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    Its hard to believe that this kind of surgery has been around this long already. Yes I had this done 45 years ago in Traverse City at Munson Hospital. Back then it was an open surgery they staple the stomach and create a small pouch then it is bypassed to the jejunum. While they were doing this surgery back then all the organs were removed and cleaned out. You stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks or so, much different then how it is done now adays. I have maintained the weight loss over the years, however, there was a few years when I had put on up to 40 pounds and just started slowly getting it back off once I realized what I was doing.
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    Welcome to the site! The community here is helpful and friendly, just dive right into any thread that interests you!
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    Congrats! Stick around and post with everyone! Help the noobs with your positive motivation!
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    vomiting/dry heaving excessively

    I had nausea after my surgery and the day after.my nausea left 4 days later. Are you taking your nausea pills and the pill for your stomach acid and acid reflux. It help me
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    I have not. I do hope that you get some answers soon and that it is nothing serious. Hang in there and keep us posted with what you find out.
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    08/20/18 - weight 165.5 / bmi 25.9 / bmr 1602 kcals / fat% 17.4% / fat mass 29 lbs 08/16/19 - weight 149.5 / bmi 23.5 / bmr 1500 kcals / fat% 16.7% / fat mass 25 lbs desired range fat % 11-22 / fat mass 17-38.5 lbs just got back from my 2 year check up and wanted to post. The kcal drop has me worried and thinking i need to up the weights and trim back the cardio. Never saw myself as a person who cared for bulky muscles but the increased calorie burn from more muscle mass certainly wont hurt. New goal for the next year i guess.
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    Stella S

    Nipping the slide in the bud

    You have down this before and can again. Yeh I keep my weight in a happy 5 lbs window too!
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    How do I break this habit?

    Wise ones, At my goal weight and just over 18months past surgery, I am becoming aware of some of my old, bad, eating habits creeping back in. The one I'm focusing on at the moment is this: When I am eating, and just after I'm done, all I can think about is eating more and/or again. I'm not hungry, but it seems that if I haven't eaten so much that I feel uncomfortable or sick, I just want more. I try not to give in, try to wait for a specific period of time, try to write down what I've eaten immediately.... but I'm really struggling with this. I guess I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop and start gaining weight again. This hasn't happened, but I worry about my capacity for self-fulfillment of my fears! Any advice or empathy is welcome! I'm going to work on checking in more on this forum again. I had gotten out of the habit in the last year, but I think it will help.
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    How do I break this habit?

    Ok seriously it sometimes takes having a 'come to Jesus meeting' with yourself... I've been there. For REAL. I had the regain. I had the 'I can eat everything just in small amounts' self talk. I had the people come up to me 2.5 years post VSG and ask me if I was pregnant!!! Now at 4.5 years post, I've lost my regain, lost even more and am getting ready (finally) for my skin surgery. For ME, it took an ugly health issue to get my act straight. It's different for everyone but you have GOT to find your "WHY". Once you do that, then you need to just get back to the VERY BASICS. attend some bariatric support groups. track your water, activity and intake. empty ALL the junk food out. start taking your own food to EVERYTHING so there is no temptation. Go back to your surgeon office. talk to them. seek out EVERY form of support you can find. attend an Overeaters Anonymous group in your area, or a Food Addicts meeting. Do WHATEVER it takes. Sadly, statistically the regain odds are not in our favor. Let's all prove those odds wrong.
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    I am going on my 4 year anniversary this Oct. I have gone twice a year, every year. The last couple of weeks I've been toying with the idea of NOT going this year, (out of embarrassment). I've gained 20 pounds and even though my surgeon told me at my last visit that it's very common for sleeve patients to regain 10-20 a few years out, it's still difficult to accept. Nothing I do seems to work and if I'm honest, I am not working out as hard as I did the first two years. I will eventually get it together. I will probably have my general practitioner run the test this year. We'll see.....