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    In testing phase

    I'm a rules girl too! I completely understand paralysis by analysis. In the end, the time doing all the classes, bloodwork and tests proved to be very useful. I really understood what to expect and not much surprised me. There was no way I was going to put myself through major surgery only to break the rules and sabotage my success. It isn't always easy but being a "rules girl" sets you up for doing the diet correctly because one of the rules is to forgive yourself for days when you may not be perfect. If you slip, ya gotta get right back in the game. Don't wait and make a bad day, two or three or ....... I wish you much success in your journey!
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    Back on Track

    @Sullie06 stop kicking yourself (you'll get black & blue!) you are doing everything correctly to get back on track. kudos for realizing you are in trouble - stopping before 10 lbs turns into 20, 30 etc logging everything you eat, counting calories, eating less, exercising, seeking support groups et al you must STOP eating incorrectly - go back to the olden days of smaller portions, less calories etc knowing the problem is half the solution,☺️ congrats on reaching GOAL earlier - i know you will get back their again!! good luck kathy
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    I see fast and slow weight loss with each type of surgery. Many factors, age, sex, medical issues, hormones, medication and complications. 60% of your excess weight is the average weight loss with the sleeve. Whatever procedure you choose, try not to get caught up in how fast you lose. Even if you are a slower loser, you will still lose weight. Also, don’t compare your weight loss with the rates of others. It will make you crazy. Have I noticed weight loss can be slow with the sleeve? My weight loss was fast with the sleeve. I got to my goal of 140 in six months. I’m four and a half years out and maintain in the 130’s
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    Omg that sounds dreadfull.... Well i hope u doing great on this challenge. My sleeve is due in june. Im 210 Lb now. BUT I WILL CERTAINLY DO THIS CHALLENGE STARTING MARCH. Sent from my LGMS210 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Trouble staying on my pre-op diet

    I did a Protein Shake for breakfast and a Lean Cuisine meal for lunch and dinner for a week pre-op. That's what my surgeon asked us to do. It was unpleasant but not terrible.
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    Trouble staying on my pre-op diet

    I think just cutting back to a 1000 calorie diet sounds harder than the 2 week liquid pre op I was made to do (I'm kinda all or nothing). Your diet seems like it would need a lot of will power while limiting real food intake. What kept me on point pre op was the fear of doing anything to mess up my surgery from happening. Do your best, wish I had some tips for you, but I would be struggling just like you. Just know that after surgery you'll be lucky to take in 600 cal a day, that includes protein shakes. Something to look forward to. Stay strong, you can do this.
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    Help! Am I CrAzY?!

    I would say if you are steady in weight that you might not want to do this? I don't know your BMI but in the Netherlands the minimum for a gastric bypass/sleeve is 35 with co-morbidities or 40 without. If your lap band is giving you problems, you can consider it, but I wouldn't expect too much weight loss after? Good luck either way
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    Stall since August 2018

    Hi there! Thank you so much for your response. A few people advised me to try intermittent fasting, so I'm taking a stab at that while also reducing my overall caloric intake and bumping up my exercise to a few days a week and even multiple times a day. Nothing extreme, just doing a 30 min walk on my lunch break during the day and then a work out at night after work.
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    Back on Track

    The past 6 months have been hard and I've completely gotten off track. I hit maintenance at about 15 months post op and was maintaining at 180-182 pounds. I was happy with that and my doctor was to since I was within 5 pounds of my goal. Well I got complacent and allowed old habits back in and I've gained 10 pounds in the last 6 months. I decided part of getting back on track is getting my support system back so I'm logging back in here and going to meetings again locally. I've started tracking food again and I'm back exercising. The hardest part has been snacking. I tracked my daily log a few weeks ago and I was eating so much because I was just snacking way to much. I'm back down to 1,000-1200 calories a day per my NUT suggestion. Its so hard but I know I can do it. I'm hoping to get plastic surgery in the near future so that is my goal.
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    When did you go back to work?

    I took 2 weeks off. I found it to be the perfect amount of time. I was doing fine physically after one week but took the other week to adjust to all the changes. Sent from my SM-G960U using BariatricPal mobile app