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  1. Sosewsue61

    Can you have pasta after surgery?

    I can only eat two bites, and sits there like it wants to come back up, so it's not worth the trouble. Rice was worse because it swells even more in your gut and was painful, so no on that too. Also it was a year out before I even tried those things. I also could not tolerate steak until 9 months, nor chicken breast. I ate thighs, ground beef, pork steak, egg.
  2. Sosewsue61

    Vitamin D 3

    I did, but mine ended up being too low, so my doc gave me prescription to take once a week for 12 weeks. It brought it up a lot, but doing another round because it's not quite there yet.
  3. Wahoo! Amazing. Look that tiny waist.
  4. Sosewsue61

    Clothes etc

    I only kept one pair of jeans from each size to stack on each other to take a picture. Otherwise - the fat clothes went.... good riddance. And I cut up the Lane Bryant card, too!
  5. Yay! You look fabulous!
  6. Sosewsue61

    Remembering foods you can’t eat now

    I still really can't tolerate rice, maybe one spoon - but just not worth it. Also pasta - sits like a lump and uncomfortable, plus it's boring now. Toasted bread is okay, but not frequently. And only chocolate in small amounts like - choc chips in a cookie. What happened with the chocolate was early on I had sf chocolate pudding - OMG! I was so nauseous and sick that now the thought of that - no.
  7. Sosewsue61


    You look awesome, I love a bare shoulder look..
  8. Sosewsue61

    Plastic Surgery Countdown is on!

    Happy Surgery Day!
  9. Sosewsue61

    Losing control (sadness over major loss)

    I am glad you are taking steps to help yourself. I am sorry for your loss, and I know how much your heart aches for your daughter, she should go to counseling as well. If you need to vent on here please do that. If you need to cry I suggest the shower, or your car. You do need to grieve, that is very important to do that. I am sending a big virtual hug. I could write a novel here on my own experience, both with a full term neonatal death and a granddaughter that died of SIDS at 18 months. If you want to message me please do.
  10. Sosewsue61

    What to do When You Can't Eat

    My temptations come when other people are eating, particularly my husband's evening eating during movie time - so beware if you are going out with a group. I craft all the time - sewing, crochet, beading. I do love shopping for clothes now or even just trying stuff on is really fun. I also dance - folk dancing. You might look up a community dance program when you are up for activity, Google Contra dancing - they are very open to newcomers. Take up golfing or tennis or join a community baseball team.
  11. Sosewsue61

    11 month post op bloat, help!

    I can only tolerate about 2 tablespoons of rice even now, but it could be a combo of the two items. Drink lots of extra water.
  12. Sosewsue61

    Pureed Stage Nightmare

    Early out there is still a lot of inflammation and you might have to take food stages a bit slower. Also you fill a little faster than with liquid and it could be a bite too much food causing the burning, or it could be acid reflux. Just take it very very slowly. Keep a chart to see if it is a particular food combo or time of day. And if burning persists get the doc to prescribe a PPI.
  13. Sosewsue61

    Vacation/Travel/Socializing after surgery

    It really isn't a big issue, only in the beginning when you can't eat solid foods. People might notice, but no one is that interested in other people eating. When going out, I either just get an appetizer, or an entire meal and eat what I can and take the rest to go. Early out - soup is a good choice as it takes awhile to eat. Entertaining - I still cook the same Thanksgiving dinner (with 8 pies), I plan what I really really want the most - eh not mashed potatoes - turkey and stuffing, maybe roasted Brussels sprouts. I eat sliver of pie 4 hours later. When going away from home, I always take food with me in my car, because you never know about delays or such - cheese, nuts, water, etc. I have always carried water with me anyway. I have went on many many vacations, a cruise, hiking, square dance conventions, quilt shows - you name it and not an issue. Early out I had food intolerances - chicken breast was too stringy no matter how it was cooked, salad slimed until 9 months out, and rich chocolate anything I still can't eat but one bite, beef can still be a little harsh. Fast food is iffy regardless but I get grilled chicken salad if there are no other places to get food.
  14. @Seimmaj You can't come on here and ask for help and not expect the forum members to give their help and opinions. There are some very experienced and successful people on here, and the really successful ones are not going to sugar coat it. You want to defend your nutritionists approval of a full sugar drink and yet complain when posters point out that obvious issue. Change is hard, but humans generally run from it. Also deep introspection that elicits lasting change usually takes a huge painful event, and not subtle gentle hints. A friend died, boom and he was only a couple years different in age from me - he and his wife - wonderful people, but both obese. I did not want to be that person, at the least I would die having tried to really change. You are early in the journey, and we all get impatient, there will be stalls, frustrations, maybe even a set back - but just keep going.
  15. https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/this-harvard-study-might-put-the-end-to-the-carbohydrates-war So 225 grams of carbs translates to 900 calories, if that is 45% of daily diet, that means 2000 calories..... some people might be able to maintain weight loss on 2000 calories, but the majority of wls patients would be in trouble with 225 grams of carbs (5 fruits a day). I wonder how many MO or Obese people were in this study - betting zero...
  16. Sosewsue61

    3 years out and can't lose a pound.

    @TheresAGround please update your profile. Give an example of what you eat in a day - protein, carbs, etc. And intermittent fasting might be valuable to get the scale moving, it's slower but moving.
  17. Some family members of their own accord actually ditched me, one was tough to take, but the two after that were a smaller blip and I have moved past it all of it. I don't know that you have to actually announce anything, or take steps to sever ties. I still attend some family functions, and am polite. I tried reaching out and since it is never reciprocated I have just stopped contact altogether in any one-on-one manner. It is just a non event. Changing your will is certainly in your control. Make new relationships, go on some single cruises, or events pertaining to your new or favorite interests, fill your life up.
  18. Sosewsue61


    Oh please stow it, since when is snowflake exclusively a political description, you assume too much.
  19. Sosewsue61

    HUGE hospital bill

    The sad thing is many people do not realize they can negotiate, it's as if you have to know all the information and answers before you ask... craziness.
  20. Sosewsue61

    Life Taken Away

    Prayers, Lord God stay in this woman's heart and show her your undying love. It will be tough in the weeks and months to come, just pour out your grief and give it to God as much as you can. Condolences, prayers, and hugs.
  21. Sosewsue61


    Yes, I had one and questioned the protocol of all that gatorade. They said any clear liquid not red, so ask.
  22. Many of us had to do 6 months, use the time wisely to read, get your head straight, get your food choices better, drinking water daily - no soda, walking daily. Start journaling food and feelings - especially when you use food for comfort... it goes faster than you think.
  23. Yay! Sophie you look so good! Keep us updated.
  24. Sosewsue61

    Tomorrow is the Big day

    No, hon sorry nothing after midnight unless it's to take a pill. Good luck. Praying for a skilled surgeon, and good recovery. For pain, I had 1000mg of tylenol in an IV, worked great. If anesthetic makes you nauseous, before they knock you out ask for a scopolamine patch.
  25. Sosewsue61

    Hunger pains?

    Prilosec here too. And don't eat late in the day.