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    I am only two months Post surgery and Since I paid cash did not have to deal with any of the Bullshit you guys did with insurance. I also have a brother 3 months ahead of me so between the two of us we got experience. To put this in perspective I got as confused and buffeted as you guys are on this site. My doctor had support groups and books and flyers and found it all to be one big jumble of a mess that was not easy to understand and Since I am a typical Male - Give me a damn list and i will follow it. So I went a different route and hired a Nutritionist in my area, one that specializes in Medical diets like for cancer! Here is the program that we got calibrated in under two weeks. Not going to give you the fluff just the program - 1. Forget Food - Food is a luxury and to painful to eat and to think you have to eat enough to meet your requirements - My view Screw food - 2. Get a Blood work up from a local lab - Full work up will tell you all your vitamin levels as you currently are - you have a baseline to work off 3. First few weeks are recovery - My view Survive, It sucks! 4. Now its time to set the Nutrition plan - 15 days after surgery 5. Protein shakes from Sams are key, Be careful some shakes are loaded with Carbs and sugar, Sams has the cheapest and the best for you. - FYI I hate protien shakes but trust me this will make your life a lot easier. - Here is my recipe but you need to set your own levels ------3/4 Protein shake, w/ 1 scoop of whey protein, Ice, GNC 50 plus vitamin Powder, Nutricost Pure D-Ribose Powder (250 Grams) , frozen fruit, 2 tablespoons yogurt, and two sugars. i drink a 8oz every morning by 10 am - You will be full of energy - 1/2 Nutrition vit and min. and No way you are hungry. ----- Twice a day i take the following pills - GNC multi vitamin and Cardio vit and Bariatric Vitamin. Around 1:00 and 3:00 - ---- Twice a day i Take a vegetable blend drink with Kale and other nutrients and mixes - I buy the pre made from Sams. That is pretty much it for me every day for the last few months - I don't need any food because i have exceeded my vit and nutrients for the day and the protein. Eating is to much of a pain in the ass to me, Hurts, and Just not worth it, I was going every week for a blood work up - after 5 days of above my levels were perfect, You will feel the difference and energy level will sky rocket! Most of the issues are mental, and i fully understand - But once you plow thru the head games and get calibrated - life is way better! Best decision i ever did
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    I believe stenosis and stricture are the same thing. I haven't heard that they can heal themselves - they usually keep getting worse until they're stretched, but of course your surgeon would know way more than I do...
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    Well, I have no pain. I make sure to keep my vitamins going per my doc and per my labs. So that is SUPER important. And I KISS with food. I purposely keep to lean, simply prepared proteins: fish, shrimp, chicken, turkey, lean pork, lean beef/deer/lamb + al dente steamed veg + a small serving of healthy fat per meal. By doing that, my hunger is pretty contained and controlled. I follow this plan between 80-90% of the time now that I'm at goal in maintenance, and during WLM, I was pretty fanatical about following the KISS plan. I tried to give my lizard brain (hypothalmus) as few "hits" of opiod pleasure responses as possible so I could re-hardwire my neural pathways with regards to food.
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    Feeling hungry

    I had gastric sleeve on 8/20/19. Every now and then i feel like im hungry. Or at least my brain is telling me i am. Has anyone else felt that way? Sorry i am new here. Thank you. Sent from my SM-G965U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I'm sorry, I found this hilarious. Whatever works for you. I, myself, prefer to eat food like most humans.
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    if you're sure you're eating slowly enough and this keeps up, call your surgeon again. It doesn't say when you had surgery, but strictures are not uncommon when you're 1-3 months post-op (they're pretty rare after the three month mark).
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    My daughter is one year out of gastric sleeve surgery. She has done very well but in the last couple weeks she has been experiencing very high liver enzyme’s and Billiruben in her urine. She is in the hospital right now and they have ruled out Hepatitis. They do not seem to be paying much attention to the fact that she has had gastric sleeve. She only drinks alcohol socially. And she is only 24.Has anyone heard of this complication a year after surgery or more?
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    Wow! Hard core dude. LOL. Great it's worked for you and your bro. Congrats on your weight loss. I do agree that from my viewpoint, you have to be willing to say "screw food" -- at least in the WLM--in order to lose the quickest and get to goal without potentially setting yourself up for stalling out too soon and losing focus. I do think many of us have to completely change and break up with the foods that contributed to our poor eating behaviors. Otherwise, like alcoholics, we run the risk of recidivism. The beauty of the initial weeks out from surgery and the honeymoon period is that it presents an opportunity to break up with old habits and almost painlessly build new healthy habits and learn new food ways of eating. Thanks for showing us your plan!!! p.s. I never really had ANY post op pain or pain in refeeding...
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    Feeling hungry

    It's totally head hunger. We all get it.
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    My first NSV

    I love NSVs!!! I put on a shirt that was pretty tight when I bought it and it was actually loose. This weekend I worked my EMS job and I actually needed a belt to hold up my pants, not just a place to hang my radio, my shirt was also way looser than it was previously. I also had to take my Apple Watch band down another notch too. Definitely getting there!!