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    Are you “less sweaty”?

    Yes. I'm way less sweaty. One of my "I'm going to do the surgery moments" was when I was sweating - very literally through a job interview. Now I'm freezing all the time. I don't know if it's permanent - I'm about 9 months post op.
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    Are you “less sweaty”?

    Same issue here! Plus it’s extra tough right now because it was 100 degrees here today with high humidity and the same tomorrow. Ugh. Hope I sweat less after surgery!
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    Are you “less sweaty”?

    I have noticed I am less sweaty, and like others are tending to be cold now. I used to sweat walking into the building for work from my car and that no longer happens.
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    Are you “less sweaty”?

    Yup. I never even sweat now. I have to actually work for that. I'm always cold and I'm a year out now. Well, a year and some change. Hw-273 Sw-226 CW-124 GW-130 Size- 2, Small in sweats. Small in shirts. depends on how it's cut or made. Bra Size- 34C Surgery Date- April 26th, 2017 RNY "Only those who try will become" FFX
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    Are you “less sweaty”?

    That was me before surgery!
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    Spiraling out of control!! Help!!!

    when you add in those carbs and sugar you start that cycle of sugar rush sugar crash/hungry as hell all over again. Sugar and simple carbs make you hungry as hell. Break away from them. There is no safe amount to eat for the vast majority of us or we would not have needed the surgery in the first place. You know what to do No sugar No simple carbs water protein track your food with an app and know your macro's
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    Matt Z

    Are you “less sweaty”?

    I guess I must be the oddball, I seem to sweat more when active. I do get WAY colder now too.
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    Little Green


    I'm extremely unstable emotionally right now. I don't now if it's hormonal, situational, anti-depressant not absorbing correctly, or a mix of all of these. You're not alone. We're here for you.
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    Does this happen to older women? I had a partial hysterectomy and my hormone levels tested positive for menopause. Just curious what to expect. I don't want to cry:(
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    low bmi sleeve

    Orbera Surgery 2018

    i had the obera balloon in may 2017 seriously if i was able to go back i wouldnt have wasted my money i woke up on the 4 th day after having the balloon and felt fine like nothing had been done i lost 17lbs in total the balloon was removed nov 15th. what they dont tell you is you will probably only lose weight the first month unless you are one of the ones who throw up for the whole 6 months that its in. i wish i had just gone for the gastric sleeve in the first place. i feel like the balloon is a waste of money but good luck on your journey.

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