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  1. Excited! Only 10lbs away from being considered just "overweight" on the BMI chart instead of "obese". While I don't heavily rely on sticking to the "BMI" guidelines because every BODY is different, it still feels like an achievement! Also, our vacation to Ireland only 20 days away. Working hard to drop these last 11lbs before the trip to be back in the "100's"! Time will tell :) Hope everyone is happy and healthy!!!

    1. GreenTealael


      CONGRATS 🎉

    2. abefroman329


      Way to go!

  2. Hey there beautiful ladies! I hope everyone is well and happy on their weight loss journey. I had my surgery in October of 2018 and am down a total of 86 pounds so far, my goal is to hit 175 and start trying for a baby. I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years back after I ruptured 3 large cysts and had a nasty infection in my belly. Since then, I've been coping with the diagnosis. And, at that point at least was given an understanding as why after trying to get pregnant for so long...I just wouldn't. I'm not the gal with PCOS who doesn't get a period, I get them irregularly and sometimes several times a month. I shown own stock in Tampax. Anywho...since the surgery I have been rupturing cyst after cyst. Last month I had one the size of a tennis ball rupture after trying to put the star on the top of our Christmas tree. FUN! TMI...sorry. It honestly feels like they're rupturing constantly and I'm super bloated. While my weight continues to drop (HALLELUJAH), my periods remain irregular and my belly just seems bigger. I'm thinking water weight. Then I'm conflicted...do I take a water pill? At the very same time, I don't want to run the risk of getting dehydrated. I'm rambling. OK, so after visiting my GYN, she told me that estrogen is stored in our fat and when we drop a lot of weight in a short amount of time, it dumps heaps of estrogen into our system. Causing me to form more cysts. I'm confused, I thought my fertility was supposed to sky rocket? Not make me a cyst factory! If you took the time to read this...thank you. I'm nearly 3 months post op and maybe slightly impatient, frustrated and hormonal. There's no one in my life I can relate to, and I just to be a mommy so desperately. Wondering if anyone had the same experience post-op and what your journey has been like. Hope everyone had a fantastic new year and a lovely holiday!!! ❤️
  3. I've got the flu and in another stall. Why are these stalls so infuriating? One week now 221. UGH.  Already been there, done that but still frustrated. Hoping everyone is staying healthy and happy! XO! 

    1. GreenTealael


      Get well soon 🎈

  4. I can't believe it already happened! I can fit in a Victoria's Secret bra! I'm soooo excited I cried at the mall. This was a milestone I thought would be way down the road! How is everyone doing with short and long term goals/milestones? I'm almost 2 months post-op and enjoying all the perks to my weightloss...and whining about the bad Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  5. danieocean

    Hitting those goals!

    You go girl!! We're around the same place in our weight loss too! Feels soooo good to toss out the 3x's before I knew it I'm now in an XL!!!! Crazy! I realized when my leggings were sagging and my mother mentioned my pants were so baggy it looked like had "pooped my pants"...it was time to shop for some new clothes LOL
  6. danieocean

    Smells postop

    Same here! I can tell what everyone has eaten during the day. I can smell everything!!! I wonder if this I'd what it's like when you're pregnant? Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  7. The stall officially broke yesterday and I'm down to 234! So 3lbs lost in 2 days! HALLELUJAH!

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    2. Leia


      Yay!!! Congrats!! Stalls are the worst.

    3. danieocean


      Thank you, Ladies! OMG I was losing my mind!!! Down to 229 today, body's back in gear.

    4. oldbriannomore
  8. My weight will JUST NOT BUDGE. I'm annoyed. This stall sucks. Can stress alone trigger a stall? I'm 237, have been for...oh 10 days now. I'm doing everything else I need to, but am more stressed than I have been. 

