! Our first month was just recovering, so we’re only 7 weeks beyond that! I’m really just now feeling more energy, pretty well figuring out what I can eat, what sets well with me and sustains the energy I need, which foods give me the most nutritional bang for the buck, and which don’t. Which foods/routines may be contributing to my constipation issue😩! We’re getting better and better at this.👍. So really? We’re just NOW getting our groove going!! We can take it from here, kick it up, smile at and love ourselves and log in here WHENEVER we need a pick me up! We’re NOT gonna waste this surgery!! So not!!!💪💝😃👏
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    Pandemic Weight Gain:(

    It's really hard to lose the weight when you're stuck at home and don't use the calories you normally use running around all day. I've gained a few pounds. I do Pilates and run most every day. But I agree, the struggle can be very hard. If anyone is about to tell me to work on my food addiction, save it.
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    I have told nobody except my husband that I had VSG. I don't intend to either. I told everyone I was having hiatal hernia surgery because they have a similar recovery. I had already started on a good regimen of biking and Peloton and everyone knows I eat pretty healthy, so I actually started losing weight slowly a couple months before my surgery date (5/15/20). And I intend on keeping up those habits post-op. I'm just a very private person, I do not ever put my deeply personal business out there to anyone, people talk, people judge, and I don't need any of that negativity. I know I can't control what people say or think, but I can control what they know about me. Just my personal comfort level and my decision.
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    I do too. While my real profile is locked down tight, I do like being anonymous in the groups.
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    These 4 people are 3 too many and if you could get away with it, i would just tell that person that you're having hernia surgery (SX). I had Band SX in 2009 (232#) when WLS was still "taboo". I told my now ex husband, two sons, and two friends. I thought surely they could keep a secret...... NOPE. I was blindsided one day with..... Hey i heard you had WLS. I was like a deer in headlights. Then i had to fess up. When she (band) was removed in 2017 (143#) i made it no secret that it was gone. Fast forward.....2019 (173#) i decided to revise to the sleeve due to the weight gain (30#) and I had the money to do it (divorce settlement 14K). The only person that knows is my husband. Everyone was told i had Hernia SX, which was true. I did have a double hernia repair. I went in on 8/28/19 Wednesday and i was back at work on monday. by my wedding day 9/26/19, i was down 20lbs. People didn't think anything of the WL because they knew i was dieting for the wedding. Today I'm at 125-127. My weight has become a nonissue. KNOW THIS..... if you tell more than one..... it will get out. People will give you their "unsolicited" advice and or thoughts. You will get the .... Why? can't you lose it the "natural" way? I know a lot of people the SX didn't work WLS, you might die.... and the best one.... You don't weight enough for WLS..... Just a few to let you know. I love the fact that NO ONE knows this time... SO MUCH BETTER.
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    Everyone is different but I had very little pain but had a blast Getting Morphine hits every three hours! Really did not need them but was having fun getting stoned and seeing elvis for the 30 hours. I have seen most people have little pain just discomfort, I used a CBD cream on the slits that really helped but never needed any pain meds Good luck you got this - NO PAIN NO GAIN AJ
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    This size... No But this size... *Maybe (Ask your surgeon for sure)

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