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  1. Sosewsue61

    Alittle Confused

    Requirements for surgery approval vary widely, as do the testing and evaluation appointments. Rushing or delaying isn't the issue here. What I hear in your posts is a lot of anger and denial. Doctors see an issue and offer the options, they look at it logically and not emotionally. We all have emotional experiences related to our weight and doctors do not usually address it from that standpoint, especially surgeons. You do need emotional support, I suggest counseling to investigate your relationship with food, everyone that is obese has a distorted relationship with food. It is also physical, our body responds chemically to food, more sugar and starch = more cravings. You have to know why you want the surgery. Try getting the book 'The Obesity Code' by Dr. Jason Fung. View his youtube videos, as well as Dr. Cwyes. This is a very intense journey that you need to be sure you want, it takes a lot of head work. Good luck.
  2. Sosewsue61

    To up fluid intake

    Yes it felt like drinking aquarium gravel for the first couple weeks. Bone broth, tea, and also sugar free popsicles.
  3. Sosewsue61

    Florida lipo regulations

    Dr. Earle states right in his videos that FL has limits that other states may not have. The take away is that with multiple procedures (abdominoplasty), FL does not allow much lipo. And yes I did a copy/paste, and did not check the math, it was a PS site. Tennessee has different guidelines, etc. Just do a Google on state restrictions on liposuction w/wo other procedures.
  4. Sosewsue61

    Staying Occupied Post-Op!

    Honestly, you will be occupied with drinking enough fluid so you don't get dehydrated, and walking off the gas from anesthesia. I walked, rested, and did a little needlework ( hand embroidery, or cross-stitch). Take up a new hobby. When I was able to get enough liquids, I shopped resale shops for smaller sizes, just a few things. LOL
  5. Sosewsue61

    Weight loss

    If it feels stuck, you have to just wait it out if you can't puke. You might try taking a walk, do not lie down it will turn into acid reflux. Aren't you still on soft foods at this stage? You likely took that one too many last bites, we all have done it. You learn quickly to eat very slowly and stop after 4 bites and wait 5 minutes or more, then see if you are full at that point before taking more.
  6. |You might need to see your nutritionist, and a therapist. Yes, we all have to follow the plan given to us in the pre-op appointments. Starches and not much different nutritionally than ice cream, it all turns to sugar. Most of us that have been obese for decades are insulin resistant, and that means we need to severely limit those types of carbs and eat non-starchy vegetable carbs, not even fruit - as it has a higher glycemic index. Tough love here, if you want success you follow the plan, period. That is why I suggest therapy and an 'honest' NUT appointment.
  7. Sosewsue61

    Slow weight loss

    You are doing fine, no one loses at the same rate. We are so hard on ourselves. Just think in two more months you will be below that 200 mark, start planning that celebration.
  8. Sosewsue61


    Lettuce bothered me for about 7 months, just made me 'slime'. I shudder just remembering those episodes. It did resolve itself. I could only do toasted bread months out, and steak was just harsh until 1 year out. Maybe skillet toast the wrap just a bit if it seems too 'gunky' when filled. It's all so hard to predict until you try something - one small bite and wait 5 minutes. Enjoy the journey!
  9. Sosewsue61

    Dating post WLS and PS

    Join something. Learn to play golf, tennis, kayaking, dance lessons, biking, rowing, the gun range, archery, bowling. The more you widen the circle the more people you meet, go one town over for some of these. Or volunteer somewhere, habitat for hummanity, the humane shelter.
  10. Sosewsue61

    BCBS Choice PPO of IL

    Yes, I really only paid the deposit for surgery of 1,000, doctor co-pay, and the psych exam and nutritionist which was around $400. It depends on the exact policy, and what your out of pocket max is, etc. But the whole bill was around 50,000 which is ridiculous. Hoops were 6 months of NUT appointments, psych exam, and no gaining.
  11. Some family members of their own accord actually ditched me, one was tough to take, but the two after that were a smaller blip and I have moved past it all of it. I don't know that you have to actually announce anything, or take steps to sever ties. I still attend some family functions, and am polite. I tried reaching out and since it is never reciprocated I have just stopped contact altogether in any one-on-one manner. It is just a non event. Changing your will is certainly in your control. Make new relationships, go on some single cruises, or events pertaining to your new or favorite interests, fill your life up.
  12. Many of us had to do 6 months, use the time wisely to read, get your head straight, get your food choices better, drinking water daily - no soda, walking daily. Start journaling food and feelings - especially when you use food for comfort... it goes faster than you think.
  13. Sosewsue61

