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    Fist Post

    How did your surgery go? How are you doing now? Thank you all for the well wishes. The procedure went great Kris77. The worst thing for me after the procedure was feeling nauseous but the meds they gave me helped a bunch. I left the hospital the following day and today was my first day at home. I was able to walk around the block twice today and have taken no pain meds. I feel very good about the way things are going.
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    6 month post-op weight loss

    I had my surgery 5 months ago and I'm down 49 lbs. Unlike some people, I am really happy with that result. I have never lost weight so fast, and doing it while in perimenopause is like magic to me. My size went from a 22W to a 16 regular. I can do business travel without bringing a seatbelt extender and not be embarrassed to have my picture all over my employer's social media. People have really noticed my loss, and I feel more comfortable in my body. One of the best decisions I have ever made.
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    That is awesome! You're a rock star!
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    Just received insurance approval!

    It took me about 6 weeks or so because my surgeon's calendar was already full as she only does surgeries one day a week. But it was worth the wait.
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    Just completed a half Century road bike ride 11 months post RNY surgery. I did my normal breakfast, during the four hour ride I did dates, banana, peanut butter and one Gatorade protein bar. Lots of water and nuun hydration tablets.
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    TERRIFIED of gaining weight

    I've never watched those shows about obese people, but I too am scared of regaining weight. I'm only 3 months post-op and have lost 1/2 of the weight toward my goal, but I worry that one little piece of bread at lunch is going to make me gain weight. I'll just keep moving forward.
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    TERRIFIED of gaining weight

    Naturally. One has to find the balance between being too careless on the one side and the scaremongering on the other side.
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    Lolo 2020

    2 week stall

    I have been doing 1/2 a lemon in 12 oz of water every night 30 min after after my meals . 1/2 a cucumber in 4 cups should be fine . Drink as much of this water as u can if ur in a stall and spike your cardio that seems to do it for me
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    6 month post-op weight loss

    What has been the hardest part for you when it comes to the food?
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    Folks I work with are like family. So far, everyone has been supportive of my choice to do the surgery, but I'm wondering how true people really are sometimes. Did any of ya'll return to work and expect support, but notice people (or a person) change how they interact with you?