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    Random thoughts

    I'm reading a book called The MagicalArt of Tidying or something similar to that and have started implementing it. Started with my clothing. As I was going through my clothes I realized that most of the clothes I had were purchased simply because they fit. One of the premises of the book is that we should only own things that "spark joy." I ended up getting rid of 2/3 of my clothes. It was so freeing. Now when I'm shopping I'm only buying things I just love. Also I felt so old in my old clothes. Now I'm feeling so much younger. No more old lady clothes for me! Mich W Hw 223, SW 217 CW 179.8 GW 135
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    6 days left!!

    I was just sleeved last Monday. Definitely stock up on Protein Shakes- I like premier brand 30+ grams of protein in an 11oz container. They have 5 flavors. The problem is though is I NEVER would have imagined how hard it is to drink after surgery. At 1 Week, I STILL can't manage 64 oz of liquid day- I barely get 50 they tell you to sip sip sip, and I understand why. They say you can only drink an ounce or 2 at a time, they are NOT joking! I can drink about 75% the size of a bathroom Dixie cup- beyond hat, I feel pain- like a heartburn. That's when I know I have to wait. I was on clear diet for 2 days- I got isopure drinks from GNC - they are 40g protein in a 20 oz. bottle. I could only finish 1-1.5 in a day. They are very sweet ( do not get coconut)- they leave your tongue feeling gritty - strange I know..... but high protein. my doc called and asked how I was doing- I said I have problems meeting the water quota- they said for first few weeks that is Normal, just try for as much as possible. Today is 8 days post op- the 11 oz premier protein container takes me about 5 hours to finish!!!! Granted I do sip water in between. my biggest suggestion- get all CHEWABLE pills. I have a combination of both. The problem is some of the pills are large- so I drink some water to swallow. The pill and the water pretty much take up 1/2 of my pouch!!!! So when I need refills going to get all chewables. On the full liquid, I am allowed blended soups.... if we go out, I dip my spoon and lick it to prolong/slow my eating somewhat. After about 10-15 dips, I am full! 1 bowl of soup = 4 meals for me. Take it home and put the remaining in an ice cube tray. WHen ready to drink, pop 1-2 cubes in a small cup and in 1 minute my soup is done! the pre-op diet was the hardest part. good luck to you
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    Pain in chest when eating

    I had similar experiences when I started eating solids after surgery - it improved over time. Four months out and no more gurgling!
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    I never liked his comedy, still sad he is gone. Too young to die. Also, could have possibly been prevented had he made a decision to change his lifestyle.
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    lose more weight

    Atkins low carb 1st phase 20 grams of carbs, water and walk.
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    Are you still drinking your Protein drinks at least once a day? That has high Protein in it. I'm over a year out and I still drink 1 Premier Protein drink once a day. Not the powder form, but the ones in the carton. Are you tracking what you eat and drink? MyfitnessPal is a great app for that and that way you can see how much caloric intake you're having a day. There's a science to success, but you have to do the work and tracking tracking tracking is key. Every nibble, bite, lick, drink...
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    Definitely a no no. The pre diet is to shrink your liver before the op and alcohol will have the opposite affect. It could even prevent you having the op. Might have to wait a couple of months p.
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    Post op fluid struggle!

    You can't sleep so much that you aren't up drinking. Keep on pushing the fluids, take a sip every 5 minutes. Measure your consumption. Set alarms to wake you up from naps. If you aren't getting at least 40oz a day, you'll likely end up at the ER or clinic for IV fluids. Toy around with the type and temperature of your drinks.
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    I was in a rough place and I think I only felt 'back to normal' about 6 weeks in. It was kind of isolating to only be able to have cottage cheese and protein shakes and pudding all the time and then have people comment about how little I was eating and ask me down the road if 'I was going to get anorexic' (from my mother in law) when I was trying really hard to choke down every little bit of food I could. I was also in sort of a weird place too because I hadn't told anyone about the surgery and when everyone found out because I decided to tell my mom there were some hurt feelings on all sides. But I promise it gets so much better! I'm not sure if most will agree with me, but I put so much pressure on myself to be perfect that it got me down whenever I slipped up a little bit. And I think that accepting those mistakes and moving forward is so important otherwise you can get bogged down in little mistakes that may wind up being bigger mistakes because of the guilt. Also remembering that it's a journey rather than a race has been important for me!
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    Yoga and Exercising Post-Op

    Hey there! I was just wondering how soon after surgery people were able to do yoga? I haven't received great guidance on exercise from my surgeon (will be following up tomorrow) but in the meantime was wondering what people thought. If not yoga, when did you get back into exercise (besides walking)? Thanks!

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