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    As of this morning, I am officially "overweight". I still have a bit to go to hit my goal, but golly i am gonna get there. I have 19 days for my 1 year surgiversary!! Super exicted and awesome NSV for me!
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    Hi! I had other major surgeries in the past and I was more awake and mobile with this surgery. I had 2 other procedures along with the gastric bypass but this is what I remembered: 1. The hospital will give you pain medication intravenously and it really did help. However, I was released with Tylenol with codeine and it didn’t help at all. If you need something stronger, talk to your doctor. 2. The nurses will teach you how to roll and sit up in the hospital (and that is still tough for me). I read that you should bring a small pillow for the trip home and keep it with you at home. It helps to minimize tummy pain if you sneeze or cough. Walk as much as possible to relieve tummy gas from the surgery. Ask your doctor if you can take Gas-X to help with relief. I had pain I both shoulders and was told that it was gas. It lasted for about 3 days after the surgery. 3. Prior to the surgery, buy your broth, protein shakes, whey powder, sugar free jello, protein water, & 1 ounce plastic cups to pour your drinks into (when you drink the protein shakes, water, protein water, broth, etc). You will need to sip as much as your tiny stomach will allow - like it’s your job- from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep at night. Drinking liquids became easier for me around day 10. 4. Prior to the surgery, buy what you will need according to your doctor’s diet schedule in case you can’t go anywhere for 2 weeks. Make sure you try everything and like it before your surgery. 5. I bought the pre-made protein shakes so I wouldn’t have to make the shakes when I got home. I also bought the 1 oz cups and some disposable popsicle zip sleeves from Amazon. I put some of my protein water in the popsicle sleeves and made popsicles out of them, which helped a lot. 6. Walk around the house & keep hydrated as much as possible to avoid blood clots & dehydration. 7. When it’s ok to shower, be sure to do it when you are not too tired because it takes a lot out of you and you will need to hydrate after you are done. Some of the steri-strips on your stitches or staples may come off in the shower within 5 to 14 days of surgery. I was told not to worry but every doctor is different. Call your doctor if you have any concerns. Take it easy on yourself and try not to be a hero. Your body needs time to heal. I know it’s a lot but this is what helped me!
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    15 months post op HELP

    I can relate. Years out, the calorie range that once worked for me changed. I was frustrated. I have no experience with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Could it be a stall or eating maintenance calories? Some options to try. Log your food and dial your calories back by 100. If you are doing the same workout repeatedly, try different types of exercises every other day. Wishing you the best, Jennifer
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    Today's my surgery!!!

    Ohhhh that's so awesome! I'll message you. Great to see another Monmouth county person
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    Lady VS

    Support at Home

    My family is 100% behind me as usual. They know I'm going to do whatever I want, when I want so they have learned that I don't care what they say or think. Therefore, when I tell them what I'm going to do, they accept it and keep me in prayer. This time around, they see the problems I have been having, so they can't help but be supportive. O think they are more excited for me having the surgery than I am because they see the discomfort I am going through. 🤢 (nausea) Sent from my SM-G965U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Support at Home

    Yeah, I’m debating on whether to tell my in-laws or not because they are so judgmental about my weight, my job, my home...well pretty much everything. My husband, my kids, my parents, & my coworkers support my WLS decision. So the in-laws can say what they will, it probably won’t be positive, but whatever... the surgery is for me not them.
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    Support at Home

    My mom is super supportive, she is all for it. My husband is supportive, but he would never consider it for himself, so sometimes I get the feeling he doesn't really like it. He's hoping this will help my fertility, so my getting surgery quite possibly will benefit him as well. The only thing I think I'll need to work on with him is having him not bring home so much junk food no matter how good his intentions are. One of my clients from my side business has expressed her disappointment in my choice and wants me to consider trying Weight Watchers again. As much as I adore her, I just had to let that judgement pass. Everyone else is kind of in the "If that's what you want to do" boat. We'll see if those people end up ghosting me or staying friends afterward. My best advice is to just know why you're doing it and not feel like you have to answer to anyone else. I think it's nearly impossible to change the mind of anti-surgery people, the best way is to show them you made the right choice by living your happiest, healthiest life! You'll do great!
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    Before and after

    Today let’s post our before’s me and after. No numbers! Here’s me!
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    First weigh in

    How exciting and scary all in one. You're gonna rock this! Congrats!
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    8 months Post OP Gastric Bypass

    9 months ago guys I was at my heaviest weight ever at 304 lbs. Today 7.5 months post surgery I am currently at 179 pounds. I am so happy and so proud of my self! you should all be as well. This has been a great journey so far with no negative side affects so far and I wanted to share it with all you guys!! Hugs to you all!!! 😄