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  1. My sister's doctor called it "Thinner's Leg" but when I googled it I didn't find anything, so maybe this was his personal term for it? But basically it was from losing fat and making it easier to press on the nerve when crossing your legs combined with the fact that she hadn't been able to cross her legs when she was obese, so her body had to get used to her new sitting position and also get used to not having all that fat protecting her nerves.
  2. Are you crossing your legs when you sit? I ask b/c this happened to my sister when she lost weight, and she ended seeing a neurologist who quickly figured out that it was from crossing her legs (which she had been unable to do for many years), and that it was a temporary condition that would go away (which it did)!
  3. ChubRub


    Hang in there! It happens to everyone!! Only suggestion is patience!
  4. I also recommend Couch to 5K! There are several free podcasts you can download to make it easy to do (will tell you when to run and when to walk). Good luck!!
  5. ChubRub

    Unwanted compliments

    When there is a change, and it appears that you are doing it intentionally, people are going to compliment you! Just like if you get a new haircut, everyone will say "I love your hair" but it doesn't mean that they thought your old hair was ugly! The only time I don't like a compliment is when it's followed by "how much have your lost?" b/c I don't want to tell them! LOL!! I don't want people doing the math and figuring how much I used to weight! I'm usually vague, play dun, or outright lie! LOL!! Best of luck to you!!!
  6. Congrats!! You are rocking it!!
  7. Look at the menu online ahead of time to make sure there's something that's both appealing and easy to digest! In the beginning, I usually got soup. I still remember my first non-soup order which was as ahi tuna appetizer. I ate one slice of tuna, took the rest home and got another 4 meals out of it! LOL!! I miss those days!! Now I would probably only get 2 meals out of it!
  8. I also chose RNY b/c I had GERD in the past. Since surgery, I haven't had any heartburn, which feels amazing. I used to always carry tums in my purse, but not any more! Very pleased with my RNY!!
  9. ChubRub

    Weight loss pace

    You are doing great!!! It's fast in the beginning, then tapers off a little, but I found the average to be a little over 10lbs per month. Keep doing what you are doing! Good luck!!!
  10. ChubRub

    Some Post-op Questions

    I was on Dilaudid too. Pill form, not the IV like I had in the hospital! I'm allergic to morphine, so had dilaudid after my c-sections too. IV in the hospital, then pills to take at home for a few days.
  11. ChubRub

    Some Post-op Questions

    I was also on Dilaudid for a few days after surgery. I didn't notice blurred vision then, but did notice it about 2 weeks later when I went back to work, looking at computer screens, etc. Once I started my vitamins, it went away. As for getting in calories and protein right away....don't worry about it! It's pretty much impossible to make your protein goals in the beginning. My nurse told me not to even think about it in the beginning. Once you are on solid foods you can start working on it. Hope you are feeling well! Good luck!!
  12. Sorry, I was probably confusing! Starting weight was 230, my goal was 130, nurse said it should be 160, but I ignored her and ended up at 117. LOL!
  13. Take their advice/opinion with a grain of salt! When I told my nurse that my goal was 130, she looked at me like I was crazy, and said that my goal should be to lose 70lbs (which would have put me at 160). I flew past 160, hit 130, and kept going until I landed at 117 (plastic surgery then brought me to 113). I'm not superwoman, and didn't do anything special other than follow the plan! Focus on your goals and you will achieve them!! Good luck!!
  14. Yay!! I love reading your updates and final thoughts!!! I can relate to your back not being as tight as your front. I have the same issue, but like you, don't plan on doing anything about it! LOL!! I can also relate to the face being next!!! I love my body and want my face to look as young as my body looks (and as young as I feel)!! Can't wait for your next adventure!!!!
  15. My husband is normal weight, and is very active (biking, swimming, running, etc). He generally eats healthy, although he does like his snacks. He doesn't drink soda (which was my weakness pre WLS), and isn't big on sweets and desserts, but does enjoy getting appetizers when we eat out, etc. Pre WLS, we ate out wayyyyy too much!! WLS and Covid solved that problem, and I feel like I've had a financial winfall from all of the $$ that we've saved on not eating out all of the time. I actually decided to have WLS when my husband was camping and hiking with some friends. I was tired of not being able to keep up with him. I called a surgeon and was actually able to get in for an appointment right away, so when I picked my husband up after his trip, I was able to announce my big news, that I was going to have WLS! I love being able to keep up with him now, and someday when travel opens up again, I look forward to taking amazing vacations where the focus will be on activity and fun, and not the food!
  16. ChubRub

    Failed My Psyche Eval

    I'm so sorry! It's so frustrating, b/c I feel like most WLS patients (myself included!) have an unhealthy relationship with food (it's not "normal" to be 100lbs overweight, etc). I also feel like it's luck of the draw with some psych evals. Sending lots of hugs and hoping you can get to the root of your issue, so that when you do finally have WLS you have all of the tools (both mental and physical) to make it a success. Lots of HUGS and good luck!
  17. ChubRub

    Weight loss post pregnancy

    I think the easiest way to lose weight after child birth is too make sure that you don't gain too much weight during your pregnancy. Do you have a nutritionist at your surgeon's office? If so, I would take advantage of their recommendations, and keep weight gain to 25-35 lbs. Also, if you are planning on breastfeeding, that will help the weight come off too! If I remember correctly, you burn an extra 500 calories per day when breastfeeding. Best of luck to you!!
  18. Sorry that the surgeon was a jerk. Hopefully the next one has a much better bedside manner!!
  19. ChubRub

    Night time munching

    Sugar free popsicles are great for that. They take a while to eat and satisfy my sweet craving!
  20. ChubRub

    I "snuck" having WLS

    I didn't tell anyone other than my husband. I just didn't want to deal with judgment, gossip, etc, and I definitely didn't need people giving me advice. I haven't been in my office in over a year due to Covid, and look forward to surprising everyone someday! I contemplated cutting and coloring my hair to really freak them out! LOL!! I did tell my mom about my PS, which was more of a test than anything, to see if she tells anyone. She's horrible with keeping secrets! I don't care if word of my PS gets out, b/c it's pretty obvious to anyone that sees me in a bikini anyway. I'll be curious to see how long it takes her to tell my secret though! LOL!!
  21. ChubRub

    Legs cramps / achey legs

    Could be low potassium? Hope you figure it out. Good luck!
  22. ChubRub

    Vitamin patches

    I tried the iron patches, and they did not work for me. My levels went down while on them. So sticking to the pills!
  23. Hello and Welcome!!! Hang in there, you will be eating food again soon (and feeling full after 1 or 2 bites! LOL!)
  24. ChubRub

    Day 3 on Pre-Op and STARVING!

    Hang in there!! I agree with the SF popsicles! Once you get to post op, things will be so much easier. Good luck!
  25. Smokin hot!!!!! Can't wait for you to strut your stuff down the beach!!