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  1. Today let’s post our before’s me and after. No numbers! Here’s me!
  2. I had my surgery August 21 of last year, my surgery weight was 294 today I’m 219. Starting weight was 311. I am happy and content, because I feel so much better than I felt at my heaviest! Sometimes we like to compare our numbers with everyone else, but everyone has separate journeys. First picture is current of me, I recently fit into size 14 pants! I was wearing size 24 pants day of surgery! Second pic, I’m the one in the middle. I can’t stand to look at it! :(
  3. I didn’t take before pics because I hated the way I looked. My starting weight was 311, currently at 235.. I couldn’t take a serious pic! Lol
  4. susunorm

    Lost 75 pounds!!

    Thank you all sooo much for your wonderful comments!!
  5. susunorm

    Lost 75 pounds!!

    Chelle777, thank you. I really do appreciate the advice! It’s so hard to see everyone eating so good, while you have to stick with the program!
  6. susunorm

    Lost 75 pounds!!

    Brittmarr1! That’s amazing! I’m in Ohio, and I’m telling you I hardly like to go outside, but I do workout at home. To try to stay active!
  7. susunorm

    Lost 75 pounds!!

    It’s been 6 months! Had surgery on August 21st! Thank you
  8. susunorm

    Lost 75 pounds!!

    Thank you guys!!!!
  9. It has been almost 5 months since my surgery and all my incisions healed no pain at all but all off a sudden my bigger scar, is hurting, nothing major but when I touch it, it hurts. I don’t see my doc till the end of the month. Has anyone had an issue like this before?? Thank you
  10. Post your faces!!! I’m too shy to share my before and after body at this time! My before pic I was 311 now I’m 244. Surgery date August 21st
  11. susunorm

    Any August Sleevers out there?

    I was sleeved 8/21. Weight at surgery 294 now I’m 245.
  12. Hey everyone, so I can’t believe 3 months have passed since my surgery. I thought I would be on this site a lot after my surgery. I took a break because I became so obsessive of what everyone’s progress was. Why wasn’t I moving that same pace etc. since surgery I have most 40 pounds, total pounds since my highest weight 57 pounds. Started at 311 back in March now I’m 252. I have a long way to my goal. I am taking each day as it comes! Long journey ahead of me.
  13. I am currently in the 3 month supervised visit, and will more than have my surgery with DR. Watkins, UC Health west Chester Ohio! Anyone have any experience with him? Or your experience at UC Health! Thank you
  14. Hey all! There are sooo many topics out there and the one I see for August was for last year! Let’s discuss, the good and the bad! I am having my surgery in August. I have one more supervised visit and the off the insurance I go!
  15. Today marks two weeks since my surgery. Since August 21 till probably the 28th lost 14 pounds. More like water weight. After that I have just been at the same weight and it has not even been two weeks. I know it has only been a short time but I feel like this is telling me, I should not have done it. I guess I need some encouraging words now. Thank you everyone
  16. I finally broke my stall, 2 weeks later!!
  17. I just had my surgery two weeks ago and I’ve lost 15 pounds, I do not notice any physical difference, till I was putting lotion my feet today and they were significantly smaller.I was shocked! Has anyone lost weight on their feet first? I know such a weird question.
  18. Thank you all for the reality check. I know and have read about the stalls. But I know we have each other so we can vent too. And that’s what I’m doing. I just need to snap out of it and know 14 pounds is a lot! Patience is something I need to work on
  19. susunorm

    How many calories per day??

    Yes all of this info is perfect! Thank you all for that.
  20. So just had my surgery last week. So far my calorie intake has been around 400-600. Is this normal? Should I be higher. What are your numbers??
  21. susunorm

    August 2018 sleeve surgery!!

    I get a pain when I am eating yogurt. It’s the oikos strawberry yogurt. I was eating a spoonful , so decided to take tiny little bites and it didn’t hurt. I tend to forget I should be going really slow. I had surgery on the 21 of August. I was 294 that day. Today I’m 285. Not even a week yet and I’m seeing some loss. I don’t see a difference, but it’s good to see scale go down.
  22. My surgery is in the morning 730am. I have to arrive at 530am. I am so nervous. But it is something I have to go through for a better me! So I can be healthy and be able to a parent!! :)
  23. susunorm

    Surgery in the am

    I live in Ohio! I was done with my surgery as of 930 am this morning. Was in recovery for 2 more hours. Surgeon said everything went well. I’m not feeling any pain but has pain which is annoying. I’m also dry heaving from water and also my broth. As of rn I’m content..staying the night and go home tmrw
  24. susunorm

    Surgery in the am

    Thank you guys! @laura1223 good luck to you surgery day and time buddy!