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    I found a cubic zirconia ring to wear while in weight loss mode. I waited until I got to my goal weight to resize my set.
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    Three meals a day

    Have you had a very large, very satisfying poop? Chances are you are backed up...but you can never be sure in this situation. You are probably far enough out that surgical gas is not the cause, but your intestines are "whack" for a while. And can cause great pain and cramping. But that can also be from other surgical reasons too. Call your doc. Generally if you can eat and drink and keep things down and keep well hydrated and don't have to medicate with opiods to control the pain it's a normal thing for the biggest percentage of folks. But there are complications...
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    Liquid diet

    It's mostly because your caloric levels tanked out. Most of us Americans eat 22,25 or 3000 calories, then you cut back to 600-800 a day and your poor body says" WTF are You doing to Me?" so dizziness is its way of revenge, move slower, plan your next move, not a good time to go blithering along!.Every movement has good and bad facets for IT!!
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    Liquid diet

    I felt woozy for part of the time. I was on my preop diet. They told me I could have some extra protein but it didn’t make a difference. I kept feeling weak after surgery until I got my calories up to about 500 per day. I hope your vertigo passes more quickly.
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    Counting down & preparing a bag.

    Use the “search” feature. This has been asked a lot
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    Honest Opinion on Counseling

    Thank you [emoji4] definitely find one. It has helped tremendously. Just remember if you find a counselor that you don't mesh well that's okay. There are plenty more.Sent from my SM-G965U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Honest Opinion on Counseling

    This was a great post. I am going through this right now. It's strange. I can see how large I was in pictures at my heaviest but when I look in the mirror, I don't see it except in my face. Of course, I see the change in my clothing but I still think I look very obese even though I have lost 85 lbs and only have 25 to go. I will look into counseling. Hope it will help turn the switch! Thanks for sharing!
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    Have you tried Hint water? Its kind of new around here but I just ordered some online, no calorie, no sugar, no sweetener, they are just water with naturally flavored after taste. I have only tried the Peach but I like it a lot and I don't love water usually. I am ordering the 36 for $36 on their website for after surgery. and most of the CVS's and Targets near me sell it. https://www.drinkhint.com/collections/water
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    Same exact experience here!
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    Your weight loss in the months to come will be unique to you. We are more than the statistics. 40 to 60% are the stats for weight loss. Nothing has to be set in stone as a goal weight right now. As you get closer to your surgeons goal weight. You can decided if you want to press on to your ultimate goal. "So for any of you that have reached your ultimate goal weight, or you went above and beyond the 60%, please share your stories, tips/advice, input, exercise/diet regimens? I want to fully prepare for this mentally before diving in physically. I don't want to feel discouraged before even having my surgery" You may have times when you feel discouraged after surgery. Stalls and mental battles Etc. Keep connected with support form bariatric patients. We are here for you. I am four years out. 5'5" 254 high weight - 234 day of surgery. six months 140 - I went on to 130's My motivation and perspective came from my mother. I watched her battle cancer. She knew she had months to live. I thought of her each time things got hard. She would have gladly traded places with me for my weight loss struggles. I was driven to make the most out of my surgery and life. Surgery is work. None of this happens over night. You earn each pound. The sum of small things repeated day in and day out will get you where you want to be. Nothing magic - I followed my eating plan and guidelines. Learned to log my food. I stayed consistent. I discovered a passion read all things bariatric, nutrition and fitness. It was eye opening. I learned food is fuel and not for comforting stress/emotions Exercise was a necessary evil. It developed over time into something I enjoy Exercise: Let no one interrupt your gym/exercise. It's time you carve out for yourself. Use it to process life's issues and overcome the mental battles that may surface with WLS. My first year: I dedicated an hour five /six days a week. I started with walking. Then the elliptical and a bit of weight lifting. I increased the resistance and weight as I got stronger. Over time my workouts evolved Into biking, distance running and lifting. Food: Log you food. Make sure you hit your calories, protein and carbohydrates for the day without going over. Get temptations out of the house, Grocery shop and cook your own food. Congrats on your upcoming surgery, Jenn