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  1. The original study she quotes in the Buzzfeed article that is. So the Buzzfeed author quoted the study incorrectly
  2. Someone’s math is bad. It has the average man as 175.3 cm or 69” which is 5’9” not 5’7”
  3. jess9395

    Starbucks Coffee Company - Delicious Find

    I have those at least weekly! Love em.
  4. I few like I’m in a used car lot. I question one of your points (you say low carb doesn’t “work” I say it does for some) and you wave your hands and talk about something else. You say you’re leaving and I ask why you didn’t and you change the subject. I point out you are trying to make sure other paths are represented and not slammed on I point out you are doing slamming of your own you wave your hands (throw out articles and stats) to change the focus, ignore my comments and questions and talk about something else. As someone who fully does believe there is no one right path I challenge your stance that you are just pointing out an alternate one. You a fully saying yours is the only right one and that the rest of us will be sorry later that we didn’t follow yours (ie the higher carb one that emphasized plant protein). Just come out and be honest.
  5. Ahhh well goodness that makes sense and I guess stirring the pot gets her lots of credits bc she can post responses and such.
  6. jess9395

    Gastric sleeve friends a year out or more

    Yearly now at five years out
  7. Yup and some of us with that issue are low carb-ers You say you’re trying to advocate against one size fits all but slam us all the time
  8. Encouraged to do what doesn’t work? Except it DOES for many of us which is why it’s encouraged. You say you want people to realize there are multiple paths yet always say low carb doesn’t work.
  9. I’m glad it works for you. What happened to “I’m leaving this board when I get to goal and people who hang around need to get a life?” I thought you said it was better for your health to not hang around. I’m five years out, low carb and have never been healthier. I’m glad we all find different paths to health.
  10. jess9395

    Food Before and After Photos

    Got it, thanks! I thought there might have been some discrimination or something like with Cracker Barrel!
  11. jess9395

    Food Before and After Photos

    I know ... Cracker Barrel ... Chick-fil-A ... now In-N-Out Not to get political but all I can find is that in & out donated 25k to the Republican Party and then the guy who called for the boycott rescinded the call bc he found they had donated to a lot of other causes. Is there more I am missing?
  12. jess9395

    Running/Racing & Training...what to expect?

    On the other hand I’d never run a mile in my life outside of high school PE. Started couch to 5k four weeks after my sleeve surgery (SW 271) at age 44. Ran my first half marathon 9 months later. Still at it and have plenty more and some full marathons under my belt too. Running a trail half tomorrow. I’m five years post of and maintaining a 135ish loss.
  13. jess9395

    really not losing weight rapidly

    What Matt said. You burn about 100 calories per MILE. (Regardless of how fast, you just burn the calories faster running than walking.) Are you walking three miles? If not then the 300 calories of wine is more than you are burning walking. Just sayin.
  14. jess9395

    40 something sleevers?

    Sleeved 5 years ago at 44. Beyond thrilled. 271 to 135 ish. Couldn’t walk around the block without getting winded, now I run marathons. I didn’t even do that when I was 20.
  15. jess9395


    Well, a lot of patients seem to develop GERD after VSG so I'm not really surprised. What do you consider a lot? This study says 9%— https://www.mdedge.com/familypracticenews/article/80250/gastroenterology/sleeve-gastrectomy-often-worsens-gerd And this study agrees, about 9% but it shows the same 9% with bypass! It’s a smallish sample.  I don’t have time to look for more this morning, though just sending the top results. https://www.sages.org/meetings/annual-meeting/abstracts-archive/laparoscopic-sleeve-gastrectomy-does-not-worsen-gastroesophageal-reflux-disease-symptoms-in-morbidly-obese-patients/ But, doesn’t seem like a lot to me. Just seems like those are the ones who speak up. Just like people who speak about a restaurant. It’s not the ones who had a good meal—it’s the ones who had an amazing once in a lifetime meal or the opposite.
  16. Ooooh! Really? It gets fluffy? I’m gonna try that!
  17. I do the same with ricotta cheese
  18. I’m 5’6” so yeah 25lbs ain’t no thing when you’re talking 135 to 160. Those are my vanity pounds. Heck if I put my mind to it I could drop to 125, but why? I do hope your health can get to a state where you are happy and comfortable! I know you have had a lot of struggles. And those studies are population studies not individual so they should always be taken with a grain of salt!
  19. Yes, but your statement and my statement from the RD are different. Ideal body weight for a woman is medically defined as: 100lbs for the first 5 feet, then 5 pounds for every inch over 5 feet. I'm 5'4" so my ideal body weight is 120lbs. You are saying the studies observe that +10% over ideal body weight which for me would be 132lbs shows no medical disadvantage. The possiblity being that for every pound over 132lbs, there is medical disadvantage. My RD is saying that "what does it hurt to let yourself off the hook." You look great now at this weight (163lbs). So go ahead and get down to the 151lbs (70% loss of EBW -- which is based on ideal weight) and not worry about trying to go lower. Cuz it is not significantly better if you are 10% above "normal weight." Normal weight range is defined for me as anywhere from 108-145lbs depending on which chart you are looking at. And RD is saying that 145lbs +10% is 159-160lbs. I'm betting there are medically significant problems with being at 159-160lbs at my height. I actually experience some of them still--even though they are greatly improved. Just the reduction in weight bearing load alone will improve my arthritis pain from 159-160lbs down to the 130ish area. I will have less fat, so hopefully, my cancer recurrence rate will also improve in the normal weight range. And I may finally be able to ditch my last bp med. My bp is still hangin between 130-145/80. Two completely different weights lol: 132lbs and 160lbs. I bet you felt better when you got to 135lbs than you did at 160lbs? Running was easier? Well, my secret goal is 125-130lbs. But I'm afraid to hope and plan for that cuz I don't want to let myself down. So I set a goal of <145lbs. Anything below it works cuz I will officially be in normal weight territory. Sorry for the math stuff!!! Cheers everyone! Actually the studies were for 10% “overweight” so 10% over the top of the range. But you do you! And your BP should definitely be a guide. But for me, no, I honestly don’t feel different at 135 and at 160. I do believe those are vanity pounds not health pounds.
  20. jess9395


    I think it’s best to look at studies that include random samples for a better picture, like the article posted above that shows only 2.5% of sleeves being revised. Not saying that they are extremes but they are by definition self selected as posters and not a cross section.
  21. jess9395


    And you will definitely see more revisions from Sleeve to RNY because what would RNY revise to? Can they revise to DS? Many insurances don’t get cover DS and there are still a lot of surgeons who don’t do it yet. Nowhere to revise to from RNY
  22. jess9395


    I think it’s important to remember message board posters are not representative of the population. People who post and look for validation or complain are a specific type. Sorta like how people who review a restaurant or hotel or whatever on yelp usually had a strong reaction—positive or negative—and you don’t hear the silent majority.
  23. That’s actually true. They have done studies that show people who are 10% over their ideal body weight actually live the longest.
  24. I lost more than 100%. Started 271 and ended 135. I’m 5’6” I’ve kept it off 5 years and counting.