    Tomorrow is the Big day

    No, hon sorry nothing after midnight unless it's to take a pill. Good luck. Praying for a skilled surgeon, and good recovery. For pain, I had 1000mg of tylenol in an IV, worked great. If anesthetic makes you nauseous, before they knock you out ask for a scopolamine patch.
  14. Only an EGD will give you answers to the condition of your band and whether there is too much damage to do a revision to sleeve or bypass. Many banded people do get revised because of this type of issue. I wish you the best in your medical decisions.
  15. Sosewsue61


    You look smoking hot in red!!!
  16. Sosewsue61


    Snacks are needed unless you can meet your protein goals in 3 square meals - it's nearly impossible to do the first year, maybe with or snack instead of two, only if you can get the protein in.
  17. Sosewsue61

    9 plus years post op and weight gain

    Does your work have an EAP program where you could get some therapy? You need to completely drop all sugar, up your water intake. There is no reason to cook separate meals - do they not eat grilled chicken, grilled burgers, grilled chops? All you need to add for you is veg or salad, make them some parm noodles and the veg. Boil some eggs for work, preportioned tuna in a can, etc. If you worked the program before you know how to work it again. No eating after 7pm should help bedtime reflux. Ditch caffeine. Do you take a PPI at all? For reflux your GP can order an endoscopic exam to see if there is acid damage.
  18. Sosewsue61


    Here is your first statement on that post - you are THREE weeks out. Right now you need to breathe, relax and stay with the plan. There are time frames where you will stall, or just rest and not lose. You are healing and have inflammation, also you are at a stage where just getting adequate liquids and protein are difficult. Your body and brain are making major adjustments just to heal. Breathe, take a nap, take a long hot soak. It WILL happen. As a sleever myself, I had many many weeks with no loss, and then whoosh 5 pounds, that is how it was for me. The vets on here give sage advice (hi peeps), we are all different but the plan works if you stay the course and tweak when you need to. Follow the food stages, get your macros fulfilled and enjoy it. There are great rewards.
  19. @nurse247, and other ps vets Did you have any additional Hair loss due to plastic surgery? I was just wondering of being anesthetized for a long surgery had any affect. Thanks
  20. Sosewsue61


    When you need to renew your Driver's License.... And you are smaller than the weight you lied about weighing last time. Last time I subtracted 40 lbs LOL
  21. Sosewsue61


    Nope! I am on the far right in the coral top!!! Center is the estranged sister lol We are lt to rt, youngest to oldest.
  22. Phentermine does work, and you still have your surgery to curb your portions after using it. It still takes work either way. I think bashing anyone's attempt to get on track is wrong, getting there, then staying there is why we had surgery. If it was simply calories in, calories out, and exercise wouldn't we already be there and not need surgery in the first place? I used it for a short time but after 2 days it kept me awake for like 20 hours several days....and that I couldn't handle. There is also diethylpropion and some phentermine combinations too. If regular doc won't prescribe, bariatric ones will, mine did.
  23. Sosewsue61

    Venting about my husband

    You needed to vent, come here any time and do that - it's important for your mental health and your journey. Some men are insecure when the wife makes drastic physical changes and changes the roles that were in place before. He may not know how to handle that. Your description sounds like he is needy and depressed, if his depression meds mess with libido that could bother him. (Wellbutrin does not do that BTW. It takes 3 weeks to take effect, and in some it can have a slight appetite depressant as well.) Depression is joyless and makes a person feel stuck. Men seldom go to counseling, but suggest it anyway. Try to think back to when you dated and did things together - maybe suggest a date night once a week based on those common interests. Tell him he has to get dressed up, go to a bar with music and dance and talk - you can just get water with lemon so it looks like a drink. Getting out of the house is good for depression. Or invite another couple over to do something - even just playing cards. Did he ever have hobbies? Motorcycles or bowling, fishing, trains, etc. Arrange a picnic to a forest preserve for the family and lock the phones in the car, bring a frisbee. Good luck.
  24. Sosewsue61


    It's the pants!! Too huge. You however look great!
  25. I call Tramadol, damn it all cuz it is worthless. Yeah - I guess doctors are being scrutinized on pain meds, but surgery is not the same as chronic pain... surgeries like this generally heal up and then no one needs the meds. It's stupid to deny people pain meds if they have pain...

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