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  1. Avery's Mom

    Rewards points

    the store is not allowing me to use my points. is there a standard code we enter to redeem them?
  2. I am really struggling with my stomach. so saggy and loose and seems nothing I do is helping to tighten it up. I kow some of this is genetics and the amount to lose/lost, etc. WHAT are you go to ab exercises. what has worked for you?
  3. Avery's Mom

    OLDER peeps (50+) exercise

    I was running and had to stop several weeks due to my stupid dog braking my toes LOL I just started again. hoping that helps
  4. Looks like I'm going to have to have it removed. has anybody else had this issue post op? is it common? I started throwing up out of nowhere last week. and I have NOT thrown up at all since my sleeve surgery in December. what was your down time like? recovery? time off work? the timing could not be worse! I am supposed to start a new position on August 15th. I may now miss out on this opportunity. UGH
  5. Avery's Mom

    My Gall Bladder hath failed me

    thanks, I have heard lots of easy stories and only a couple bad ones. hoping for quick and easy!
  6. Avery's Mom

    Am I eating too many POPSICLES???

    there is no such thing lol seriously I eat like two a day still at almost 8 months out. it counts a water to me
  7. Anybody else find they seem to bruise really easily now since the surgery? I notice all kinds of weird bruises, no idea where they came from......lol All bloodwork has come back normal.
  8. Avery's Mom


    I ate raw celery yesterday. I threw up six times. I hate this because I love celery so much. will I ever be able to eat it again? maybe it is too soon?
  9. Avery's Mom

    Overate and feeling it

    I ate raw celery yesterday. boy did I pay for it. I threw up six times! no more celery for me!
  10. Avery's Mom


    mine too. I could have cream of wheat during my 'liquid' stage but she told me to cut it out after the third week for the carbs.
  11. Avery's Mom

    Sleep Test

    most likely not. your insurance will be the one to decide though.
  12. Avery's Mom

    Eating Salad

    My Bariatric Surgery Book (written/given to me by my surgeon and nutritionist) says that I can eat that one week after my surgery. I had my VSG Surgery on 5/13/19 and have been been eating all of those veggies and fruits since 5/20/19. Everything has gone smoothly for me so far. 👍🏻 that is kind of scary to me, given the ease with which the sleeve can be damaged during healing.
  13. I wish my taste for sweets was gone.
  14. Avery's Mom

    7 Days Post Op - Ate Cottage Cheese

    What she said. do not risk tearing the sleeve.
  15. Avery's Mom

    figuring out an ultimate goal

    yeah mine says something ridiculous like 22. I am 5'11" no way is that happening. My current goal is 200 but IDEAL would be 170 if I want to hit that BMI of 24 to be "Normal"
  16. Avery's Mom

    Surgery went well

    I drink pretty much only water at this point. if I am low on protein I have a shake for dinner.
  17. Avery's Mom

    Pain meds

    mine too AND my migraines
  18. Avery's Mom

    just a thought

    nope I would ask your doc
  19. Avery's Mom

    figuring out an ultimate goal

    yep I picked a number I remember feeling good at. I have since lowered that number lol GOALS I usually don't set them. I wish I had taken more before pics but usually never allowed myself to be on camera. have begun taking progress photos you look great,.stop when it feels good!
  20. Avery's Mom

    Constipation Again

    get used to it. you will now have it the rest of your life. 1 tsp of miralax every other day is my key!
  21. Avery's Mom

    Squat challenge

    currently doing a plank challenge. broke my toe last night so probably out of it now. planks are of the devil
  22. Avery's Mom

    Questions about stalls! New here!

    DO NOT WEIGH EVERY DAY. IT WILL MAKE YOU CRAZY. Only weigh in once a week. stalls are normal. I stalled for three weeks then lost 7 lbs, then stalled again then lost 5
  23. Avery's Mom

    Too All Sleevers

    yeah we talk about a lot of gross stuff lol
  24. Avery's Mom

    Let's talk about body dysmorphia

    Dec 11, 2018, sleeve was done

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