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    We will see

    I had to start with a fix to my esophagus and repair a hernia. Now it's my turn to make this work. Before, the foods I was supposed to eat created acid. So I ate the food that didn't create pain. I gain 40 pounds. Now, moving forward with my new revised tool. Highest weight presleeve: 281 by the time I had courage to get on the scale. recorded weight before sleeve: 281 Weight before this procedure: 231 Goal weight: 159 to 161 New year and new plan. Goals set and this time I have help. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using BariatricPal mobile app
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    And I couldn't be happier! Lost all the weight I wanted to, lost a cpap, lost several chins, lost knee pain, gained confidence, gained a new wardrobe, changed my life! If any of you are struggling - trying to decide to do it, thinking it'll never work, thinking you can't, let me tell you, YOU CAN!!!!! I am rooting for you and am always happy to talk to ANYONE who might need encouragment. I'd post a pic if I knew how...maybe I can do it on the mobile app!!! PS.....My horse is still fat!!!!!
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    Who has VSG surgery on 12/30/2019???

    Hi there! Keep it up! I am also having surgery on 12/30/19. My pre-op diet won't start until next week.
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    I use my planner as it has slots for water intake. Also if you download the Baritastic Social app, it has a simple water tracker
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    Welcome to the journey = Now just take it slow and enjoy the ride ...... The gas is a pain in the ass but will let up over time, Since you are not using the pain meds send them here I will dispose of them correctly
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    Shoulder pain

    I am not an expert but if I had severe left shoulder pain at any point post op I would definitely call my surgeon. Good luck!
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    AJ Tylo

    Can anyone help ?

    Its down i just tried also - GIve it a few hours Fluffy did you break the flux capacitor on this also?
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    AJ Tylo

    work after surgery

    Going to be a slow go - I would say at most 10 days. Make sure you move and move around a ton right after surgery, It gets better every day! Its the law for medical leave so try and shorten your shifts down a little to 5 hours may be a lot easier, but wait to you see how easy 8 will be when you drop a 100 pounds
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    Hang in there! I am also 7 months out and able to eat a lot more now - but I have really upped my exercise and that has helped. The other thing that you can try now that you can get in enough nutrition is Intermittant Fasting. It is a very powerful too. It helps control your caloric intake, but also lowers your insulin secretion which promotes fat burning. Several ways to do it. 1) Limit the hours you eat in a day to a specific number, Many do a 16:8, which means fasting 16 hour and doing all your eating (normal healthy foods and amounts) in an 8 hour window. Other so 18:6 or even 20:4. Basically you skip a morning breakfast and eat say, from noon to 6 or 8 pm. That's it. You can tweak the times any way you like. After a couple of days, it becomes very easy. Changing the TIMING of the food can be just as effective as the TYPE of food you eat. 2) 5:2. This is where you eat normally for 5 days a week, and choose 2 days to eat only 500 calories. Some also do ADIF (alternate day intermittant fasting) which is where you eat normally every other day, alternating with maybe 500 cal on the other days. This really helped my break a stall and plunge down to my goal weight. 3) Longer fasts. Some do a 24 hour fast each week. Basically you eat dinner and then skip breakfast and lunch the next day. Not hard, actually. You can also advance to a 48 - 72 hour fast once a month or so. A little harder, but very do able and really helps you understand what true hunger feels like and that the sensation is quite transient and passes quickly. Really helps with impulsive eating. These are all tools you can use and pull out at any time to take yourself to a new level or break a stall. They are very effective and studies are showing some pretty amazing health benefits, especially with longevity/prevention of fraility, mental acuity/prevention of senility, inflammation, cancer treatments, and immune system health. Fasting helps the body rid itself of senescent cells (the "zombie" cells) - cells that get old, but won't die and take over other cells, reset metabolism, and burn off fat by depleting the muscles and liver of glycogen which causes the body to then turn to fat stores.

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