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  1. njgal

    NYC anyone?

    Family will trip you up every time! Surf it out and get back to basics. Remember; you come first. You have to.
  2. Thanks! and good luck to you, If at first you have problems don't despair, it does get easier so hang in there and feel free to come and rant if needed
  3. I’d also like to add that sometimes the physical takes a while to catch up to the mental. I had a “relaxing” mentally some months prior to surgery but that didn’t change my physical approach to food at all. I continued to eat as before and didn’t lose a single pound prior to surgery. Call it a long goodbye or just a balancing act between the two (mental/physical) but up to the day prior to surgery I can’t really consider my habits to have changed. My understanding of the process as well as how I’m eating certainly did and I think that’s helping me now. (I’m 5 weeks out). Oh, therapy is great, I’m all for it if you have the right therapist.
  4. njgal

    Nutley, NJ

    No, but I’m looking for one closer to home. I’ll look into Hackensack, thanks!
  5. In case you need different info: net intake, ask for ellen. They do skype sessions for both psych and nutrition eval. Ellen is the nutritionist and she’s great. https://www.netintake.com
  6. njgal

    Nutley, NJ

    Thanks! I got it done in October and am doing wonderful. Hope you’re doing well too. Do you go to a local support group?
  7. njgal

    Menstrual cycle

    I have an IUD so at most I get a day or two of spotting during my cycle but since my surgery I’ve been spotting every day. Some heavier than others. More annoying than anything else really but there you have it
  8. Stay strong but probably best to come clean to your team. If it has to be postponed best to do it now rather than day before. So many things are connected with a surgery like this it would be unfair to you and them. But first things first... focus on Nov 11 for the time being. Whatever it may be you’ll still need some healing time.. physical, emotional, both... so don’t just ignore this and focus on the bylass alone. Give each procedure its due. And good luck of course!
  9. njgal

    Nutley, NJ

    The more the merrier
  10. Two kids at home and I’ve been cooking for them and hubby since I was 1 week out. They fended for themselves that one week but I’ve been cooking for about 2 weeks now and it works perfectly fine. Granted, it’s only 2 weeks so neither appetite nor hunger are making me want stuff... maybe ask me again a few months out? But so far it’s been no big deal.
  11. That’s going to be one of my questions at my next meeting. Once I’m back to a modified regular diet I am told to have 3 square meals and nothing in between. That sounds a little harsh... say you have breakfast at 7:30, then lunch at 12; that’d be 4.5 hrs which is OK but then if dinner isn’t until 7 pm that’s a 7 hrs gap and seems too long to me to be a long-term plan. I’ll find out more about it.
  12. njgal

    Post op cheating

    I went to pureed foods with chunk at 2.5 weeks instead of 4. I eat super slow and chew the heck out of my bites and it works for me. Not that I would go out and recommend it to anybody, I mean, it is called cheating!
  13. I started taking everything including calcium 3rd day post-op as per my surgeon’s instructions. I’m told it’s a lifelong thing.
  14. njgal

    Nutley, NJ

    There are whole lists on this forum; check them out. I would definitely go with: Slippers (easier than sneakers) Comfy pants for your privacy (pjs did the trick) Sleeping mask (to cover your eyes) Some people swear by gas-x strips, I didn’t use them and my team said they wouldn’t help the gas pain I would have but people swear by them nonetheless. Morristown Memorial provides toothbrush etc but take your own if you prefer (toiletries) I was in no position to do so but book/ipad/phone etc and charger, you might be up to it. Killian mentioned noise cancelling phones; think about that. People also mentioned a pillow for your ride home. I was totally fine without it though.
  15. njgal

    Not getting full

    Well, I’m just learning to listen to my body so I’m no authority on the matter yet. However, I have noticed that assuming I sat slowly and chew properly I start burping when I’m full. Almost as if my tummy is trying to make room to accommodate the food. I haven’t really pushed the limits much but it looks like if I eat 1-2 baby spoons to much I do a bit of a wet burp.
  16. When a rather long top grazes the backs of ones legs where there had been no contact before. Same goes for bumping into/not bumping in to corners or furniture one would previously have had the opposite experience with.
  17. Nope, no blending for me either and I’m going through that just now. Too lazy to be honest
  18. 2 weeks out and only twice so far. Those were at the hospital and like a previous poster mentioned more likely caused by having been put under and it really was more like dry heaving and foam.
  19. Good luck to all my Oct buds due this week!
  20. The first couple of days I found it very helpful -darn annoying but helpful nonetheless- to set my phone’s timer to 15 mins and hit repeat. Not only did it get me up and moving but also was a constant reminder to drink.
  21. njgal

    Soft/puréed today!

    No, I was careful to leave 1.5 hrs before bed. Maybe just too much texture too soon? I’ll best give it a week before I attempt it again. Thanks for checking!
  22. This is useful for me as well. Thanks!
  23. Speak to your team and use this board to vent as needed [emoji4]

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