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    Discharged Today

    I did it and ready to a new life!!!
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    So angry today!!

    Day 8 post op. Am doing well but today I have been snapping at everyone. Not hungry but want to taste food and devour everything. Hubby is making egg fried rice with prawns and some lovely fish on side for him and my son and I feel so angry that I cant have it. I am having a lovely glass of milk which I love but today I just want food in my mouth. My daughter is out to dinner and when I asked her where she is going she said she is actually scared to tell me lol. Hopefully tomorrow I wake up in better mood Mandi xx
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    Three months ago ...

    I had RNY Surgery on November 16, 2016. HW 248 SW 215 CW 168 Total Loss: 80 Lbs. Thanks to everyone here for all their help.
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    Feeling Full

    Yeah i say the same sometimes but i know itll be worth it, i just had tuna with avacodo for lunch and ate 3/4 of a can. I just say to myself if i didnt have the surgery i wouldve had a burger and fries. We got this! The dr put me on carafate for acid reflux and alot of burping and it has been awesome
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    I wear leggings while I'm fat, lol. All the time too!!!
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    Coffee post op

    Hello After my surgery, I started drinking decaf coffee around week 2. I would usually have one cup a morning. Then I switched over to my regular caffeinated coffee at around 8 weeks post op. I pretty much have a cup or two (at the most) of hot or iced coffee a day now. I used to be a huge caffeine drinker, so I have really cut way back, which is a good thing. My stomach has tolerated coffee well... no problems.
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    Any regrets?

    10 days out no buyers remorse or regrets.
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    Diet Coke

    You need to forget about the carbonated beverages! Didn't your surgeon go through this with you? It expands your stomach and can do damage as well. You've come this far, stay focused, you can get past the urges!
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    That contrary to popular belief, if you want to keep the weight off for good, you WILL be dieting and exercising for the rest of your life.
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    Sometimes people can feel threatened by the change they see in you. They don't know if they can have the same success. It can create insecurity and even lead to sabotage. I started trying to lose weight on my own (and had some success, just nowhere near fast enough), my ex was fine until I really started making headway. You know what I got for my birthday that year... A deep fryer. WTF!? LOL You can't make people be ready for change when you are. Just work toward the best you. Sent from my Nexus 6P using the BariatricPal App

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