    1. KimTriesRNY


      You will stall. I’ve had stalls for over three weeks at a time. The lower you get, the longer it will take to lose the pounds. Just keep to the program, it will come off. It’s discouraging but everyone goes through it! 🤗

  9. Stuck in a stall, been 237 for a few days. Sucks! But good news, I no longer fit in a 2XL leggings or shirts. Back to XL in shirts and leggings!!! :) WOO!

    1. Orchids&Dragons


      Feels great, doesn't it? Congrats! And track those measurements! I'd rather see inches disappear than pounds any day!

  10. Going through a lot of personal issues...came to visit my mom to try and figure out what I need to do. I'm really experiencing that head hunger I keep hearing about. In my lowest moments I feel most hungry. My stomach hurts like I'm starving. Trying to get in and see a therapist ASAP. Just really struggling to keep it all together. It's really weird to feel like this and not have food...I feel lost. SOunds so ridiculous. Sorry to be a downer, just been a hell of a day. 😕

    1. Missouri-Lee's Summit

      Missouri-Lee's Summit

      Nothing you've said sounds ridiculous. Anything complicating your life is important and matters. I'm glad to hear that you are seeking out the help of a therapist. Many people try to ignore problems until they become overwhelmed by them... or they allow the stigma of seeing a therapist prevent them from getting help... or, unfortunately, they don't have access to a mental health professional.

      Good on you for visiting your mother and asking for help. As a mother of four adult children, it feels nice to still be needed. My own mother is going through the early stages of dementia now and I'm terrified of the day when she might not even recognize me. Treasure your parents. The older you get, the more you realize how fragile and fleeting life can be. (Talk about being a downer!)

      I hope your personal issues became more manageable soon. Try to stay strong, but never be afraid to ask for help. :)

    2. danieocean


      Thank you so much for your response. I still very much need my mom. It's nice to come home and have time to sort things out and talk with her about everything. I have no shame in seeing a therapist or recommending it to other people...they really can help! Trying my best every day, actually noticing my first stall...wondering if stress can trigger it? In any case, I'll stay on track.

      I am so sorry to hear about your mother! That breaks my heart, I hope that never happens, and if it does know that she's still there. What an awful disease, my heart goes out to you and your family!

      Thank you again for your sweetness and kind words, it's nice to be able to share and get support in the bad times especially!!!

  11. So my family is over for the evening and ordered pizza...and Coke. Ughhhh. I love them but I want to punch them and their metabolisms. I kid, I kid. LOL The smell of pizza id driving me crazy!!! It's not even good pizza either...it's Pizza Hut! Does this craving ever go away? I seriously feel like a friggin drug addict biting my nails waiting for them to put it away so I don't have to keep smelling it. I don't want them to stop living their lives because of me. But dang it, this is hard. I've stuck to my guns, haven't given in. I know this is an addiction, and like I've said before, I take it one meal at a time. I am so eager to change and put that part of my life behind me. Food never made me happy, it actually made me incredibly unhappy. Ok, vent over. I'll just sit here and sip my protein soup....🤪
  12. As of today, I have lost 60lbs since my journey began (first WLS appt)! Most of that weight has been lost in October,  since I weighed 282 on 10/2 and I now weigh 239, (25lbs down since surgery). I can't believe it! Wish my clothes would be falling off, but not quite there yet. I'm super excited about the progress I've made so far and even more motivated to lose, especially before vacation :)


    1. proudgrammy


      hey newbie - you are doing great - keep up the good job!!

      congrats kathy

    2. FluffyChix


      Congrats! That's fabulous!!!

