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    Hitting those goals!

    I was so excited when I got into VS bras. My be advice is to not buy to many. I now have a bunch of expensive bras that are at least two sizes to big!
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    Be honest. Tell her that your taste buds have changed due to surgery. A supportive partner will understand and be happy with you that you no longer have to worry about eating too many. Sent from my SM-G960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Matt Z

    2 years out and struggling.

    @MrsLucas sorry for your loss. You can just start over. Pretend you didn't have the surgery and start off with a pre-op diet, then transition though the stages the same way you didn't when you originally had the surgery. It can be challenging, but it's a great way to hit the reset button and get back on track. Good luck!
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    Liz The New Me

    Hitting those goals!

    Great job, Congrats! On Giving Tuesday I took all my 18/20w pants to the Christin Mission. 6 bags! What a feeling! Found some of my next size down back of the closet. LOL What a feeling of wearing pants that don't feel like you have a load down there. I even had to put a belt on some of them because they would fall off. Now I think back that I should have never gotten my breast reduction 10 years ago. Was a "F" cup to a "D" cup and couldn't move. Now I think I'm loosing it all there. UUGH But I will find this coming summer a swim suit top that will fit and not fall out of.
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    Thanks, i was also unable to find it!
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    2 years out and struggling.

    Hello All. I had my gastric sleeve surgery on June 16, 2016. I lost about 25lbs the first month and then suffered the loss of my father who was my best friend. After I lost my dad I ceased losing weight. I mourned the loss of him for quite some time...I still do really. For at least the first year after losing him I was in a horrible depressed state and didn't follow the rules of how I should eat post sleeve. I was eating until I felt sick, eating unhealthy foods and drinking (not alcohol) my calories. Finally after a year I figured out how to live day by day without him and started feeling happy and positive again. I started following the rules and being super vigilant with my health. I dropped 40 lbs in two months! Whoa. Then, after those two months of excellent weight loss I found out my husband and I were expecting. I went to my first sonogram excited and two seconds with the wand on my belly she told me it was twins! I was instantly excited as twins run in my family (I am the aunt to two sets of twin boys from the same mother.) After the excitement wore off I feared the pending weight gain. I told myself I was going to watch what I ate and not give into wild pregnancy cravings. I lied to myself. I gained 68lbs total through the pregnancy. After giving birth I lost an initial 37lbs the first two days postpartum. Then another 10lbs the following week. I have been stuck at 48 total lbs lost for months now but I also haven't been following the rules of how I should eat post sleeve again. It's time to get my butt in gear. Anyone else a couple years out starting over? I am just looking for tips and possibly success stories for motivation! HELP!
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    Speedy recovery 🎈
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    Hitting those goals!

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    Weight Stall Venting

    Stalls suck green balls. At any time. But most especially the dreaded "3 week stall" that happens any time within weeks 2-6. LOL. I wanted to sacrifice small animals. Cuz I was eating like 4-500 cals and thinking, this is BS!!!! LOL. But I swear it will break. Stay the course. Drink your water, maybe even add in decaf green tea. Walk. Walk. Walk!!!
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    So Many Thanks!!!!

    Congrats! We are all here to help one another.