  13. A lot of this will be explained when you see a nutritionist for the first time if you decide to start your WLS journey First, WLS is a tool, not magic. It's a way to get your weight off quickly and a way to learn better habits, i.e. moderation. (I think most of us wouldn't be here If we had a handle on that, including yours truly). Right after surgery your body isn't able to process food the same way. Eating comes in stages. Liquids, pureed foods, soft foods and finally solids. When your body is resetting and you try to put in junk like pizza for example, your new tummy can't handle it and you may wind up having dumping syndrome (worth a Google). Eventually, sure you can eat that stuff again in moderation if you choose. Hoping in my case I just won't crave it eventually. This is such an investment of your time, energy and money...in the end it's hard but not worth it. Even though I whine about pizza, the thought eventually fades. Or i come on here and whine. Lol BTW...Carbonation, however is not our friend after surgery Gas HURTS. It also stretches out your stomach...no bueno! Hope that helps and wish you all the best! Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  14. Never tried a chicken crust! I'll have to give that a go. Thank you!!! And best of luck on your journey. It's not easy but shedding this weight makes it worth it each day Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  15. I agree, so many mind games! Thank you so much for the link! I'll be researching the alternatives big time!! Did your sense of smell heighten after surgery? I feel like mine did and I can smell what everyone is making fo dinner every night LOL...maybe I'm crazy!Thank you for your encouragement, its nice to come here and just let it out to the people who are going through the same stuggles!!! [emoji172] Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  16. danieocean

    Post op pain - be honest

    I'm a total wuss. The pain 2 days after surgery was pretty bad. I went in thinking itll be nothing...it was something! I think going in with the expectation that you'll be uncomfortable would be better than going in thinking it will be a breeze, like I did. A week later I was almost totally back to normal. Just a little soreness in my belly. My doctor gave me norco for the first week mainly to help me sleep Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  17. Oh I can't wait!!!! You go girl!!! If you're ever in Vegas we can go shopping as a celebration and sip protein shakes! LOL
  18. LOL, i love this!!! Fabulous advice!!! Dang food...it's everywhere!!! hahaha! Will-power. I'm working on it. So far, so good. It may sound silly, but I haven't fit in Victoria's Secret for a very long time, I keep telling people I am just waiting for the day I can shop there. Nothing wrong with Cacique, but I wanna carry that pretty pink bag around the mall proudly!!!
  19. That's hilarious, my mom brought those for me after my surgery. I eat my Jello with them. I feel fancy! LOL
  20. I think because hubby is so skinny and constantly eats fast food, I'm always around it. It hasn't gotten easier yet. It does taste sooooo good unfortunately but just not worth it. Been researching healthier versions of my favorites, like buffalo wings. I found a buffalo roasted cauliflower recipe that looks amazing, plan on trying it in a few weeks.
  21. Thanks, girl! Totally, we're in a marathon. Annd only just started. Hope it get's better I never learned moderation, so this is great practice. Why can't I crave steamed veggies and not Taco Bell? hahaha!
  22. Congratulations on the big loss!!!! That's fantastic!!! It's so hard to stay on track...keep your eyes on the prize and keep it up!!!!
  23. I am 3 weeks out from my surgery, still losing at least a pound a day. Eating right, drinking enough liquids, taking all my vitamins and staying as active as possible. We live in Vegas and the weather is great, my hubby and I like to go for nice long walks on the strip and people watch I feel great! Getting really excited, my 3x clothes are already getting to be too baggy for me. I have a donation bag started! I am so motivated to lose this weight and just wanted to see how quickly everyone hit their goal and when the "honeymoon" weight loss stops. I'm truly enjoying the pound a day loss, but don't expect it to continue forever. Hope everyone is doing fabulous!
  24. Thank you so much!!! I absolutely will take advantage of the new tiny tummy and these pounds falling off. You're right, comparing myself with others will ultimately drive me crazy. I am SOOOO happy for you, seriously, you rock and your success makes me feel even more like I can do this. Some days are harder than others. More than anything I've realized on this weight loss journey is that I have to take it one meal at a time and revel in the scales increasingly smaller numbers!
  25. You go girl!!! I feel you, I'm a little over 5'9" and don't have a small frame...I had family members in the NFL. All linebackers! We're made just made big. I can't wait to buy smaller clothes. I'm definitely out of 3x territory and back into 2x, so that's great! Avoiding social situations is definitely a big thing with me. I hate being the biggest girl in the room. Not any more, darn it! You're truly inspiring and I can't wait to be where you're at!